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Chapter 2 Darkened Blooms

In the hallway after the duel, Leo was back in his normal noble clothes and was crying at his loss. Luna, who had watched the match from the private viewing room for nobles, smiled, happy at her brother's attempt to duel, another young noble, Dexter, who had short light brown hair and light brown eyes, as well as Yusei were with him and Luna, cheering him up from his loss. Looking up at Yusei, Leo sniffed and said, "Sorry, Yusei, that I lost. I wanted to show you how good of a duelist I was." "It's alright, Leo. I'm sure someday that this experience proof itself useful to you in the future." Yusei said, smiling as he patted the young noble's head. Leo's face suddenly brightened up with a smile and he hugged Yusei, saying, "Win your match for me, Yusei."

Yusei smiled and nodded, holding the young noble close when voices could be heard, the owners of the voices came into view, it was the farm girls, Hikari and Akiza. Hikari said, "You better hurry to your match, Aki! I'll be cheering for you!" "I know, Kari, but I can't exactly get there with you clinging to me like this." Akiza said, a bit concerned and trying to walk to her match. However, Akiza tripped over a small stone and began to fall, but someone quick caught her before she hit the ground. Since Akiza had closed her eyes, she opened them and found that Yusei had caught her. Quickly, Akiza's face went deep red and she bolted out of his arms, heading to her match, Hikari shouted in worry, following her best friend, "Aki!" "What's her problem?" Leo asked, confused. Yusei didn't show it, but he smiled at the girl's little embarrassment or so he thought.

Hikari stopped Akiza and smiled, she pulled her into a hug, "Be careful out there. And win, fairly... Also, never forget..." She whispered something soft in her ear and smiled, Akiza smiled and nodded, then headed out to the arena. Hitting her cheeks in reassurance and putting a determined look on her face, Hikari headed for the commoner's booth to cheer Akiza on while Yusei and the young nobles headed for the twins's private booth.

Meanwhile, in the royal box seat, Angela had come with the golden armor knight from the opening ceremony. She said, "King Goodwin, the knight, Gill Randsborg, here to speak with you as you requested." "Thank you, Angela." Rex said, smiling as he turned to look at them. Angela simply gave a custry and went to her seat. Rex walked up to Gil as he spoke, "The young farm girl, Akiza Izinski, who you will fight in this match is a Signer. I would like you to duel her to confirm." "So, will you act as the kingdom's hound for this?" Lazar asked the golden knight who had no loyalty to any noble, lord, or even the king.

"My apologizes, my king, but I do not duel to act as a dog in order to hunt young maidens." The knight said, looking proud and showed his shield. Lazar gave a small chuckle while Rex just smiled, he said, "She is more than a mere young maiden. In her past, she was known as the Black Rose Witch. The innocent farm girl act is a ruse to make people divert from the truth. When she dueled, her duels were so real it terrorized the town." Their words did the trick as Gil looked shocked at the revelation, Lazar said, "You may still withdraw the duel, as dueling her is a duel for one's very life."

"No, a knight does not back down from a challenge! I will beat and slay this witch!" Gil said, drawing his sword and lifting it in the air. Angela ignored them and hoped that the secret power in Akiza won't be awoken during the duel. But she spoke to him in a gentle manner, "But please, don't provoke her. She has long forgotten that part of her life and this tournament is only to find the remaining Signers." "I promise to do so, my lady," Gil said, bowing at her and left the room.

Grieger joined Yusei in the twin's noble private box. And then the time for the duel to begin, Akiza took a breath and stepped out as Gil did. When Akiza appeared, the people began to murmur among themselves, which Hikari ignored. She didn't notice a cloaked figure standing in the box, smiling as he waited for the duel. In the twins' private box, Leo looked at them and said, "I'm sure I have seen that girl before, even long before the meeting in the hallway." "Her deck is secretly in pain..." Luna said softly.

"I will show you no mercy, maiden!" Gil shouted, as he and Akiza did the same as Luna and Grieger in the previous duel, holding out their gauntlet arms as the number appeared then as quick as lighting, their hands were filled with their first picked duel cards. Gil started the duel as he shouted, "I summon Masked Knight LV 3, in attack position!" A knight with a mask appeared on the field, Gil continued, "I use it's effect. Give the maiden 400 points of damage!"

The knight swung its sword firecly and fast as Akiza braced herself for the attack, noting that the 4000 dropped down to 3600. Gil had chosen to forbid himself from attacking with "Masked Knight LV3" during his turn, surprising Akiza. Randsborg shouted, "I activate 'Level Up!'" Hikari gasped as she watched him send his Masked Knight LV3 to the Graveyard and Special Summoned "Masked Knight LV5", a knight that looked more powerful than his previous one appeared in Attack Position, while ignoring the summoning conditions. "My masked knight, activate your effect and inflict 1000 points of damage on the maiden!"

Akiza gasped, bracing herself again as the knight attacked her and her 3600 dropped to 2600 on her gauntlet. Smiling, Randsborg said, "I set a card and end my turn." Akiza glared at her opponent and tried to carefully think about her first moves for the duel. Hikari watched and prayed that Akiza wouldn't go crazy and unleash her power during her turn.

Drawing her first card, Akiza found that she drew the spell field card, 'Black Garden', she shouted, "I summon 'Wall of Ivy' in Defense Position." As she spoke, a wall of ivy appeared on her field and turned to blue, Akiza spoke again, "Now I activate the Spell Card, 'Seed of Deception,' which allows me to special summon a Level 2 or lower Plant-Type monster from my hand, so I special summon Copy Plant from my hand." The plant appeared on her field, Hikari watched carefully as Akiza activated her Copy Plant's effect to change it from a Level 1 monster to a Level 5, copying Masked Knight LV5's level. As she watched the moves, Hikari knew what was coming next.

"Now I combine my Copy Plant and Wall of Ivy to synchro summon the most fearsome creature in my deck, Black Rose Dragon!" Akiza shouted as her two monsters vanished and a large dragon with a body of thorns and wings of rose petals appeared, it roared loudly. From the twins' royal box, Yusei looked in awe at the newly summoned dragon, he asked, "What is that?" "It is said that the Black Rose Dragon is a creature of ill omen that causes destruction and ruin everywhere. Though you seem familiar with the dragon." Grieger said, having joined them in the box and looked at Yusei. "It's nothing." Yusei said, looking away, though he didn't say that he had seen it in a vision.

Akiza shouted, "And I activate my Black Rose Dragon's effect and destroy all the cards on the field!" The Black Rose Dragon roared and glowed as everything on the field was destroyed. "Now I activate Field Spell, 'Black Garden'. With this card in play, all monster summoned other than by the effect of Black Garden will have their ATK halved and a Rose Token will be summoned to the controller's opponent's side of the field." Hikari knew that Akiza could destroy her field spell and any monsters on the field to special summon a monster whose ATK was equal or loss to the total ATK of the destroyed monsters as black thorns appeared around the field.

Drawing a new card for his turn, Randsborg looked at his hand, which contained his newly drawn 'Martyr's Flag', 'The Warrior Returning Alive', 'Pot of Avarice', and 'Level Change'. Picking a card, Randsborg said, "I activate the effect of the card 'The Warrior Returning Alive' to add the 'Masked Knight LV3' from the Graveyard to my hand." Then he summoned the 'Masked Knight LV3' back onto the field, but due to the effect of Akiza's Black Garden, his Masked Knight's 1500 ATK points were halved to 750 and smiled as a small rose bud, assumed to be a Rose Token, was special summoned onto Akiza's side of the field. "Now, Masked Knight LV3, activate your effect and take away the maiden's life points by 400!"

After Akiza braced herself when the attack happened, she didn't mind her life points dropping to 2200. "I activate my face-down, 'Doppleganger'." She said, then went to explain her card's effect. "Now, whenever I receive damage through a monster's effect, you will take the same amount of damage." 'That's my girl.' Hikari thought to herself as she watched the duel and knew that since Akiza just took damage through Randsborg's monster's effect, he now took the same amount of damage as he watched in shock of his 4000 Life Points drop to 3600. "Just a scratch, I set two cards and I end my turn." Randsborg said, setting two cards on the field and glared at Akiza.

Drawing at the start of her turn, Akiza shouted, revealing her card, "I activate the spell card, 'Mark of the Rose', and equip it to your Masked Knight LV3. Now, during each of my Standby phases, I will take control of Masked Knight LV3 and it will be returned to you at the end of my turns." A rose mark appeared on the knight and was transferred to Akiza's side of the field. Hikari smiled at the move and watched Akiza ordered the Masked Knight LV3 monster to attack Randsborg , dropping his Life Points to 2850.

"Now I activate the spell card, 'Vengeful Servant', equipping it to Masked Knight LV3!"Akiza said, revealing her spell card. "Now, whenever Masked Knight switches to my control, you will receive damage equal to the original ATK of your monster. Now I end my turn." "Now I activate my face-down card, 'Level Change' to send my Masked Level LV3 to the Graveyard and special summon Masked Knight LV5 from my Graveyard." Randsborg said, after he received control back of his monster and his Life Points dropped to 1350. He did know that because of the Black Garden spell card, his Masked Knight LV5's 2300 was halved to 1150 while a Rose Token was special summoned to Akiza's side of the field.

As he drew a card for his turn, Randsborg smiled as he said, "I activate my Masked Knight LV5's effect, sending him to the Graveyard in order to special summon Masked Knight LV7!" Akiza glared at him as the effect of her Black Garden halved the 29000 ATK of Masked Knight LV7 to 1450 and a Rose Token was special summoned to Akiza's side of the field. Smiling at his powerful knight on the field, Randsborg said, "I equip the spell card, 'Glory Shield' to my Masked Knight LV7, and activate its effect to destroy any Spell or Trap card on the field. So I choose to destroy your 'Doppleganger' card."

Akiza gasped as the knight ran to her and destroyed her spell card and attacked one of her Rose Tokens, but it was not destroyed though Akiza did see her 2200 Life Points fall to 1550. Then Randsborg activated Masked Knight LV7 and had attack it again, Akiza gasped and gasped for air as her 1550 Life Points dropped to 50. 'Akiza… Hang in there, Aki.' Hikari thought, watching the duel and see Randsborg set a card on the field before ending his turn.

When her turn came, Akiza began to laugh and looked crazy when she looked at Randsborg. Hikari got ready to go out and comfort her, as Akiza drew her card. "I activate the effect of my Black Garden to destroy itself and all Plant-Type monsters on my field to special summon a monster from my Graveyard that has ATK equal to the combined ATK of my destroyed monsters." "But that means….." Luna said, surprised as she watched Akiza special summoned the Black Rose Dragon again onto the field.

"Now I activate the other effect of my Black Rose Dragon and change your Masked Knight LV7's ATK to 0 until the end of my turn. by removing Wall of Ivy from my Graveyard!" Akiza said, as her dragon roared again after it reappeared on the field. "Prepare to retire from service forever, knight! Black Rose Dragon, attack!" The Black Rose Dragon flew toward the Masked Knight LV7 and destroyed it, depleting the rest of Randsborg's Life Points, thereby making her the winner. Akiza remained in her crazed trance when Hikari shouted her name, snapping out of it, Akiza looked at what happened and ran back in, crying.

"Well, Angela?" Rex said, not looking on the high priestess when the duel ended. Angela told him, closing her eyes, "Nothing but I sense a great sorrow within her. Though that is about it." "Hmm, I see." Rex said, putting his hand on chin.

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