Hello, everyone, here is my first solo Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's story. First off, I know that Yusei's dad does die in the series, but since the story takes place in a medieval setting, something turned his father to stone instead. Most reference will come from the Dark Signers arc from the anime series. But if there's anything I missed, let me know.

Summary: During a dueling tournament held by King Rex Goodwin, the lives of young farm girls, Akiza Izinski and Hikari Ayamani, change forever when they meet Sir Yusei Fudo, Sir Jack Atlas, nobles Luna and Leo, and Sir Crow Hogan as they become part of the Knights of the Stars. Their homeland becomes threatened as a evil group of knight, known as the Knights of the Earthbound Immoral, gains power to bring forth the King of the Netherworld. Could a poor farm girl fall for a knight who holds a deeper secret than they know?

Pairings: Akiza x Yusei, Luna x OC, Jack x Carly, Crow x OC, Leo x OC

Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's is property of its rightful owners, original characters, plot, and storyline belong to me.


The brightness of the stars above twinkled, as a cloaked figure walked through the forest that surrounded the village of the Satellite in the old Domino Kingdom. The figure reached a small orphanage in the village, lowering the hood, the figure was revealed to be a beautiful young woman with long silvery hair and deep sea blue eyes. Walking up to the door of the orphanage, the woman knocked on the door gently and it opened to reveal the orphanage caretaker, an older woman.

"Yes, may I help you?" she asked, the woman asked, "Is your name Martha, the caretaker of this orphanage?"

"Yes, it is. What can do I for you?" She asked. The woman gave her a bundle of white clothes, "Please take care of this child. His family was killed and he has no other relatives. His name is Yusei Fudo. Please take care of him." Without another word, she left with Maria in confusion. After a few minutes, Martha looked inside the bundle and gasped, within the bundle was a baby boy.

With a smile, Martha took him inside the orphanage and called him by the name woman gave, Yusei. Meanwhile, the young woman walked to a crumbling castle farther within the old Domino Kingdom. Pushing some stones and rocks aside, the woman found what she was looking for. Standing in front of her was a stone statue of a man with spiky hair; he had a look of solemn sadness and was reaching into the distance. With a sad look, the woman walked up to the statue and placed her hand on the outstretched hand of the statue. She looked toward the face of the statue and sighed.

"This price is what you had to pay for the life of your own child… Toya….."

"Either way, New Domino Kingdom is without a king, and we can't have that," a man's voice said, the woman looked behind her and found a young man standing there. He smiled, walking up and picking up a jeweled crown that near the statue's feet. The woman gasped and shouted, "You are going to rule New Domino Kingdom in King Toya Fudo's place, Sir Rex Goodwin?"

"Yes, Toya would have wanted me to rule in his place if anything happened to him, Lady Angela." Rex said, looking at the woman named Angela. However, Angela could see past the smile Rex was giving her, as if he was hiding a dark secret within it. However, she simply accepted him as the new king and continued her duties as the high priestess of the kingdom.

Over the next seventeen years, New Domino Kingdom was divided by its people, Angela sadly watched as the nobles disrespected the commoners, but there was nothing she could do expect look for the remaining carriers of the marks that Rex and his adopted son, Prince Jack Atlas, has carried on their right arms. Within one of the many villages of New Domino Kingdom, there lived two girls who were considered sisters since early childhood.

Both daughters of local farmers, the two girls weren't exactly stunning beautiful, but they had a sense of inner beauty radiated within. One had chin length burgundy hair with bangs framed her face while her front bangs were held up on her head and bright brown eyes. The other had straight light blue hair and deep emerald green eyes. Their names were Akiza Izinski and Hikari Ayamani.

Hikari was the studious one while Akiza preferred gardening, especially roses. Having born as commoners, Hikari and Akiza were often looked down upon, but the two retained their friendship and sisterly relationship, both having hope that the dictator-like rule would be lifted. Often Akiza and Hikari would be in their village's central fountain, Hikari would tell stories to the little children while Akiza would try to sell her roses to the villagers. Since the two were so close, Hikari knew two of Akiza's deepest secrets, she had a special power that could sometimes get out of control and a unique birthmark on her right arm. One day while walking through the village, the two saw a notice that King Rex Goodwin had announced a dueling tournament.

"We should enter, Aki. Anyone who can duel is allowed to enter the tournament, and since we can both duel….." Hikari smiled as Akiza sighed, "Alright, Kari. Who know what will happen?" As they left, Akiza felt they were being watched and turned to see who was behind them, but saw nothing more than a single rose petal. Akiza was scared and wondered who that was when Hikari called out her name. She ran and joined her friend.

Angela appeared after the two vanished the area, somehow she was still retaining her young youthful appearance. She tore the notice down without even looking at it, she said, "A tournament that will be changing point in your life, Akiza, Hikari. I hope you two will be well prepared." She disappeared with the softest gust of wind.

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