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(Great hall, night of the ball)

"This isn't nearly as awkward as I thought it would be" Hermione muttered as she approached her two best friends. Both of which just stared at her. "What?" Hermione questioned.

"Your wearing a dress" Ron stated, indicating to the light pink dress she wore.

"Well it is a ball and you have see me in a dress before Ron" she muttered in response "nice robes by the way" she snickered.

"Shut up! We couldn't find anything else" Ron sighed as he tried to adjust the hideous dress robes he wore "it gets more embarrassing every time I wear this"

"I do not envy you at all" Harry laughed, earning himself a whack of the head.

"Your robes aren't that hideous" Sakura's voice came from behind them "I've seen worse"

The group turned around to be greeted by all four young shinobi. Both Males wore black kimonos. Naruto's had a bit of light orange around the sleeves and collar, whereas Sasuke's had a deep crimson. The girls were a tad bit more colorful. Hinata's was mostly a light purple with a pattern of dark purple butterflies embroidered on the materiel. Sakura's was mostly white with a pattern of pink cherry blossoms embroidered on it. Needless to day, the four looked rather different in compassion to the others.

"You guys look great" Harry said with a friendly grin.

"Same back at you lot" Naruto laughed "except maybe Ron ... I don't even think what hes wearing can be considered 'clothing'"

"Oh shut up you lot" Ron growled at the group.

"Sorry" all 6 apologized together.

"Now this IS a ball, so why aren't we dancing?" Hinata questioned.

"Do we have to?" Naruto whined "I don't really like dancing"

"I'll dance" Harry offered, holding out his hand for Hinata to take.

"Yay" Hinata giggled softly, her face turning a bit pink. She took Harry's hand and the two of them walked out to join the cluster of dancers.

"How about you Ron? Wanna dance?" Sakura asked the red head.

"Sure, okey" he nodded and the two of them joined Harry and Hinata.

Sasuke turned to look at Hermione, his question in his stare.

"Why not" Hermione blushed and the two of them left Naruto standing alone on the edge of the dance area.

"Thats not fair!" He shouted after his friends "you can't just abandon me like that!"

"Oh but they did" Kakashi spoke coming up next to him.

"Ah Kakashi-sensei! You wont abandon me like they did, aye!" Naruto looked up at his sensei with a grin on his face.

"Of course I wont" he assure his student "I myself am not much of a dancer" he explained as he pulled out 'Icha Icha Tactics'

"Really? Your reading porn HERE?" Naruto complained.

"Yes really, now shush, I'm trying to read here" Kakashi shushed him.

(On the dance floor)

"Harry, no offence but you are a terrible dancer" Hinata informed her dark haired dance partner.

"Yea I know, but at least I'm trying" Harry laughed.

"Thats right Harry, keep positive" Ron laughed as he and Sakura danced past them.

"Really Ron? Your no better then he is at dancing" Sakura laughed.

"Thats cause manly men like us don't dance, its that simple" Ron spoke.

"Yea sure they don't" Hinata snickered as the song came to an end.

"Mind if I butt in?" Naruto muttered as he quite literally bumped Harry away from Hinata and took his place in front of her.

"Not at all" Harry laughed "i'll go see if Ginny wants to dance or something" he then dashed off out of site.

"Taking over" was all Sasuke said as he seized Sakura's hands and pulled her away from Ron and smoothly started dancing.

"Nicely done" she commented.

"And that leaves us" Hermione stated awkwardly to Ron.

"Wanna dance?" Ron asked, just as awkwardly.

"Sure" Hermione smiled.

"Well i'm pooped!" Naruto declared as the group made it way off the dance floor and to an empty set of tables.

"Lets never dance again" Ron muttered tiredly.

"So you can fight for hours on end but not dance for 20 minutes?" Sasuke questioned Naruto.

"Life is simply complicated Sasuke-teme" Naruto explained in a fake wise voice.

Silence then consumed the group.

"So you lot really are leaving tomorrow?" Hermione spoke.

"Yea, quite early in the morning too, so I doubt we'll see you before we leave" Hinata said.

"That sucks" Ron spoke "why can't you guys stay? I mean just cause you stopped one group of bad guys killing us all. What if another group shows up when your gone?"

"Dunno, I guess thats just depends" Naruto said "but do have to go back, especially since we have to go hunt down the Akatsuki"

"With Itachi's help of course" Sakura smiled "odd saying that"

"Very odd" Sasuke muttered.

"At least this was a lovely evening" Harry spoke.

"Dude, 'lovely' really?" Ron laughed.

"Oh shut it you" Harry laughed.

"Although its early, we should get back to the dorms and pack our things" Sakura said standing.

"Yea, suppose so" Naruto agreed "unless you guys come, this may be the last time we chat with yous" he said sadly.

"Yeah guess so" Harry replied, just as sadly.

Naruto then held out his hand for Harry to shake.

"Until next time!" he grinned.

"Until next time" Harry smiled, shaking the blondes hand.

(Somewhere unknown)

Voldemort paced back and forth, angry clear in his eyes.

His plan failed.

Why must all his plans fail?

Maybe he should stop sending other people to do a job that clearly only HE could do.

"Bellatrix!" he yelled.

"Yes my lord?" she answered instantly.

"Get everyone together. Everyone who is willing to follow me" Voldemort demanded.

"Yes my lord" Bellatrix said "can I ask why, why lord?" she bravely asked.

"We are going to take over Hogwarts and finally KILL Harry potter and to do so, I will need an army!"

"And an army you shall have, my dark lord" Bellatrix grinned evilly.

The End

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