What Time Is It?

Summary:The Doctor Takes the Tardis and Rory and Amy to the Land of Ooo to meet his friends Finn and Jake. Now guess how long it takes for a monster to attack, these two.

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Chapter Six: Average Man

Nix connected her magic mike into the speaker which at this point had several things connected to them. She let out the first note of what she intends to be here last song when all of the sudden her mike explodes.

"Yeah," The Doctor admits. "The earlier sonic blast might have damaged your microphone." Nix coughed as some of the mike blew up right in front of her open mouth. "So if you don't mind," The Doctor nudge her off their makeshift stage. "I think me and the band will just make sure the show goes on."

"What are you doing?" Nix asked her voice know scratchy from the microphone exploding in front of her damaging her voice.

"Oh nothing much,just taking control of a few through a weakened psychic field, thank you girls." He turn to Amy, Lady,Bubblegum and Marceline.

"You can't do that! I control you!"

"Mostly, I did what you wanted me to do because you made me want to do those things but it really doesn't stop me from doing what I want so long as you don't tell me not to do it."

Bubblegum got the hint and jumped on top of Nix. "Don't let her talk!"

The other dog piled on her fighting her so she couldn't order anyone to stop.

The Doctor lost control a while ago but a part of him remained waiting to exploit some loops holes when the time came, and when the girls did manage to weaken Nix's control he managed to take control of the guys around him even if just a little bit.

"So now" The Doctor began. " This next number should be enough to to loose her control anyone I don't have taken back from her, we just have to hit the right notes." Turning back to the girls and putting on his best MC voice. "The next song goes out to some very special ladies."

They started to play their music.


I just became a member of a club known as the bumbling fools

Botching the game and the best things in life is the motto and

The rule

So if you can open up your heart and hear me out just for


Baby I got something to prove to you

I've gotta show you I can do it right

Get out

Don't want to see you again

Maybe we can still be friends

I know that I'm gonna go and screw it up in the end

But that's okay cause I'm your average man

I'm your Average Man

Oh woh woh woh...



So I turned tail and ran

And I know you're not my biggest fan

But whatever you want me to

You know that I'm gonna do it now or do the best that I can

So if you can open up your heart and hear me out just one more


Baby I've got something to say to you

I was wrong and the fault is mine


Get out

Don't want to see you again

Maybe we can still be friends

I know that I'm gonna go and screw it up in the end

But that's okay cause I'm your average man

I'm you Average Maaaaan!

Ooooooh Woah!


Baby you could do a whole lot better

But you could definitely do a whole lot worse

How can I even try to do better

If you won't give me a chance to be better first



C'mon C'mon. Uh huh.

The other men who the Doctor could not influence out of the charm that Nix put them in were suddenly released. They looked around confused.

"NO!" Nix screamed feeling her control over them weakening.

"What's happening?" Amy asked.

"They're being freed." Princess Bubble gum explained.

"Give it to the power of rock," Marceline stated. "well soft rock but still."

As the Ice king played rhythm on the drums Peppermint Butler played an awesome saxophone solo. Then the cave started to shake. The men just freed and confused just ran out as things started shaking.

"I think the cave is starting to cave in." Lady pointed.



"They're going to close up the cave and portal." Bubblegum figured out. "They're telling us to leave."

"We can't just leave them." Amy argued.

"No, time for that." Lady said wrapping around the Princess as Marceline grabbed Amy, both of them flew out of the cave.


Get out

Don't want to see you again

Maybe we can still be friends

I know that I'm gonna go and screw it up in the end

But that's okay cause I'm your average man

I'm your Average Maaaaaan!

Wooh hoo hoo...

I'm your Average

I'm your Average

I'm your Average Maaaaan!

The last notes caused the opening of the cave the crumble down. As soon as their song was done Nix got up and reached for them.

"Is this your grand plan!" Nix yelled clearly angry. "You trapped all us in here and the cave is about to collapse!"

Nix lunged to them when at the last second Finn swung his guitar sending her into another cave tunnel.

"I kinda feel bad about hitting a girl." Finn admitted.

"Nah, it's fine." Jake told him. "She took over our minds and was going to eat us."

"So it's okay?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Doctor?" Rory asked. "You do have a plan out of here, right?"

"No, I hadn't gotten there yet?" The Doctor admitted. "Okay if anyone has an idea feel free to share it now."

Nix tumbled down the cave and landed next to swirling pool of energy that was the portal she arrived through. As the cave around her started to fall in, "I'll take my chances." the cave collapsed as she leapt into the portal.

Outside Amy struggled to get out of Marceline's grip when the cave complex collapsed to the ground, leaving nothing but a pile of rubble. They stared at the rubble for a moment in shock until they ran to the pile in a faint chance to save one of their loved ones. They tried to move the boulders, it wasn't easy most were heavy and even Marceline was tired from the fight.

Amy raced to pull as many of the stones as she could. "Come on Rory hang on."

Bubbles got the men from her kingdom to help but they were dazed and confused and not much help, she dug by Amy's side.

Though it looked hopeless the ground below them quickly began to move and the jumped off the ruble thinking that they were on top of one of them. From out the rubble shot out a small train.

"A train?" Bubblegum asked.

"That's the train that the Doctor gave Finn."

The train shot into the hair yanking out a large inflated Jake, he was also minor-ly bruised.

"Jake?" Lady asked concerned.

Jake then spit out, The Doctor,Rory, The Ice King, Peppermint Butler and Finn with the train control on top of the amp.

"Ow." Jake let out before being dropped on the ground.

"Sweet Potato." Lady said hugging Jake.

Amy said having a similar idea. "Don't do that AGAIN!"

"I'm not planning on it." Rory smirked.

"Are you sticking?"

"Yeah, sorry dog spit."

Seeing the Ice King was still a bit daze the Doctor told him. "You have a penguin waiting for you in the library in the castle in the Candy Kingdom."

"What?" The Ice King asked.

"Penguin in library."

"Oh right, I was going to do something but I don't really remember what."

"Well I guess it wasn't that important."

"I guess." The Ice King took into the air to get his penguin.

"So Peppermint Butler. How are you doing?" Finn asked

"I'm doing well Master Finn, thank you for your assistance."

"Yeah, since we saved you can we just call it even. You know so you don't take mine or Jakes flesh for the whole trip to the Land of the Dead?"

The Butler sighed. "Fine, we'll call it even."

There you are!" Marceline shouted. "Safe and sound."

"Marceline?" Finn asked as she ran towards him.

Then she passed him and hugged her amp. "Good and safe."

Then Finn noticed Princess Bubblegum staring at him. "PB?"

"Finn?" The Princess shyly asked.


She ran up and hugged Finn. "I'm happy that you're safe."

"Thanks." Finn smiled blushing faintly not noticing that the princess was blushing too.

The Doctor watched the scene and was interrupted by Marceline.

"So what happened down there?"

"Oh we got trapped in the cave at the last second Finn told us to jump into Jakes mouth. Using that train I gave him attached to Jakes tail we ripped through the rocks before they crushed us all."

Marceline then moved to over towards Rory and Amy. "Hey, Red. We have to discuss payment."

"Payment?" Amy asked and then when she remembered.

"Payment?" Rory asked.

"You're wife promised me her hair color for a snack."

"My wives hair color." Marceline said. "She is you're wife, right? I'm asking cause she said her husband was taken and she's kinda out of you're league."

Rory stared at her for a moment just thinking which one of the statements to argue at first. "No! You can't have my wives hair color."

"No, fine she can have it." Amy relented, she had promised her and she was in no mood to take on another vampire and not the space fish variety. After everything was said and done she did help her get Rory back and her hair color was a small price to pay for that. "Just make it quick."

Marceline gently lifted Amy's hair and then chomped on it, Amy thought that it didn't hurt as much as she thought it would but it still wasn't pleasant, soon the red color drained from the hair.

"Okay done." Marceline said licking her lips.

Amy looked on sadly on her hair, know as white as snow, her husband put his arm around her.

"Allow me." Lady spoke up.

Looking confused Amy just nodded and with that Lady let out a beam of energy from her horn and Amy's hair turned back to it regular color.

"Wait! Did you know-" Amy turned to the Doctor but stopped her question.

The Doctor was now wearing Finn's trade mark hat and Finn was wearing the Doctor's bow tie and jacket.

Rory finally said. "What's with the?" He pointed to the hat.

"The hat's cool." The Doctor told her.

"My hat is awesome!" Finn added.

"We're thinking of trading looks. What do you think?" Doctor smiled.

Amy didn't think it was a good idea to say anything against Finn's hat so she instead said. "I don't think it's for you. You should take them off."

"Can I at least keep them on until we get back to the Tardis."

"You're going already?" Finn asked.

"Stop the crazy monster, destroyed a landmark, it sound like when we usually leave."

With that they headed towards the Tree House and the Tardis, the citizen went back to their homes but Lady,Marceline and the Princess decided to come along.

By the time they got to the tree house the sun was coming up.

"Do you guys minds that I crash here?" Marceline asked.

"Nah, it's fine." Finn told her. "There's a pile of dirty clothes to sleep under in the living room."

"Cool." Marceline responded heading in.

Bubblegum asked. "What?"

"She likes sleeping under dirty clothes." Finn said switching back clothes with the Doctor.

Amy hugged Finn and told him. "Take care adventure boy."

As she and Rory stepped into the Tardis they waved good bye.

Bubblegum whispered to the Doctor. "About our discussion earlier."

"Don't worry about it." The Doctor told her. "We'll keep that our little secret. Just promise me you'll try to keep him from getting hurt."

Bubbles just nodded.

"Well this is goodbye for now Finn."

"Goodbye Doctor." Finn said.

"See yea Doc." Jake added.

The Doctor stepped into the blue box and closed the door behind them.

"Why are they stepping into a box?" Princess Bubblegum asked. "How are they all fitting in there anyway?"

"Just watch?" Finn told her.

Soon wind began to swirl around them, the Tardis began to emit a loud sound and fade in and out until it was gone.

"How did?" the bewildered princess asked.

But Finn just smiled, he loved seeing the Tardis do that.

Soon enough The Princess was taken back to her Kingdom by Lady and Jake and Finn went to get some well deserved sleep.

In the Tardis Amy asked. "Well it looks like you failed."

"What's that?" The Doctor said.

"You didn't get Finn and the Princess together." Rory told him.

"I never said I would get them together. I said I wanted him to be happy and that I wanted to make sure he wasn't alone and sad. I've made sure he won't."

The Doctor worked the controls of the Tardis confident. Amy took Rory's hand and was sure that the Doctor knew what he was doing.

Deep in one of the secret rooms of her castle the Princess sat down on a chair and pulled out some pink thread. She couldn't sleep and so she practiced her hobby, she wasn't very good at it but she kept at it, she started to make Finn a sweater.

The Princess looked at what she had so far and wondered if she would ever actually find herself giving it to Finn.

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