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"I'm going to kill you!"

Percy winced, but he had been taking the abuse pretty well considering it has been going on for about twelve hours.

After changing into human legs (apparently, that's how mermaids have given birth throughout history, and it's a testament to how immersed I was in this world that I forgot how to walk on them for a while), I was ready to give birth to our son.

Let me tell you, there was no way in Hell I was going to have another child after this.

Triton, who had been thrown out of the room after he cracked one too many jokes, peered through the door.

"Is it safe for me to come in?"

Thalia grabbed a pillow from where she was sitting at the foot of my bed next to Amphitrite and threw it at Triton with a force you would never expect.


"OK, OK, jeez…I know when I'm not wanted around."

I let out a week laugh before another contraction gripped me.

"You're so close Annabeth. You can start pushing at the next one."

I groaned, but did so.

The pain radiated up my spine and down my legs, but I kept pushing.

After what felt like thirty days, a cry rang out through the room.

"It's a boy! But you knew that already, so…but he's here!"

Percy's eyes met mine, and I could see the tears gathering in the corner of his sea green eyes.

"He's here!" I whispered, shocked and excited at the same time.

Thalia cleaned him up, her eyes shinning with pride.

"Annabeth, he's so handsome! I think he's even prettier than Triton…not that it takes much, but-"

"I heard that!"

I let out another weak laugh, letting Amphitrite plump up the pillows behind me.

Thalia swaddled the small boy in a pale blue blanket, before handing him to me, a small cap on his head as well.

His face was red from crying and the strain of being born, his small mouth moving in shocked "O" shape.

"He's beautiful…"

Thalia and Amphitrite slipped out of the room to give us some privacy, even grabbing Triton by his collar to make sure he didn't come charging into the room.

Our son yawned and whimpered, turning his face around and around. When he finally opened his eyes, they were the bright gray that mine were, but close to the pupil, they were a pale green.

He wasn't the baby I saw in my vision so many months ago, when I had first freaked out about being a bonded, but he was so much better.

"He looks like you," I whispered to Percy, smoothing a finger over his nose and the small tendrils of black hair that escaped the cap.

"But he has your eyes. And I think your chin…"

"No, I'm pretty sure he's a small carbon copy of you…"

Percy smiled.

"What are we going to name him?"

I bit my lip, looking at him slyly from the corner of my eye.

"Well, I liked the idea of naming him after a Greek Hero…Theseus. That is, if that's not too awkward…"

Percy laughed again, running his hands through my slightly sweaty hair.

"No, it wouldn't be. Theseus wasn't actually the son of Poseidon, he was just 'claimed' as a hero by Dad. So, almost like a sponsor. We can also call him Theo, to be short. Gods know I don't really enjoy being called Perseus all my life."

"Theo it is then. Let's call the others in so they don't break down the door."

Percy laughed again before pressing a kiss to my lips.

"Thank you for giving me everything I ever wanted."

"Annabeth, please-"

"Think about this-"

"I have thought about this."


I sighed, looking sadly at my two brothers.

They had been down in the ocean for the better part of the year. We had bonded, and they had enjoyed the time to get to know their nephew.

But the nagging in the back of my head told me that the time had come for me to let them go.

They needed to go back to school, they needed to grow up and have their own family.

I couldn't keep them here with me any longer.

"Guys…you don't belong in this world. You deserve normal lives, and Dad and your mother are going to be worried, because that spell can't last forever. I just…I want you to have a normal life."

Jackson looked so sad, holding his two month old nephew in his arms.

"Are you going to take our memories? Are we not going to remember you or Theo?"

Jasper looked absolutely terrified of that thought.

I bit my lip, not wanting to lie to them.

I thought it might be best if I just made them think that they did go to a school in England, that they didn't even know they had a sister, let alone a nephew.

"Annabeth, how is that fair?"

The tears I had been trying so hard to keep in flowed down my cheeks.

Jackson curled his arms tighter around Theo, who was sleeping peacefully.

"Please don't make this harder guys."

Jasper wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me to his chest, letting me cry into his chest and hold him tighter.

"I won't make you forget. I promise. And I'll visit, and I'll bring Theo, and you can come here, but I want you to get an education and be normal…and if you decide when you get through high school, preferably collage as well, then…then come back here."

I felt Jackson come over and wrap his arms around me, Theo still in the crook of his arm.

Like they always seemed to do, they spoke sentences that followed each other.

"You'll always be our big sister."

"And we will come back."



I looked onto the scene with amusement.

Theo was now about three months old, and he would look like a normal child (with legs and all) until he got old enough to "walk," when he would naturally switch from legs to tail and back again. Right now, he was in a bright pink onesie and had a pink ribbon holding all his tufts of hair up. There was even a small tutu on his hips, bright pink shoes, and some outrageously hot-pink nail polish painted on his fingernails.

Apparently, when I had left Thalia and Triton in charge of Theo for one hour to do work, I come back and find out that Theo has been turned into a "Thea."

Thalia, who has been named godmother, was trying so hard to stifle her giggles. Triton, the godfather, had no such qualms and laughed outright.

"Nothing! Thalia and I were just wondering what your daughter might look like and - "

Percy groaned and snatched Theo away from them, smiling a little when the baby gurgled, recognizing his Daddy.

"Couldn't you have waited until I actually had a daughter? Look at him!"

"What is all this yelling about?"

Amphitrite walked into the room this time, only to see Theo being held out from under his arms in the air like in The Lion King. His chubby little legs were kicking and his hands were in fists stuffed into his mouth.

Amphitrite sighed.

"Triton, for the love of all the gods-"

"Thalia did it too!"

I giggled again and took Theo into my arms and smoothed his hair back. The bow was hanging on by a precarious couple of locks, and I just pulled it out.

"Theo, your Auntie and your Uncle are nuts."

"Annabeth, I hate men."

I raised an eyebrow at her.

We were back in the city, cleaning out our apartment to be sold, since we were permanently in the palace.

Thalia never outright chose Apollo or Triton, even though they both vied for her attention all the time.

Apollo dropped in so often I was wondering if he had his own room. Triton hadn't been too pleased, and had begged his father to banish him from the realm. All Poseidon did was shake his head and walk away.

Triton, to me, was the better choice. When Thalia asked to learn how to fight, he volunteered right away to help her. When Apollo found out about her wanting to fight, he fretted, asking her if she was sure, she could get hurt, yada yada yada.

"Where did that come from? When did you turn lesbian?"

Thalia threw the shoe she was holding at my head, but I ducked, laughing.

"That's not what I meant!"

She was huffing, but then she cracked a smile.

"What did you mean?"

She sighed, sitting down on the floor next to the open boxes.

"I meant I'm sick of Apollo and Triton following me around, just waiting until I make a decision. I hate it, and I want it to stop."

"So then make a decision."

"I don't want to hurt him."

She didn't say which him. Her face was forlorn; some might think that Thalia was callous, sarcastic and rude, but she was just pretending. She really had a heart of gold.

"Which one?"

Thalia bit her lip, blushing a little.


I smiled a little, reaching out to hug her shoulders.

"I'm sure Apollo will understand."

Thalia sighed and stood up, brushing her hands down the front of her jeans.

"It's just…Triton respects my personality. When I wanted to learn hand to hand combat, he just rolled with it. Apollo freaked out and was treating me like one of those plastic bimbos who shouldn't do any kind of physical labor. When I got a scratch on my leg from tripping, he was rubbing in my face that a 'girl as pretty as me' shouldn't be doing anything like fighting."

I shook my head sadly.

"Then he doesn't respect you."

Thalia shook her head in agreement.

"What's holding you back?"

"The whole life-mate thing. What if he finds his, and then I'm stuck loving someone who can't love me back?"

"Thalia, the life-mate bond is something extremely rare. I looked up on it some more, and apparently it only happens when Fate means it to happen. When you bond with someone, that's it for them, life-mates or no."

"Are you sure?"

"Thalia, for lack of a better description, you're not going to end up like Leah in Twilight. Your Sam isn't going to leave you when he finds his mate. When you bond with Triton, it's it for him."

Her face cleared up quickly, and I realized that this was a concern she had had for a long time.

I stood up and walked over to her, putting my hands on her shoulders and making her look at me.

"Thalia, you and Triton are going to be as happy as clams when you finally chose him. Apollo will understand. Your not the one for him if you're not who he thinks is an ideal woman, which in my mind, is too 1700s for my taste. Now, we're really going to be officially sisters."

"Come on Theo, say 'Uncle Triton!'"

I rolled my eyes ate Triton, who was hovering over my almost year old son.

Mer-children aged slower than mortal children, so the best way to think about it was that when he was developing as a child, when he was almost a year old, he was actually two years old.

A lot had happened in the two years; Apollo and Triton had had their last battle (in which Triton remained victorious) and Thalia agreed to be bond mate. They were going to bond in a little less than a week, and Thalia was freaking out and jumping around making sure that everything was going to be perfect.

Triton could seriously care less about the ceremony as long as he got to have her.

"Un-un ta!"

Triton slumped his shoulders in mock defeat.

"He's going to say Dada before he says anything Triton, and your name is too hard."

Triton turned to glare at Percy, who was smiling at him and his son in amusement.

"I bet you he's going to say something close to Uncle Triton then, before he says Dada!"

While Triton and Percy argued over what Theo was going to say first, I took him and sat him on my lap.

"Your Daddy and Uncle are crazy…but they both love you, and so do I. Momma loves you!" I cooed.



"Did he just say-"


Theo giggled with the attention he was being shown and threw his hands up and down, bouncing on my lap.


Amphitrite's steady hand painted the swirls and designs quickly and efficiently onto Thalia's skin, while I worked on curling my hair.

Thalia was lucky; she was 'bonding' into the royal family, so she got the designs, which apparently was a huge honor. Her tunic was white with red and gold embroidery, which looked phenomenal next to her dark hair and skin.

Thalia was nervous wreck, her hands shaking so much I had to pull her hair into the elegant up-twist.

"Thalia, what the hell are you so nervous for?"

"I'm freaking terrified, there's a difference."

After pinning my last curl up, I turned and rubbed Thalia's shoulders, careful not to get in the way of Amphitrite's painting.

"It's all going to be fine Thalia. Percy is with Triton making sure that the guy doesn't have a heart attack, Theo is waiting eagerly to be able to through the rice we have, and I'm there to make sure you don't pass out on the alter. Percy and I know what to say during what time in the ceremony, and Jason is here to give you away. Their monk or priest or whatever the official title-"

"Shaman," Amphitrite said without looking up.

"Their shaman has your vows, and everything is going to be fine, so take a deep breath."

Thalia took in a deep breath and held it. I raised my eyebrow at her and then said, "Let it out."

I could tell it was going to be a long day.


We have gathered to bond these two. May they be with each other always, and may their hearts never wander alone.

The familiar words calmed Thalia down some, and this time, she knew what she would say back in the same language.

Triton had eyes only for Thalia the minute Jason stepped into the temple to lead her down the aisle.

Now, his face beamed with love and warmth as he responded, I will always be here for you. When you need to fight, I will fight beside you. When you need healing, I will heal you. When you feel lost, I will wander with you. In this moment, I take you as my mate now and forevermore.

Thalia's eyes were watery with happy tears, and she said back, I will always be there for you. We will fight, love, and live together. We are a team, and we are united. In this moment, I take you as my mate now and forevermore.

The shaman chanted some more, tying Thalia's hand to Triton's. I saw the flash of an engagement ring and was bought back to the moment that Triton had proposed to her…

Thalia and I were sitting on the ground, helping Theo toddle back and forth between us.

Percy and Triton tumbled into the room, laughing and stumbling. Thalia and I knew with one look our men were inebriated. God only knows the drunken debauchery they had managed to get into.

"ANNA!" Triton had called, stumbling over to us. "TALLY!"

Thalia sighed at the nickname.

"He's really drunk." She muttered under her breath.

"I swear to drunk I'm not God!"


Their relationship was so funny to watch.

Percy collapsed next to me, putting his head in my lap, giggling uncontrollably. Theo, thrilled to see his Daddy, crawled over and sat on his stomach, laughing along with Percy.

My heart warmed to see my boy playing together, even if one of them was so intoxicated he probably couldn't stand up again if he tried.

"Thalia, I want one."

I turned and saw Thalia try hard to keep a straight face when Triton pointed plaintively at Theo.

"I'll get right one that…"

Triton reached into his pocket of his vest, slightly more sober now.

"Wanna be your mate first."

Thalia's mouth dropped open in shock.

"You're drunk, you can't be serious right now-"

"No. Want you. Want all of you. Want family with you. Want all of it."

Even though he was slurring his words, sincerity rang through each of them.

His hand held a ring in it now, and Thalia barely managed to stammer out a yes.

Now, here we were at their mating. Triton had been so despondent the next day, thinking that her saying yes was all a dream until he actually saw the ring.

It was such a Thalia and Triton proposal, that's all I can say about it.

I was bought back into the present when Thalia took the goblet in her hands and took a sip, her nose wrinkling a little at the taste.

Triton took a sip, handed it to the shaman, and then proceeded to kiss his new bonded senseless.

"Oh my freaking god, you never told me it hurt this much!"

"You were right there when I was screaming!"

Thalia clenched my hand even tighter, holding on so tight I could feel my knuckles and bones shifting in my hand.

I tried not to wince, because she was having a harder time of it than I had.

She was having twins.

Triton's reaction when he found out was so hysterical…

Her scream cut through me like a knife, and I wiped some sweat off her face and tied her hair back so it wouldn't stick to her neck.

Triton had been banished from the room until it was time for Thalia to push. He was in hysterics, not able to deal with Thalia screaming in pain.

But he would be bought back in for the birth, as Thalia had promised through the door he was now locked on the other side of. I heard Jason, who was here with his girlfriend, Piper (a demigod, ironically enough, a daughter of Aphrodite that was very down to earth), try to soothe him, but I don't think it was working.

Amphitrite, ever the solid presence in our life, smiled and said, "It's time. Annabeth, can you bring Triton in here?"

As soon as I opened the door into the room, Triton literally flew over me and into the room, stumbling to a halt next to the bed and grabbing Thalia's hand.

The next few hours passed in a blur, and then Amphitrite shouted, "It's a girl!"

Triton's face was so shocked his jaw refused to close.

The little girl had a full head of black hair, and when she opened her eyes, she had Triton's eye color.

"She's so perfect…"

Triton took the little bundle into his arms and just stared.

It took less than a minute for the next twin to come into the world.

"A boy! He was a gentleman, he let his sister go first."

Thalia took the little boy into her arms and sobbed hysterically.

I ran my hand over her shoulders, smiling softly.

"You done good Thalia."

Percy crept into the room them, almost two-year-old Theo in his arms, sound asleep. Jason and Piper slipped in too, along with Poseidon.

"Did you guys decide on names yet?"

Thalia looked to Triton and said, "You name the girl, I name the boy?"

"Sounds like a plan."

Thalia took one look at the little boy, whose hair was as dark as pitch and had eyes the same electric blue as her, and said, "Kiran. Kiran Troy."

Amphitrite smiled and peered down at the little bundle.

"Perfect name for a perfect boy."

We all turned to Triton expectantly, but he already had a name ready.

"Lenore. It means light in French. Little Lenore Foy."


Percy winced, turning to see his twin brother come racing down the hall.

"Triton, what's wrong?"

"I lost them."

Percy's eyebrows furrowed.

"What do you mean you lost them? Lost who? Lost Annabeth and Thalia? They're shopping their not lo - TELL ME THAT YOU DIDN'T LOSE THE KIDS!"

Triton winced, not liking how his twin raised his voice.

Triton had been watching the three kids, the six year old Theo and the little older than the four year old twins, while his brother had gotten caught up on work. Thalia and Annabeth had gone back on land to shop for Percy's next child, who was going to be born in less than a month.

"I'm sorry! We were playing hide and seek and - "

"Did you tell them to, oh, I don't know, stay in a certain part of the palace?!"

"No! I told them anything went, as long as they didn't leave the castle or go into the dungeons…"


Percy jerked from the table shaking his brother's shirt.

"Annabeth and Thalia are going to kill us if they find out we lost our own children! Call Aquarius and have him the guards start looking!"

The two of them split out of the room, their yelling alerting every guard in the vicinity to start looking for the two princes and one princess.

Percy couldn't believe his brother lost his child, and his own twins…of all the stupid things that he could have done…

He blanched when he realized how much trouble he was going to be in if Annabeth and Thalia came home early…and Annabeth shouldn't be too upset now, it was getting close to her due date…

Triton was having the same thoughts, only his was more focused on what part of his anatomy Annabeth and Thalia were sure to cut off if they ever heard about how his horrible parenting got the three children lost in the palace.


He stopped short, turning so quickly to the voice that he almost whacked his head on the wall.

Little Lenore was standing there, her pale green tail jerking with enthusiasm and she leaped into his arms.

"You found me!"

Praising his lucky stars that Lenore didn't know to run away when you were about to be found, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tight.

"I did baby girl. Can you tell me where your brother and Theo went?"

Lenore looked at him like he had suggested eating kitties for breakfast.

"No Daddy! That's cheating!"

Triton knew he was going to have to pull out the begging card.

"Please Lenore? Can't you tell Daddy this once?"

Lenore shoot her head and crossed her arms stubbornly, her four-year-old loyalty showing through.

"No. Plus, I don't know where they are."

Triton groaned, but straightened up and let Lenore clamber onto his shoulders, her tail wrapping around his neck and her small hands wrapping tightly around his hair.

"OK, well, I guess we're going to do this the old fashioned way."


Percy ran through the halls, keeping his eyes pealed for anything that might seem out of place, or an area small enough for a six year old boy or two four year olds to hide in.

There was a small giggle behind the curtain ahead of him, and he jerked it back, looking down to see the eyes of his nephew looking up at him.

"Uncle Percy!" Kiran yelped, jumping up with excitement, "You found me!"

Percy sighed some relief, and picked up his nephew, setting the little boy on his shoulders. He wasn't in tail form today, so he would be able to hold on easier if he didn't have a tail.

"That I did kiddo. Do you know where your sister and cousin are at?"

Kiran rolled his eyes.

"Not supposed to tell."

Knowing that Kiran was just as stubborn as Thalia and that it would be impossible for him to get it out of him anyway, he just saved his breath and continued looking for his son.


It was actually Aquarius who found the little boy about an hour before Lady Annabeth and Lady Thalia were supposed to be home.

Like his mother, the young boy was perched on one of the taller towers in the building with a heavy tome in his hands. His thick black hair, so like his father's, flopped down over one eye, but he made no more to push it out of the way.

"Prince Theo?"

Theo raised his head and gray eyes with rims of sea green peered at him. A smile broke across his face, highlighting the youth and innocence of it.


Aquarius smiled a small smile at the little boy; he reminded him of his youngest son, Mizu, before he and his brother were killed in the raid that also took away his wife.

Aquarius was proud that the boy he considered his nephew had found a great life. Theo was a bright, intelligent and sweet little boy.

"You and your cousins have given your father and uncle quite a scare."

Clarity made an appearance on the young boys face.

"Oh no! I forgot we were hiding from Uncle Triton…oh geez, Momma isn't going to be too happy with me…"

Chuckling a little, Aquarius reached out a hand and helped the little boy back through the window and down the stairs.


Percy and Triton managed to get the entire castle back in order, made sure that the guards knew not to breath a single word to their respective others, and somehow con the littles into sleeping.

The two of them were passed out on some cushions when Annabeth and Thalia came home from shopping.

Thalia snickered in amusement and Annabeth quickly drew out her iPhone (which had been charmed by Apollo to carry as much music as she wanted, without her having to buy anything) and snapped a picture of the twins, both of them sprawled out, mouths open, snoring and drooling with abandon.

"The kids must have tuckered them out."

Thalia laughed, saying, "They're like big kids themselves. But since the castle is still standing, I guess things went pretty smoothly."

Percy and Triton glared daggers at the two merboys who were there to pick up their daughters. Even Kiran was getting into it, clearly uncomfortable with any guy trying to get it on with his twin. If Jason, Jackson and Jasper had been there (they were at school now, trying to finish their degrees), it would have been even worse.

The two boys, Kirk and Kenneth, withered under the fierce glare.


Triton turned and smiled at his daughter, a little wistfully. She was in a flowing black tunic embroidered with gold thread, the color only emphasizing her natural beauty. A thick gold necklace that had a pearl pendant was around her neck, a gift he had given her for her seventeenth birthday the year before.

Right behind her was Theo's little sister, Atalanta, sixteen years old to his twenty two years. Her hair was curled around her face, the red tunic she wore emphasizing her pale skin and bond hair, but making her sea-green eyes pop.

Their father's eyes softened when they saw their beloved daughters, but then hardened when they kissed them on the cheek and headed out on their date.

"Kirk, Kenneth."

The two boys whirled, making sure that their heads were bowed in respect.

Smirking a little, Percy and Triton said in creepy unison, "Treat my little girl well."

Kirk and Kenneth all but flew out the door with the two girls behind him.

I sighed, snuggled against Percy's shoulder, cuddling with my first grandchild.

Theo and his wife, Mitch, short for Michaela, had just had the little girl, a beauty with Theo's eyes and Mitch's hair.

My whole life had been a whirl of happiness and bliss and laughter.

Atalanta had ended up marrying Kirk, the boy she had dated so many years ago. Percy was still extremely protective of her, but Kirk was welcomed into the family with only a little ribbing. They didn't have any children now, but were considering adoption from one of the orphanages. They had their eye on a little girl named Diana, who had the brightest smile and most adorable laugh.

The shock of my life happened when Thalia's daughter, Lenore, turned out to be life bonded to Aquarius. She had saved him when he had been injured during a raid on one of the outer laying villages. Thalia had been a little apprehensive, but seeing how blissfully happy they were together, she had been happy for them too.

I was happy for Aquarius, who deserved someone to be with him after all that had happened to him in the past. Lenore had recently given birth to a daughter whom Aquarius had been very protective of. I guess it was only to be natural after what had happened to his son's and previous wife.

Kiran had decided to pursue a career above the ocean for the time being, even though he knew he would have to give it up when it became clear that he wasn't aging. He was the only single child of the family, but I had a feeling his "close friend that's a girl" was going to end up being his mate. We had met the girl, Eliza, once (above the water) and she had reminded me of a younger Thalia, only a little softer.

Jackson, Jasper and Jason ended up permanently moving in with us, after having their taste of the real world. I guess after you learnt about this world, it was hard to go back.

"Have any regrets?"

Percy's soft voice broke through my thoughts on my sleeping grandchild, and I peered at his eyes with a smile.

Even after all these years, his easy going smile made me melt inside. When things settled down a little more, he and I were going to go on a global backpacking trip, seeing all the sights I never thought I would see.

I never spared a moment's thought for the life I left behind, working at the hospital (even though I did volunteer at the infirmaries), coming home, and just watching my life pass by.

"Not a single thing."

Percy smiled wider and kissed me above the head of the next generation, not even breaking for the mumble of our son, "Get a room."

It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't

It's one door swinging open and one door swinging closed

Some prayers find an answer

Some prayers never know

We're holding on

And letting go.

"Holding On And Letting Go" by Ross Copperman


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