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Arriving to Gildon

It has been a year since the death of the demon Jyun and so far things have gone well for the republic. Although the war continues the jedi are now confident they can end the war thanks to the Nexus route they attained thanks to Master Piell who passed away months ago. Meanwhile the jedi Master Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano were preparing to go through the Nexus route when the jedi council obtained a distress signal from the planet of Gildon.

It seems the republic base on the planet has no responded for days until yesterday when they receive an emergency distress signal. The jedi council has send Anakin Skywalker, his padawan Ahsoka Tano, and a scientist who was in charge of the facility Dr. Eric Ross to find out what happened on the planet and to its people.

The Resolute

The republic cruiser the Resolute had just come out of hyperspace and had their sights on the planet of Gildon which was protected by several republic cruisers that were ordered not to go down to the planet till the jedi arrived.

"General Skywalker we've have just arrived to the planet of Gildon are you and your men ready for takeoff?" Admiral Yularen asked who was on the bridge of the Resolute waiting to hear from Anakin Skywalker.

"We're ready Admiral you may open the open the doors when ready" Anakin said as he was on board a transport ship with his padawan Ahsoka Tano next to him along with close to 25 clones and Dr. Eric Ross who was in his quarters getting his things ready for takeoff.

"Very well good luck to you sir and we will check in on you in a few hours" Admiral Yularen said as he gave one of the men the signal to open the hangers and soon the transport ship began to take off.

As soon as the ship left the Resolute Ahsoka looked out and saw almost five republic starfighter ships surrounding the planet which made Ahsoka wonder why there were so many ships surrounding this planet.

"Hey master I was wondering why are there so many ships here defending this one small planet?" Ahsoka asked.

"Well Gildon has some important minerals and materials that the pirates once used to help build their ships and make their weapons. That was until the separatist found out about it and had planned to use it till Master Windu took the planet before they could build their weapons" Anakin said as he explained to his padawan why the planet was so important. "We discovered some of the minerals and materials on this planet that could help us with the war so we have sent our best ships to protect this planet so that the separatist don't try to take it back."

"I guess that does explain some things huh? Still I wish instead of building weapons they could try to rebuild the planet to what it once was" Ahsoka said.

"I know snips but I wouldn't worry according to our information the scientist on the planet were trying to figure out a way to regrow the plant life back to the planet. And so far they are on their way to doing so. That was until we lost contact with them" Anakin said as his expression turned to seriousness when he mentioned the republic losing contact with Gildon.

"Yeah I was thinking if they lost contact why don't they have the ships surrounding the planet to go down there and investigate?" Ahsoka asked.

"They did send some ships but they soon disappeared and the Admiral decided to go down with some more ships till again they disappeared so the council decided not to take any risks and they send us to investigate" Anakin said as he explained to his padawan why the council send them.

"Do you think it was a separatist attack master?" Ahsoka asked.

"Impossible my dear" Eric Ross said as he entered the cockpit of the ship with Anakin and Ahsoka. Eric Ross looked to be in his 30s and was wearing a white lab coat, black pants, shirt, and glasses. "My wife Jennifer Ross created a powerful electrical barrier design to prevent droids from getting in."

"Ahsoka this is Dr. Eric Ross he is one of original scientist that created the labs on Gildon. Dr. Ross this is my padawan Ahsoka Tano" Anakin said as he introduced Ahsoka and Ross to each other.

"Nice to meet you padawan I have heard much about you and I am glad you came along for this mission" Eric said as he extended his hand to shake with Ahsoka's.

"Nice to meet you too and thank you Dr. Ross" Ahsoka said as she shook the hands of Dr. Ross.

"Dr. Ross we are glad you are coming with us though I wished you had stayed on the Resolute this mission may become too dangerous to have a civilian onboard with us" Anakin said.

"True but my wife is down there Skywalker and she needs me. That and because you also need someone who knows all about the facility and its codes for you to enter in" said Eric.

"He has a point master" Ahsoka said agreeing with Eric about him coming along.

"True but we have R2 and he can hack into the system with no problem right buddy?" Anakin said as he turned to his astro droid who beeped in agreement.

"Sorry General Skywalker but my wife and my security system prevents any kind of hacking from any droid. If the droid does try to hack the computer then the computer will upload it with a virus and cause it to crash" Eric said.

"I see still just in case we do need him R2 will be coming with us" Anakin said.

"That's fine just don't blame me if your droid gets damaged" Eric said.

"Sir we should be arriving on the planet soon so buckle up the turbulence is going to get a little rough" Captain Rex said as he told the others to get seated.

"Thanks Rex well we better get ready for landing then" Anakin said as he headed towards his seat.

"I'll be back master I need to get something from my room I'll meet you guys when we land" Ahsoka said as her master nodded and she went off to her room. Once there Ahsoka checked her things before landing. Just then a small necklace fell out of her bag and she bend down to pick it up. Ahsoka sat down on her chair and fasten herself in for landing as she inspected the necklace. Ahsoka recognize the necklace as the same one Jyun had made her almost eight months ago. This was the last time Ahsoka ever saw Jyun again.

After that night where Ahsoka and Jyun kissed on top of the abandoned building Jyun had been visiting her in the temple whenever he had the chance or when she was out in the city. Ahsoka loved spending her time with Jyun and knew he loved it as well. The two would spend time together talking, having fun, or even fall asleep in each other's arms. On Ahsoka's birthday Jyun had made her a special necklace that he made himself. Ahsoka loved it and that was the best birthday she ever had. But then a few weeks later Jyun disappeared and he didn't leave anything for Ahsoka to tell him where he went. This hurt Ahsoka especially when Sherri came by to see her telling her that Jyun had left and had a message for Ahsoka.

Ahsoka remembered the message like it was yesterday, Sherri told her that Jyun loved Ahsoka very much but he couldn't risk her getting caught by the council and risking being expelled. He knows Ahsoka had told him she didn't care but he did and he didn't want her to throw away her life for him. She deserved someone better and didn't deserve a murder as a boyfriend. Despite what he has done for her and the republic he was still a murder and he didn't want to get her hurt because of his past. Sherri finished saying he left his ship for her to keep and hoped for her to help Sherri find a good place to live.

When the message was done Ahsoka broke down in tears while Sherri held her close both sadden that Jyun had left them but for Ahsoka it hurt her the most. Since what happened Sherri had helped Ahsoka keep her emotions from being read by the council and Ahsoka helped Sherri find a place to live with. Which was with Senator Padme Amidala who was an old friend of Sherri and Ahsoka had told her about everything that happened. She knew she could trust Padme and knew Sherri would be safe with her. As for Jyun's ship the Nightshroud Ahsoka decided to let it stay with Sherri in case she ever needs it. Ahsoka goes back to the ship once in a while but after a while she stopped going as it caused her too much pain remembering the time Jyun was with her.

Of course despite spending her time controlling her emotions it didn't help most of the time. But Ahsoka knew she had to and hoped if she ever meets Jyun he would explain to her on why he left her and why he didn't say a word to her face. Soon Ahsoka snapped back to reality when she felt the ship shake. She put her necklace away into her pocket and held on tight as the ship was beginning to enter the planet's atmosphere.

Republic Base

Soon the transport ship landed into the planet of Gildon where they landed near the republic base. The jedi checked the area to make sure there was no trouble around. The jedi and the clones soon walked down the ramp and the clones went off to check the area to make sure there was no sign of any enemy and to see if the area was secure for Eric Ross to come down from the ship.

"Sir the area looks secure" Captain Rex said.

Anakin nodded and ordered two of the troops to bring Dr. Ross down from the transport ship. Anakin and Ahsoka looked around and saw the area was indeed abandoned and it didn't look like there were any signs of a droid attack. But what they found odd was there was no bodies anywhere around.

"I got a bad feeling about this master. If this was an attack where are the bodies or any signs of a fight" Ahsoka said as she tried to sense for any signs of life but couldn't sense anything.

"I know snips let's just hope we find some survivors and find out what happened around here. Dr. Ross mind showing opening the doors for us?" Anakin said as he turned to Eric Ross who walked towards the door with the clones behind him and activated the door panel where he punched in some codes and soon the door opened with a screeching as a its being pulled open.

They soon saw some kind of barricade blocking the entrance which everyone wondered why they had it up. "It looks like they were barricading themselves from something sir" the clone Fives said.

"The question is what was it they were hiding from?" Anakin said as Ahsoka and him used the force to move away all barricade so they can get in. "Ahsoka, Rex stay here with Dr. Ross while we check the area to make sure it's all secured."

"Understood sir" Rex said as Ahsoka, several of the men, and him stayed with Dr. Ross till General Skywalker told them to come in.

Anakin and his men checked all around the building seeing that there did seem to be a fight taken place inside the base. They saw burn marks on the wall and ceiling. They also spotted some of the doors to be ripped opened and soon of the clones called Dek found something. "Sir check this out" Dek said as Anakin walked over and saw a huge hole on the floor.

"What do you think sir?" Alpha asked as General Skywalker checked the hole and saw it was burned.

"Looks like something burned through here and fell all the way down there" Anakin said as he pointed down to see the hole was indeed deep. Whatever melted through the floor melted through almost the other floors below the facility.

"How deep do you think it is?" Dek asked.

One of the clones Kip grabbed a small rock and threw it to the hole waiting to hear how deep it went. After a few seconds they finally heard the rock hit the ground. "That is one deep hole what do you think did this sir?"

"I don't know but all I know it is that whatever did this looks like they are long gone" Anakin said.

"Sir the area looks secured and we think we found the lab of this facility" Arrow said as he contacted Anakin through the comlink.

"Understood we're on our way" Anakin said as he also contacted Ahsoka as well. "Ahsoka the area is secure meet us at the lab and bring R2 and Dr. Ross."

"Understood we're on our way master" Ahsoka said as Rex, the men, and her led Eric and R2 towards the lab of the base to find out what they found.

Anakin arrived to the lab first and saw that the room seemed to be the only one that wasn't damaged or destroyed like the other rooms he saw. The clones and Anakin looked around the room seeing some of the computers were still on and so were the lights. One of the clones then entered into another room where they found something they didn't expect to find.

"Uh sir you may want to come in here" Fives said as Anakin and the other clones entered the room and were surprised by what they found. There was somekind of weird liquid containers with three strange creatures inside of them. Anakin walked forward to one of them and saw a good look at them.

Soon Ahsoka and the others arrived to see what Anakin was looking at. It was some kind of eight long finger-like creature with a long tail and it look like an arachnid. "What in the world is that?" Ahsoka asked as she walked forward near her master.

"I have no idea I have never seen anything like this before. Dr. Ross have you seen this thing before?" Anakin asked as he turned to Dr. Ross who seemed just as surprise as Anakin was.

"No I haven't" Eric said as he walked over towards the others.

"I thought you said you knew all about what was going on here" Alpha said.

"I did…most of it but this is something else. I have never seen this thing before nor has my wife ever mentioned it before" Eric said as he walked over towards one of the tables and grabbed a holopad to see it had all the info on what they were doing with these things.

"It looks like they found these things a month ago in one of the mines. According to the info they found what appeared to be an abandoned ship that had been buried here from the looks of things for almost a thousand years ago" Eric said as he told the jedi what he found.

"No way a thousand years? But how could the eggs be still alive?" Rex asked.

"It appears the ship had the ship a cryo-stasis machine that kept them from aging and alive" Eric explained.

"So how do you think the colonist found it?" Alpha asked/

"It seems during one of their digs one of the miners accidently drilled of and broke the hull. This caused the cryo-stasis to deactivate defreezing the eggs. They said one of the eggs opened up and it seems one of these things go onto one of the miners faces attaching itself to him" Eric explained.

"Did they get it off?" Anakin asked as Ahsoka and him backed away from the creatures thinking they were still alive and didn't want one of them on their faces.

"They tried but it had its tail wrapped around the man's neck that if they tried anything it would have suffocated him. It also seemed that he was kept alive with somekind proboscis or tube down the man's throat, supplying it with oxygen" Eric said as he continued.

"Did they ever get it off or did it remained on the man's face?" Ahsoka asked.

"Actually after an hours of the creature being on his face it just got off him and died. What happened to the man is not here but it does show that the rest of the eggs were brought here but they kept only two alive and the others were dead" Eric said as he put away the holopad.

"Alive?" Kip said as he approached one of them and tap on the glass. "They look dead to m-" suddenly one of the creatures leap itself at the glass surprising everyone that it was alive along with the other one as well.

"Ewww that thing is disgusting" Ahsoka said as she saw what look like the creatures mouth in a tube form sucking on the glass.

"Yeah hey Kip looks like its love at first sight huh" Dek said as laughed a bit that Kip got jumpy.

"I wouldn't worry about it, it seems the glass has been special made to prevent that thing from getting out or anything from breaking it out" Eric said as he examined the creature.

"Did they have a name for this thing?" Anakin asked as he looked at the strange creature.

"They had a scientific name for it but the other men seem to call it a facehugger" Eric said.

"Why a facehugger?" Rex asked.

"I guess maybe because it attached itself to its victims face like a hug" Ahsoka said as the other men seem to agree with the name.

"Fascinating isn't it Skywalker and it makes you think doesn't it?" Eric said.

"Fascinating not much but makes me think what?" Anakin asked as he turned to Eric.

"Well if this thing came from an egg…then what laid the egg?" Eric said making everyone wonder what could have made this thing. Eric then handed Anakin the holopad and showed him the image of the egg they found the creature in. "The egg you see is too big for this thing to make so the question is how big the creature was that laid the egg which contained our small friend here?"

"Maybe it was the same thing that caused everyone to disappear if not killed everyone" Alpha said causing everyone to assume the same thing as well.

Before Anakin said anything one of the men contacted him saying they found something. Anakin understood and everyone soon headed up to the control room to find out what they found.

When they got to the control room the clone Hacker showed the jedi what he found. "Sir we may have found where the people are" Hacker then began to punch in some numbers and showed them the image of a super-powered processing station where they build dangerous weapons. "Right here sir in this small part of the facility there is signs of life in this area I think that's where the others are."

"Well done, Rex contact Admiral Yularen and tell him to send down some drop ships" Anakin said.

"No need Skywalker according to the holopad it seems we have made several gunships for you to use. It seems they haven't had a chance to use them yet so they should be all right to use" Eric said.

"That's even better all right Rex let's get out the gunships and go find some survivors. In the meantime Kip and Dek stay here with Eric while we go see if we can find some survivors" Anakin said.

"Yes sir" Kip and Dek said in unison.

"All right the rest let's go" Anakin said as the others nodded and followed Skywalker out of the room and to the processing station.


Out of the planet a small ship was heading towards the planet. The ship was disguises in a cloaking form preventing the republic ships from spotting it. Soon the ship came within range of the planet and began to enter into the atmosphere.

The ship entered the planet and soon began to find a place to land a few miles away from the republic base. The ship slowly landed on the ground as the heat that came from the ship showing how fast it came into the planet. The ship had landed on top of a canyon that over look the republic base giving whoever landed a clear view.

Then the doors of the ship began to open and out from the ship came a dark hooded figure wearing a strange mask. The figure jumped out of the ship and walked over near the edge of the cliff till he stopped. The figure looked down on the republic base and saw two dropships landing. The figure took out his binoculars and saw the clones and two jedi getting on the ship.

One of them was a Togruta girl which he seemed to had his focus on the most. The figure threw the binoculars back in the ship and took out some weapons. It took out a wrist gauntlet, two small discs, a whip, a blue liquid, staff, and a mask. The man put the mask on and grabbed a small bag as well. The figure pressed something in his ship and then pulled out a hover-bike. The figure pressed a button from his gauntlet and rode off to follow the dropships while a small beep came from his ship.

After getting a few miles from his ship the ship suddenly exploded destroying the ship as the figure followed the dropship and the jedi on board it.

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