What Time Is It?

Summary:The Doctor Takes the Tardis and Rory and Amy to the Land of Ooo to meet his friends Finn and Jake. Now guess how long it takes for a monster to attack, these two.

Authors notes: For continuity these events takes place between the Christmas Carol and the Impossible Astronaut for the Tardis crew. For those from The Land of Ooo this takes place after the events of Go With Me but Before the Limit. Also I will try to do all the chapter names as song titles tell me how it comes off.

Disclaimer: I do not own Adventure Time it is a creation of Penn Ward and Cartoon Network and Doctor Who belongs to the BBC

Chapter One: Here Comes the Sun

Deep in the darkest reaches of the Land of Ooo there is a hole called the hole near the center of the world and around that area there is a series of tunnels and caves. Most people know to stay away from the area as there are stories concerning the place, some say that those who get to close to that area sometimes don't come back. A bat comes flying out of one of those cave, her name is Marceline and she is the vampire queen few things scare and right now she is terrified not for herself but her friends. Normally she wouldn't bother worrying about Finn and Jake, they're pretty tough and could take on most monster but not this one, this one they would never even get a chance to fight it before it won. To make matters worse their home was not too far away, they would be found and then...no she couldn't let herself think that all she had to do is warn them. She was flying like a bat out of hell but then stop screeching in pain, the sun was already coming out, Marceline flew into the nearest cave to hide from the sun. She would have to wait until the sun went down, she only hoped they would be okay. As she hide in the shadows she saw the creature come out of the caves and walk out into the sun light.

The Sun was high in the sky as Jake and Finn heard a strange sound coming from outside.

"Do you hear a voff sound?" Jake asked Finn

"He's here." Jake said excited running out of their house Jake following

Outside their tree house a blue box came into existence. A young looking man wearing a blue bow tie and tweed jacket stuck his head out of the box.

"Finn!" The Doctor yelled happily

"Doctor!" Finn yelled in kind

They greeted each other by bumping fist. The Doctor looked at Finn he was human, wearing a blue shirt and a white hat that gave his head the shape of bear head.

Then he turned to the yellow dog standing on his hind legs "Hello Jake."

"Hi" Jake greeted

"So did you come for a visit?" Finn asked

"More or less." The Doctor explained "I decided to bring Amy and Rory here. You know those two still honey mooning. But I wanted to give you a heads up before you meet them. You know how you get."

"Yeah, you get all soul search-y." Jake described

"And weird" The Doctor recalled when Finn meet some members of the society they were apart of

In all honesty it did not help that the first humans that Finn had meet turned out to be animals, human like animals with fins and scales. Finn still wasn't sure if Susan was a human or not.

"No, I'm good." Finn reassured The Doctor "

"All right let me get them" The Doctor turned to the Tardis. "HEY! You can come out now!"

A young woman and a young man tumbled out of the Tardis, most of the tumbling was done the man admittedly.

Finn stared at them wide eyed.

"Hello" said the man named Rory

Rory had light brown hair and wore a vest that looked like a life preserver.

"Hi," greeted the red haired young woman.

Her name is Amy, she had bright red hair, wore a black jacket and red scarf over a red top and wore a black skirt.

Finn kept staring at them.

"Is he all right?" Rory whispered to the Doctor

"He's fine he just doesn't get to see a lot of humans." The Doctor explained

"Wait what?" Amy asked

Jake stretched over to them "I'll explain it later."

"Did that dog stretch?" Amy asked confused

"Did that dog just talk?" Rory asked even more confused

"Orthogonal universes" the Doctor explained "rules are different, dogs can talk here and some can stretch." The Doctor walked over to Finn and slapped his hands together "Hey, Finn."

"Uh what?" Finn said coming through

"I told Amy and Rory about the Candy Kingdom and was hoping you could take us to it and shows us around."

"I would love to except-"

"Except he was banished." Jake finished

"I thought you were friends with the Princess." Doctor asked

"She's the one that banished me. Said I could not come back until I stopped acting like a psycho."

"Why would she think you were acting like a psycho?"

"I let a pack of wolves into her bedroom."

"Did you forget to tell her they were in there?"

"No, I let them in her room while she was asleep in there."

The Doctor stared at him for a moment "Okay then why don't we go to the Candy Kingdom and get all this sorted out." Then the Doctor realized "oh your birthday just passed."

The Doctor ran into the Tardis and came back with a colorfully wrapped box. As soon as Finn got the present he ripped off the he colorful wrapping paper.

"You got me train!" Finn shouted

"A model train" The Doctor corrected "There is a control in there, try it out."

Finn quickly found the control and pressed the green button, the train came to life and chugged it's way out of the box. With the joy stick Finn controlled the train making it go in circles and any other chosen path he could come up with.

"Hit the blue button." The Doctor suggested

As soon as he did the train and it's cabooses flew into the air with Finn in complete control over were they went. Jake stretched out his hands to make hops for the train to passed through.

"This mathematical!"

"Yeah, I got it in a shop at the Orient Express in space. I like a shop."

"Hey we should take them to the Candy Kingdom." Jake told him

"Okay let me just put the train in my pack." Looking behind him " I left my pack inside. Give me a minute."

Finn ran inside the train following him. The Doctor and Jake throw each other a knowing look. Jake found the device the Doctor and Finn use to communicate and came up with a plan with the Doctor, it required both of them to get Finn to the Candy Kingdom.

"So what this about him not being used to being around people?" Amy asked

"Yeah," The Doctor started "He's probably the last human on the planet."

"How does that happen?"

"I think it has to do with the Great Mushroom War." Jake told her "We're not even sure where he came from. My parents found him as a baby and took him in.

"So you're parents raised a human." Rory asked "And you're parents are talking dogs like you?"


"Well, good." Rory said timidly before he started to pat Jake on his head.

Rory started to pat Jake with more confidence when Jake seemed to be enjoying it. Then Rory started to scratch Jake's belly, Jake just started to doze off as he drooled a little. Amy stared at her husband for a minute,she knew when they were kids he wanted a dog but never got one.

Amy turned her attention to the Doctor "So he was raised by dogs. He can't be the only human on the planet."

"Hard to say" the timelord admitted "Different universe than ours, so different rules. I mean orthogonal universes are all interconnected, in this whole megaverse, so it's easy enough to travel to them unlike parallel. Its like each one is what the other aren't and are all at same time. This one seems to be post apocalyptic."

"Post apocalyptic?" Amy said unsure what the Doctor meant since he never used that word before

"Happy Post apocalyptic. There's weapons and technology scattered about. Ruins of buildings. There is also a chuck of the planet that seems to have been blown up. But life moves on everyone seems to be happy after the end. It's seems like someone had a party and forgot to clean up afterwards. Now everyone that's left is having an after party with the mess."

Inside Finn found his pack and flew the train into it before turning it off. He placed the control inside before he slung it over his shoulder and headed back outside.

Finn stepped outside his and Jake's very cool tree house to see Rory petting Jake while The Doctor explained orthogonal universes to Amy.

"Guys, reading to go?"

"Are you going to say it?" Doctor asked

"Say what?" Finn questioned the alien

"You know what. Come on say. I love it when you say it. Come on please say it." The Doctor said grinning

Finn said smiling "What time is it?"

"Adventure Time!" The Doctor said bumping fist with Finn

"Let's get going" Finn said a little more excited

"So back into the Tardis?" Amy asked

"No, we'll take Jake."

"That's me!" Jake jolted

"No offense," Amy said "How is he supposed to take us?

Jake then grew to a massive size and laid down on the ground so they could climb on. Finn was first to climb on, followed by the Doctor and Rory.

Rory gave his hand to Amy to help her up "Come on Amy."

"Aren't you gung ho today?" Amy pointed out

"There is a stretchy talking dog and we get to ride him to a Kingdom of Candy, the seven year old me is very jealous of me."

Amy took his hand climbing up "Okay, let's go you big goof."

Jake got up and said "Please keep your hands and feet in side the ride at all times. If at any point you fall off...well there is nothing I can do about that so scream so I know to stop. You should probably hang on."

Jake took off running across the green field. The three travelers felt the rush of air go through their hair, Amy hugged Rory tighter not that he minded. Amy could see why Rory was liking this trip, there was a certain quality of this world that made their inner child happy.

Little did any of them now them know that moments after they left came flying the Ice King.

The Ice King held in his hands the penguin named Gunther.

"Okay Gunther" The Ice King started "You distract Finn and Jake then I'll get the drop on them and freeze them. This way I can get them out of the way and go marry the princess of my choice."

Gunther "Quack"

Honestly this plan was one of his better ones.

The Ice King peeked into the house "There not here. How am I supposed to freeze them if there not here to freeze?"

While the Ice King complained Gunther felt something. Something about her instincts screamed to her, yes the penguin is a she. She turned around to see the creature looming towards them.

Gunther quacked to warn the king but he only turned around to see.

"Hey who are you?" He told the creature before it stopped him.

Gunther tried to stop it but the creature only responded by flinger her off into the distance.

It didn't take long to reach the outside of the Candy Kingdom. Jake shrunk down to his regular size and his passengers got flung off landing in a pile.

"Oops, are you guys ok?" Jake asked

The group broke into laughter.

"So welcome to the Candy Kingdom." Finn announced

As the travelers looked around they saw what one might expect to see from a place called the Candy Kingdom. There were trees made out of cotton candy. The yellow walls of that blocked the way into the kingdom were surrounded by a moat of liquid caramel. Pink bubbles filled the air were being blown by two giant Gum ball Guardian who looked like two giant gum ball machine given a sort of human shape sat on the wall.

As soon as Fin stepped on the draw bridge to the Candy Kingdom the two Gum Ball Guardian came to life and walked over to him. Then from up above a horse like creature landed next to the group, it was Lady a rainicorn. Her body was long and arched like a rainbow and had as many colors as one, she had really long blonde hair and a white horn.

Jake moved forwards telling the others "Leave this to me." Putting on his smooth voice he said "Hi Babe."

Lady told Jake in a sweet gentle voice "Hello Sweet Potato," before her voice turned serious "Please translate this to Finn: My Lady has forbidden his entry to the Candy Kingdom until it has been judged that he and I quote "Stops acting crazy" end quote."

Jake was about to translate for when Finn stopped "I know what she said."

"You do? Since when?" Jake asked

"The Tardis translates languages in your head." The Doctor answered "It sounds a bit like Korean to me."

"But the matter remains" Lady continued "Finn cannot enter."

The Doctor pulled out his psychic paper from his Jacket "Here is a note from the Princess."

The Doctor waved the paper to the rainicorn and flashed it towards the giants. Lady read the paper and waved the guardian off, they went back to their resting places.

Lady suspicious said "He may enter but we had better check with the Princess."

"Absolutely" The Doctor said "Let's do that."

Amy ran up to the rainicorn "You're a unicorn. A rainbow colored unicorn."

"Yes." Lady answered the statement

"Can I hug you?"

"If you wish."

Amy quickly hugged her "Oh you're making the seven year old me jealous."

"I do not understand." Lady was more confused as to the nature of the girl hugging her "Am I correct in assuming you are a human?" How is that possible?"

"We can explain that later." The Doctor said "Now take us to your leader. Take us to the princess."

"Very well." Lady said tugging herself away from Amy "Follow me."

As the other followed Lady Finn pulled The Doctor to the side "That was you're psychic paper."

"Yes." The Doctor replied

"That paper lets you show whatever you want to anybody."

"Yes, I explained that to you."

"That means you lied."

"Don't think of it as a lie more like bending the truth. You're not acting crazy,well not anymore, well not more than usual certainly not more than me. So she doesn't have a reason to keep you out. Just think of this way we're using the paper as a tool to get to meet the princess and settle everything. Don't worry you're here and I'm here well sort this out in no time."

Finn believed the Doctor, he knew the Doctor has this way of speaking that got people to believe him he didn't need to he would trust his friend.

As they entered into the kingdom little did they know that the creature was moving closer to them.

Authors Notes: So I started this story and I don't know how often I will update, I have one week left in school so we will see, i figure about once a week. I'm having some problem finding Lady's voice so any tips towards that would be great. Anyway Review.