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"Just go Kaoru. You'll be fine" Hikaru mumbled, not looking up from the book he was reading.

"Please Hikaru? Just walk with me to the library" I pleaded. I never liked to walk alone at night. It didn't feel safe.

Hikaru sighed. "I already told you, I can't. I'm waiting for Haruhi. I swear you'll be okay." And his nose was buried in whatever it was he was reading. I think he just wanted to look smart for Haruhi.

I sighed "Fine, see you later"

I thought about that as the pain flashed through me. The library was only a 10 minute walk from our house. But my brother was busy, and I wasn't going to bother him anymore. Oh Hikaru, the things I did for you.

I thought I could hear sirens wailing in the distance, steadily coming closer. Didn't matter, they wouldn't make it in time anyways. I could feel my life draining from me, in slow pain filled waves. Who knew dying would hurt this much? I guessed anyone who experienced it wouldn't live to tell the tale.

The scene played through my head once more:


I was walking home from the library, relieved because I finished my history assignment and even got a few books I planned on reading. It seemed as though Hikaru was right, and I would make it home in one piece.

Suddenly I was grabbed from behind and shoved against a wall. I heard spine-chilling voice in my ear.

"Looks like we got ourselves a rich one"

I heard snickering coming from the shadows behind me. I could feel hands raiding my pockets, taking what they wanted and discarding what they didn't. My wallet was soon found and searched for my money.

One of them must have found the picture of me and Hikaru I kept in there. "Aw, how cute" He sneered. Tears came to my eyes as I heard the sound of paper being ripped in half.

I wasn't going to just stand there and let it happen. Despite the fear that replaced the blood in my veins, I acted. Quickly I spun around, catching the guy who was holding me off guard. I got a few punches on him before I realized I had vastly underestimated how many of them there were. I was tossed to ground and beaten mercilessly before the man who seemed to be the leader pulled out a knife.

I knew it was over in that instant. The pain was like being submerged in Hell itself. I don't remember screaming, but I'm sure I must have considering the ambulance and police that was on the way. I remember the guy who stabbed me wiping his knife off on the back of my shirt. After they were sure I wasn't going to live, my attackers fled.

Through my pain-filled haze, I saw the two halves of the picture. It wasn't to far away…maybe I could reach it. Slowly, inch by inch, my arm reached out. I'm not sure how much time passed as I reached for those two scraps of paper. Hours, days, months, a year. Who knows? I just lay there curled up and holding those two halves together.

-*-End Flashback-*-

God granted me just enough time to see Hikaru jump from a car and rush over to me, an ambulance and two police cruisers not far behind. I briefly wondered if he had already dropped Haruhi off at home. I never knew if he reached me, because by that point I was gone.

You swore I would be okay….

You lied


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