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His One True Love

There she was. Lying there. Pale faced. But still beautiful. Che looked down sadly, at the woman he had loved. The woman everybody had loved. Che looked at Peron, her husband, and sang sadly,

"The choice was yours and no one else's
You can cry for a body in despair
Hang your head because she is no longer there
To shine, to dazzle, or betray
How she lived, how she shone
But how soon the lights were gone"

He slowly bent down, and kissed the coffin. He closed his eyes, holding back the tears. She was gone, truly gone. He stood up, and looked at Peron for a moment. Peron looked back with an unreadable expression.

Che walked away, following the line of mourners who had already paid their respects to their fallen Queen, the First Lady, their Santa Evita. The Rainbow of Argentina would no longer be with them. She was truly gone.

But she would remain forever in their minds and their hearts.

His One True Love.