Richelle Mead owns VA. Some characters in this story are from my imagination.

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

-Maria Robinson

Book 2: Scream into the Day

Ch. 5: A Second Chance

A moment of dread filled me as the last remnants of that sorrowful dream left my subconscious while I floated in a black abyss of nothingness. A place that no recollection of time or memory existed, nor could it penetrate my walls of protection. Abiding my time, I wait for my queue to come back to where I once was.

"Lily sweetie it's time to get up. I have a surprise for you!" my father said while shaking me awake on this stiff hospital bed.

"Dad, Stop I'm going to be sick. Plus the baby doesn't like that." I replied while taking his hand and placing it on my stomach.

"See. It's moving all over the place. Even though there is not much room to move in there. Sorry baby!" He laughed while still touching my stomach. I just stared at his happy face seeing the glisten in his eyes as he stood there.

"Well" he said with a smile "it looks like I can take you home in a few days." It's only been 6 days since I woke up, I have been doing fine and the baby's vitals have been great. So I don't know why I can't leave sooner. But I'm ok with it. I want to make sure my baby will be fine. "Yes!"

The only thought in my mind I voiced "That means better food and no more doctors. It feels like I have had my fare share of doctor visits for one lifetime. But I will miss everyone."

Sometimes the guy nurse's or doctors would come and hangout with me on their lunch break and play cars. They kept me entertained with the gossip at the hospital. Apparently Dr. Monroe was having an affair with the janitor. They were caught making out in the basement. The news spread like a wild fire in an Arizona summer. No later than a day his wife found out and was down here trying to fight the janitor. She is a very beautiful lady by the way. They both were. Turns out the wife and the janitor were old lovers.

Who knew guys gossiped so much!

The girls would come and tell me of the dates they went on, who did the walk of shame coming into the hospital. It was like I was living in a soap opera. The topper, I learned all this in 3 days. So much goes on in this little town.

"Well dad are you prepared for my coming home?" I asked while smiling at him.

"Yes honey. Your room is prepared and once you get more energy we can get the baby's room ready. The doctor will be in soon so we can have a check up on the baby." He said as he turned around to sit down on the tiny couch chair, the only chair I had in this room, and began reading the cover. It had a picture of a white picket fence house with 3 glass windows and a metal screen door that had caution tape all over it and the front yard.

"Dad, can you read the front story please." I asked in my best pleading voice.

"Honey I don't think I should. It's an upsetting story that I don't want you to know about" he replied with a nervous look on his face.

"Well you can read it to me now, when I get out of here, or I can read it by myself." I stated with a sigh.

The Coeur d'Alene police department still has no leads in this brutal family murder. On Monday night while the neighborhood was fast asleep an unknown group of 3 snuck into the 5 bedroom house and killed Mr. & Mrs. Oranston as well as their 3 children.

It appears not to be a robbery like originally thought, no personal or expensive items were taken. This leaves the police at a loss for the motivation behind the killing. There were no prints or DNA evidence to aid the Coeur d'Alene police department in a search for the murders. The medical examiner said that the bodies each had puncture marks but no murder weapons have been found and blood from the bodies were drained.

At 3am the Oranston's neighbor heard a child scream, that lasted only 30 sec. before it stopped. "The scream was loud but I thought nothing of it, just that the child probably had a nightmare" said the neighbor who continued to say "I feel so bad that I didn't think more of it. I could've helped them if I knew what was going on. No one should go through what that family did."

The neighborhood is in mourning for the family, they set up a candle-light vigil in the park for Friday night at 7pm. The memorial for the family will be held Saturday afternoon at the Coeur d'Alene Memorial Gardens.

The police have yet to make a statement but they are looking into the murder and all possible suspects have been cleared. If you know anything about this crime you are urged to call the police department.

Similar cases have shown up in different towns across American, but no physical evidence links the murders. So they can't say that it's a serial killer. Citizens of Coeur d'Alene are urged to set your alarms at night and report any suspicious activities.

"Well sweetie you don't have to worry we live on the other side of town from where this happened." I shook my head trying to remember something, something about this is familiar. All I can get is snow and a house with a door cracked open. But that is it. The house doesn't look like the one in the newspaper that's for sure.

As my father continues to sit in the green chair I can't help but really look at him. We look nothing alike. He is in his dark jeans, white tee with a grey jacket and black boots.

He put down the paper "you know I love you sweetie. From the moment I seen you I knew you were mine to protect. Your smile lit my world. I'm glad your back" he said with a slight smile yet sad eyes.

His touching words made me smile. I am so lucky to have this man as my father. I just wish I could remember all the times we had together whether they are good or bad. If I never get my memory back I know I will make the most of the time I have with him now.

The window blinds were pulled up the window cracked to reveal a sun covered sky. The weather so cold it left frosting on the window pane. The single bedroom had only one mirror and sink but the toilet and shower were behind another door, the tile was an off green color diamond pattern. The heat blasting through the vents to keep the place warm and the TV on low as we sat in a comfortable silence.