Hey okay I really want to apologize for doing this for the third time. I didn't want to do this but after playing the video game of Aliens vs. Predator for the ps3 I just couldn't help but decided to drop the other predator sequel "Rise of the predators". I am really sorry for doing it but I give you my word this one I will not drop because this one will have an enemy worst than the ones I had in the rise of the predators. In fact many will know who this or these foes are because they are the greatest enemies, rivals, and prey for our predator friends. Also i know title sucks just go with it please.

Right okay well this new sequel will take place around season three after the last episode. Around a month after the end of season three to be exact so I hope this makes up for what I did and again…sorry for doing this. Now then I don't own anything of star wars, the clone wars, or from the movies of alien and predator just my oc characters.

Now then it is time for the first chapter to start enjoy.



Deep in the outer rim was a planet called Gildon. The planet was once a green planer where there used to me trees, jungles and life on the planet. That was until a few years before the clone wars it was taken over and stripped mined. That was until the planet was taken over by the republic when the separatist tried to invade it to use its resources to build more of their droid army.

The facility was used for several colonized for scientist and miners to occupy to either build weapons or conduct experiments. The republic base has been able to make their defenses powerful enough to prevent the separatist from getting in.

However a few months later the entire base became abandoned leaving no one left. There were still the vehicles the clones used but there was no one there to use them. There was no sign of life in the facility. That was until there was a sound of footsteps echoing all around the facility. It was a man who appeared in his 30s wearing some kind of lab coat. He was running through the halls and was looking back hearing somekind of screeches. He finally made it to a door and tried to open it but the door wouldn't open.

The man panicked and began banging on the door. "Dr. Ross please let me in I'm begging you please let me in" shouted the man as he continued banging on the door but hear nothing. "Jennifer please I'm begging you please let me in I don't wanna die please" shouted the man but again heard nothing but the doors locking on tight.

The man then tried to open another door near him but couldn't open it either. The screeches soon got louder and louder so the man pulled a gun from his back pocket. He then shot off several rounds at the vents and floor trying to hit whatever it was making those noises.

"You're not going to get me you hear me you're not going to get me!" shouted the man as he continued shooting till the sounds stopped.

The man knew that he didn't hit anything and that the creatures were still near. He guessed he didn't have much rounds left and didn't want to end up the same way as his comrades did. So he took the gun to his head and waited for the worst to come. "You're never gonna get me never!" shouted the man some more as he closed his eyes and prepared to do what he was going to do. "See you freaks lat-(click)" the man opened his eyes when he realized his gun was out of rounds.

The man soon tried to get some more rounds till he dropped the clip to the floor which fell through. "No no damn it no" whined the man when he tried to get his round clip back but it was too late. He then heard something behind him hissing. The man was now sweating fast and he was shaking out of fear. He hesitated to turn around knowing what was behind him. The man soon turned his head around to see what was behind him. And then when he did he let out a shrilling high pitch scream followed by a loud roar both echoing through the entire facility till there was nothing but dead silent once again on Gildon.

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