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Survival Night


In the labs Eric Ross was dissecting the alien facehugger when Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex entered the room. "Ah Master Skywalker good you're here I need some help getting these other specimens ready when the drop ship comes by" Eric said as he continued working on the creature when Anakin activated his lightsaber and destroyed both the live specimens.

"Are you insane?" Eric shouted as he ran towards the dead facehuggers and saw they were cut in half. "These creatures belong to the republic I have a good mind to repot you to the chancellor and to the jedi co-" Anakin grabbed with both hands by the shirt and slammed him to the wall.

"Shut up now I want you to tell me the truth of what really happened here" Anakin said who had expression of rage right now on his face.

"I don't know what you're talking about now release me or-" Anakin slammed Eric to the wall again harder.

"I mean why did you lie to us, why didn't you tell us about these things when we got here, and why did you kill all of these people including your sister when you didn't bother to tell the republic about what went on here?" Anakin said as Eric had a surprised look on his face.

"What how?" was all Eric could say.

"Let's just say a little birdie told us and he told us how you knew how dangerous these things were, how you used the people here including children and how you didn't do a thing to help them none of them" Anakin said as he held on tight to Eric's shirt.

"Why so they can kill them so you could kill them as well? These things have been around just as long as the republic and you jedis have as well. Who are we to decide to kill such intelligent creatures who deserve a chance at living?" Eric as he tried to defend his actions but both Anakin and Rex didn't believe it.

"These things killed my brothers and have killed hundreds of civilians. How can you justify letting them live after what they did?" Rex said.

Eric just had an emotionless expression on his face as he just stared at Rex. "You're a clone your life is worthless along with your brothers. You were created to be soldiers for war and are also created to fight and die not to think" Eric said which caused Anakin to get a little more mad at Eric. "You are all extendible and can be replace in a second."

Anakin threw Eric over a destroying some of the glass equipment that was on the table. Anakin walked over and slammed Eric back on the table. Eric was bleeding from his shoulder and had a cut on his head. "He he don't think you can be replace too jedi once I tell the chancellor about this."

"I don't think so, not after we tell him what you did to the people here and the things you have done" Anakin said.

"And whose is going to believe you? After they see what you did to me they will believe me" Eric said with a smile of confidence.

"Not after I show them this" a voice said near the door as Anakin, Rex, and Eric look over and see Ahsoka and Jyun at the door with Ahsoka holding a small disc.

"Who the hell is he?" Eric said as he pointed at Jyun.

"He's a friend his name is Andy" Ahsoka said as she introduced Jyun as Andy to Eric.

Jyun looked at Ahsoka with a 'are you serious' look. "I don't remember him coming with us" Eric said.

"He's a friend of your sister and she send him all the info on what you did here on this planet. Including what you did to the people here" Ahsoka said as she held up the disc holding all the info to incriminate Eric Ross.

"All right Rex would you like the honors?" Anakin asked as he got Eric off the table.

"Gladly sir" Rex said as he took out his cuffs and placed them on Eric's wrists.

"You think this is over just you wait I will never go to jail I will get out" Eric said thinking he won't go to jail.

Jyun soon approached Eric and looked at him in the eye. Then Jyun quickly punched Eric witched knocked him to the ground knocked out. "You're lucky I have to clean up your mess by taking care of those things otherwise I would kill you" Jyun said.

Ahsoka walked up to her master and handed him the disc. "Here master you should take this so you can show to the chancellor and the council what Eric did."

"Thanks snips I think we should get everyone here so we can…" Suddenly the alarm began to go off and the clones Dek, Kip, Fives, Alpha, and Tex who being carried by Alpha came into the room.

"Sir our readings show these things are getting into the building" Fives said.

"How did they get in?" Jyun asked.

"We were patrolling the southern entrance when we heard something above us. We then saw a burning through the ceiling and then a body fell down. It was one of their own and it looked like they killed it so its blood could melt through" Kip said as he explained how they got in.

"I guess you were right they do learn" Ahsoka said.

"And now they can go into the vents which means they can come in here" Jyun said realizing the xenomorphs can get into anywhere in the building. "I have to go stop them."

"No way Jyun we stick together and besides we need you in case we meet these things" Ahsoka said not wanting Jyun to go off against these creatures alone. Suddenly the motion detector began to go off and the others knew the creatures were coming.

"Rex pick up Eric and keep him close I don't want him running off. Alpha is there another way out of the room that could lead us to the roof?" Anakin asked.

"There is a backdoor but it won't lead to the roof but there is a vent that should lead us to the elevators that can lead us to the roof" Alpha said.

"No the elevator is where they will be expecting us to go. We need to get to the stairs and hope there aren't too many for us to take care of" Jyun said which made the others agree.

Suddenly the beep on the motion detector began to go off louder. Jyun put his mask on and knew he couldn't see them through inferred so he tried to detect them in the other visions his mask had. He then saw them going through the ceilings and the floor as we. Jyun motioned to the others that the xenomorphs were now in the vents and floor so everyone began to back towards the door. Jyun activated his plasma weapon and aimed it at the vents. Once he had them locked on he shot off at the creatures blowing up the vents and killing some of the aliens.

Soon many came out of the floor and charged at the clones and jedi. The clones opened fire and the jedi activated their lightsabers. One of the creatures tackled Jyun but he was able to flip the creature over him. Anakin stabbed the creature and cut its head off while Ahsoka use the force push to push the creatures back.

Dek and Kip continued shooting the creatures that were coming from the floor while Fives, Rex, and Tex were shooting at the ceiling. Alpha was behind the group trying to open the door which appeared to be locked. "Hurry it up Alpha it doesn't look like their running out of creatures to come at us" Rex said.

"Sorry sir it's kind of hard to get through the security system on this thing is almost impossible to ha-" Just then the doors opened up and behind the doors was R2 who had opened the doors.

"R2!" Anakin said happy to see his friend who beeped of joy as well.

"But I thought Eric said it was impossible to hack into the system?" Ahsoka said.

"Yeah I may have turned off his hacking security system so I can get a better look on what else Eric was hiding" Jyun said as he shot off another plasma blast at the creatures. "Go now!"

"Men we're leaving now go!" Anakin said as he stood next to Jyun and both men used the force push to send the creatures back.

"Come on" Ahsoka said as Rex picked up the knocked out Eric and dragged him into the room. Alpha grabbed Tex and dragged him in as well. Dek was about to leave when one of the creatures appeared out of the floor and grabbed him.

"Dek!" Kip said as he grabbed his brother's arm and tried to pull him. However the creature was stronger than Kip as he pulled him down more. Kip soon lost his grip on Dek's hand and soon the creature dragged him down into the floor with Dek screaming.

"Skywalker move go!" Jyun said as he motioned Anakin to get Kip and get out. Anakin got Kip moving and Jyun took out two small devices. He attached each one to the walls and took out a third and placed it above him. "All right come and get us" Jyun said as the creatures charged at him but soon Jyun pressed a button from his wrist gauntlet and soon small lasers appeared out of the small devices creating a barrier of lasers cutting the creatures in pieces. The rest saw they couldn't get through so they went back into the vents to find another way.

Jyun ran into the door with the others and closed it. Ahsoka and Anakin used their lightsabers to seal the door and give them time before the xenomorphs find another way in. "Nice toy why didn't you it before?" Anakin asked.

"Didn't have much of them left so I wanted to save some of them…that and because if I had used them they would have found another way around them before R2 could get the doors open" Jyun said.

"All right well we should get going then before they come after us" Ahsoka said as she walked towards the vents and opened them. "Jyun go first your mask can see if they're in the vents or not."

Jyun nodded and walked in first then came Ahsoka, R2, Rex, Fives, and then Alpha who was now carrying Eric inside. "Kip take Tex and go in I'll catch up" Anakin said ordering Tex and Kip to go in.

"You go sir we'll be right behind you" Tex said as he had a small blaster and Kip had a rifle blaster.

"Fine just hurry up" Anakin said as he entered the vents then Kip put Tex in while he grabbed the vents and closed them just as the xenomorphs were bagging through the door.

(Jyun's pov)

I walked down the vents with Ahsoka and the others behind me. As we walked R2 would tell me where to go next but before we would go further I needed to be sure we didn't have any of the xenomorphs following us or were waiting for us anywhere in the vents. So far everything was going well till we heard gunshots behind us.

"Sir Xenos they're in the vents behind us" it was Kip and he was shooting the Xeno that must have gotten through my lasers and are now following us.

"All right keep moving then come on!" Anakin shouted at me to keep moving. So I hurried up with R2 quickly giving me the directions on where to turn.

Meanwhile Kip and Tex were trying to catch up to the others but more Xenos made it impossible for them to catch up. As they passed a corner above them a xeno came down and tackled Kip. Tex took his blaster and shot the creature but the blood that was shot out of the creature hit Kip in the arm. Kip screamed in pain as the blood acid went right through his armor and melted his arm off his body.

Back with the others we finally found the exit of the vents so I opened it with the force as we ran towards it. I got out first then helped Ahsoka and the others get out. It look like we made it to a storage room which according to R2 there was some stairs nearby for us to use to climb to the roof.

"Kip, Tex come on" Anakin said as he was getting out of the vent till he looked back and couldn't see Kip or Tex. "Kip, Tex where are you guys hello?"

Back with Tex and Kip, Kip was going into shock while Tex had a blaster and was shooting at the xenomorphs. He looked over and knew he wasn't going to get out of this. So he grabbed some charges and looked down on his brother who was close on dying and back to the xenomorphs who were coming towards him slowly. "Wanna eat us? Eat this then?" Tex said as he activated the detonator charge and blew himself, Kip, and the creatures up.

I sensed an explosion as did Ahsoka so we pulled Anakin and everyone away from the vent as the explosion fire came out of the vent. We ducked away as the explosion slowly died down. We looked back and knew Kip and Tex were dead.

"They're gone" I said as I got up along and helped Ahsoka on her feet.

"Damn it I should have gone last" Anakin said blaming himself for what happened to his men.

"It's not your fault master you didn't know" Ahsoka said as she went to help Alpha up who had Eric next to him.

"She's right General you didn't know and I'm sure Tex and Kip did what they needed to do to make sure we made it out alive" Rex said as he helped Fives up.

"They died honorably let's just make sure they're death was without vain" I said as R2 told us how far the roof was.

"Right okay let's get going then Ahsoka get Eric and let's go" Anakin said as Ahsoka went to pick Eric up. As she had one arm on his shoulder I sensed something was wrong. "Ahsoka wait!" I shouted but it was too late. Eric had grabbed one of her lightsabers and wrapped his arm around her neck tightly as he had her lightsaber activated near her face.

"Well now lookie here it seems I once again have the upper hand against you stupid jedis, mindless clones, and even the great demon Jyun" Eric said with a smirk on his face as he recognize who I was. "Oh you must be asking yourself how did I know well I didn't at first till I overheard your name thanks to your friend Skywalker."

Rex, Fives, and Alpha had their blasters aimed at Eric, Anakin had his lightsaber activated, and I had my wrist blades activated. "Let her go now!" I demanded in a dark tone.

"I don't think so no I think I am going to keep her and leave this planet while the rest of you stay. But first I want my disc Skywalker now!" Eric demanded.

"Don't do it master don't worry about me" Ahsoka said as she tried to get out of Eric's grip but to no avail.

"We can't let you leave with her Eric now let her go or else" Anakin said in a threatening tone.

Eric brought Ahsoka's lightsaber close to her face which was hurting her. "Don't threaten me Skywalker you know you are in no position to do anything to me unless you want your padawan to die" Eric said as he sounded confident Anakin won't do anything. In truth he was right, Ahsoka told me how Anakin gave in to Cad Bane so there was a chance he could do the same to Eric. Eric soon moved towards the door towards the stairway hoping to get the disc and run off with it.

"Master don't" Ahsoka struggled to say because she knew her master would give in to Eric in order for her life to be spared.

"Fine" Anakin said as he pulled out the disc. Anakin then used the force and handed it to Eric who examined it to make sure it was the same one he saw earlier. "Now let her go" Anakin said.

"Of course after I get to my ship" Eric said as he placed the disc in his pockets.

"You bastard we had a deal" I said knowing he did lie after all.

"I don't make deal with monsters like you" Eric said as he opened the door. "Maybe next time you will learn never to cross me again…of course there won't be a next time because you all will die and I will (HISS!)" Eric stopped when he heard the hiss and saw it was a Xenomorph. Eric released Ahsoka who moved out of the way as the creature grabbed Eric. "No no you can't no" Eric shouted as the creature grabbed him while we didn't do anything but watched as it dragged him into the vents near the stairway while he was screaming.

We all smiled and was glad those things did something right for a change. Ahsoka then turned to us and smiled as well. "Well that was interes-" Suddenly one of the creatures appeared from the floor and grabbed Ahsoka.

"AHSOKA!" I shouted as I ran towards her while Anakin and the other clones saw more Xenos coming in so they attacked them while covering me. Ahsoka held on to the sides of the floor as I jumped in and grabbed her by her hands as the creature struggled to drag her down like it did to Dek. "Ahsoka hang on I got you I'm not letting go" I said trying to keep Ahsoka calm but I could see the fear in her eyes as she tried to hold on.

"Jyun help" Ahsoka said as she struggled to get loose but the creature had her tight. "Jyun look out!" Ahsoka shouted as one of the Xenos got through and pierced my right shoulder with its tail. "Jyun!" Ahsoka shouted as the creature tried to pull me away from Ahsoka.

"I'm not letting you go" I said as I tried to fight the creature off but soon I could feel I was losing my right grip on her and I couldn't hold on. Finally I lost my grip and the creature dragged Ahsoka away while she screamed. "NOOOOO!" I shouted as I elbowed the creature in the gut and grabbed its tail out of me. I threw it and the floor and used my wrist blade and shot out the blades into the creature straight in the head killing it. I went back to the vents and activated my mask trying to find Ahsoka but she was gone.

I banged on the floor breaking it as I yelled for my failure. "Jyun where's Ahsoka?" Anakin asked as he saw and understood what happened. "No" Anakin whispered as he couldn't believe they lost Ahsoka.

"Damn it it's my fault I should have held on more" I said as I banged on the floor harder. I looked up and Anakin who seemed just as sad as I was. "I'm sorry Skywalker I failed her and you."

"No you didn't I should have helped you" Anakin said as he told me he didn't blame me for what happened.

"Sir what do we do?" Rex asked.

"You guys head up to the roof I'm going to go look for her" Anakin said.

"No I know where they took her I'm going you guys get to the roof and wait for the others" I said telling Anakin I was going not him.

"She's my padawan she's my responsibility, I'm going to go get her not you" Anakin said which made me sighed knowing what I had to do.

"Sorry for this then" I said as I grabbed Anakin and stabbed him with a needle as Anakin suddenly began to stagger before losing consciousness.

"What did you do?" Fives asked as he and his brothers pointed their guns at me.

"Just a small knockout drug, he'll be up in ten to twenty minutes. That will give me plenty of time to get to Ahsoka and get her out of here. Once he comes to tell him to order the ships to blow this whole place up" I said telling the clones what to do. "Better yet attack the other areas as well to make sure there aren't any more of these things."

"You're going to go get her then?" Rex said.

"I owe her, she saved me from myself and now I am going to repay the debt. That's what a warrior does" I said as the others understood. Alpha carried Anakin while Fives helped him by protecting him.

Then Rex walked up to me and he took off his mask to look at me. "Promise me you'll bring the kid back."

"I give you my word Captain I will bring her back" I said as Rex nodded and placed his helmet back till I decided to give him something.

"Rex hold on" I said as Rex stopped and turned to me. "You're a going to need a little extra firepower if you're going to make it till the gunship arrives but I need you to promise me you'll give it back when this is over."

"You got it" Rex said.

I took down my plasma caster and made some changes to it. I was able to modify my plasma caster making it into the form of a small gun. "Listen up because I'm going to say this once, this is a powerful plasma weapon the Yautjas use. It is strong enough to blow up a body depending on how much you use, I set it enough to kill so watch out where you aim this at" I said as Rex nodded understanding what I was saying. "Now don't overuse it because it will then heat up and you won't be able to use it for a while. Just use it when you can and don't lose it."

"Got it thanks and I promise to give it back to you" Rex said as I know he would keep his word. Unlike other clones for some reason I could trust him. Especially when it came to his word.

"I'll hold you to it now get going I'll be back" I said as I activated my cloaking device and jumped high up to the vents and headed towards where Ahsoka was. Hold on Ahsoka I'm coming.

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