Who's the Monster? Me? Or Could it be You?

Chapter Summary: I gave up everything for them; I surrendered my will to live so that they could. But, apparently, coming back from the dead is a big no-no. Heh-heh-heh; and it seems that the only way they can think to re-kill me is by sending me through the Veil. But don't be confused; it isn't a gateway to another world; well, it is, but it's still a death sentence. What else would you call it when monster's of epic proportions spring upon you and rip you limb from limb? Then again, since I'm still here …

Series: Harry Potter x Bleach

Warnings: Erm … … well, it definitely is not meant for the weak of stomach. Is that enough to clue you into possibilities? Oh, and an Insane!Harry, since those are always fun.

Rating: PG-15+

Author's Note: Well, trying to get back into the groove of writing once more, and I have WAAAAAAY to many ideas zipping through my head, so here's the first chapter in possible ideas I have. Some will be crossovers (like this one) and some will not. Some will have gay pairings, some will have straight pairings, and the rest most likely won't. Some of these may also later be turned into full-fledged stories with multiple chapters to them. Who knows? Although, if people have get an idea from one of my chapters, they may go ahead and belt out a story. Just leave me a review/PM telling me so, so that I can look for it and read it. You don't HAVE to, mind, but the sentiment is appreciated. –gives a warm smile with closed eyes while radiating evil, demonic and horrifying energy- Another big thing is that all chapters will feature Harry Potter in some way, shape or form. It may not be told expressly from HIS point of view, but he will always be mentioned in the chapter. Also, I do NOT accept pairing/crossover requests. There will also never be detailed sex or gore scenes in my chapters. Implied sex, oh hell yeah … … actually, I may just put a lot of detail into any gory scenes I do to make up for that … Something to ponder, I'm sure. I'll also include a summary for each chapter. They might be long; they might be short, but it will be there. So, now that you're pissed at me for talking (writing? Typing? Whatever), on with the story!

Hueco Mundo. Spanish for the Hollow World; a vast and seemingly endless desert somehow perched above a crystalline forest. Waiting in its depths, beasts and monsters of all sizes, shapes and intelligences prowled; hungering and seeking for something even they do not fully know, nor truly cared about. But there was a being even the most ferocious and deadly beast avoided at all cost. To seek him out without his permission was a death-sentence; an agonizingly slow and sadistic one. Of course, on the reverse, to have him seek you out brought forth feelings of euphoria … and an all-encompassing feeling of terror on the off chance that, when he found you, he'd kill you.

The Grinning God of Hueco Mundo. The Mad Master of Mayhem. The Demented Demon of Agony. So many epithets for a single being that had appeared out of nowhere some fifty or more years ago to some; to others, he'd always been there, lurking at the corner of their minds, pushing them further and further, deepening that maddening desire for more, more, MORE!

And, atop an enormous pile of bones that revealed forms of creatures never before seen or heard of, rested their God, ever grinning down at his prized warriors, who he allowed to safely be in his presence without fear of undue anger and rage. Lying across the arms of his throne made of bone, he amused himself by twirling around in his hand a human skull that was missing its lower jaw. Suddenly stopping the skull's movement, his ever-present grin grew into a terrifying leer as the last of his warrior's finished their intelligence reports.

"So," he purred, his voice sending shivers of equal parts pleasure and fear, ecstasy and dread down their spines, "to clarify: A trio of Shinigami has been spotted gathering Hollow's to build an army and have managed to shore it up to extremely high levels in a short amount of time by our standards, correct?"

"Y-Yes, sir," one of his warrior's stuttered out.

"Well now; it seems paradise isn't such a paradise after all, is it?" He chuckled, luminescent eyes flashing with deadly intent even as a flare of madness spread through them. "I expect at least one of them has a god-complex as well. It'll be fun tearing him down, piece by piece."

"So, do we gather our forces and wage war with this interloper?" Another of his warrior's asked, a blood-thirsty grin spreading across its face at the thought of so much blood-shed.

"Don't be silly," he chided gently, grin returning to its normal proportions. "You don't wage war without at least taking a stab at a treaty." He chortled slightly at the grimaces on most of his warrior's. Oh, how they loved their battles, he thought. But then …

"After all, a treaty meeting is the best place to kill your opposition."

So did he.

Ignoring the appreciative murmurs of his warmonger's and disinterested sneers from his more honor-bound warrior's, he observed the skull in his hand, resting it in the center of his palm. "Of course," he muttered lowly, but still loud enough for them all to hear him, "if I've thought of such a thing, it would obviously cross any other's mind as well. I want at least six of you to observe his movements and actions, but should you be spotted, you are to return home promptly. To take down Vasto Lorde level Hollows so easily …" He eyed the skull for a moment longer before his eyes glowed an insidiously toxic green as his mouth twisted into a ferocious snarl and crushed the skull in his hands like it was made out of paper.

Swinging his legs around in order to properly sit in his throne, he rested his elbows on his knees as he looked down on his top warrior's, each able to last at least four minutes against him. And considering that just fifteen percent of his power was more than enough to flatten Gillian's to the size of tin-cans just by entering the area around him that said something. Anything below Gillian … his mouth twisted into a sick smile at the thought of all that juicy, lovely red liquid that would come rushing out in such violent torrents, never mind the innards …

Grasping a hold of himself, he slowly looked each of his warrior's in the eye and spoke slowly. "This Shinigami has no idea that I exist, nor does he know that there is more to Hueco Mundo than just the forest and the desert. For now, outside of observing this little gnat, we will stay out of their ridiculous and utterly predictable war."

"And should one of … them show their faces?" A toneless voice asked, casting green-eyes upwards to catch his God's eyes.

"Well, a blood-bath wouldn't be complete without a few dozen or so bodies, now would it? That aside, they are to be captured alive and brought to me. Especially if you run into an old man with criss-crossing scars on his bald head. Punk managed to get away from me; 'course, he always was a coward, so that wasn't actually as surprising as it probably should have been."

Order's given; each of his warrior's bowed to him and left, each knowing what to do during the coming years.

Leaning back against his throne, he glanced to the side and started to shake with repressed laughter that soon escaped in the form of chuckles, then chortles and finally gut-wrenching, madness-tinged laughter as he delighted his eyes upon the headless corpse nailed to the wall just opposite his throne.

Never let it be said that Harry Potter didn't learn his lessons, as Bella-bitch found out from horrifying experience.