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Betrayal's Effect

Summary: Ruka and Mikan are both betrayed, they leave, then go back but something is new they are now the academy's high respected officials but not just the academies but the whole world, now it's time for revenge!

Chapter 2

New Student, New Friend, New Feelings


Then Shadow Angel and Demon Fighter teleported to the school at the spot where the oak tree was,

"I'm surprised that you did it in just 30 minutes" Mr. Andre said

"Don't underestimate us, specially me" said Shadow Angel

"The two of you, go to the Headmaster's office, he is expecting the two of you" Mr. Andre said

End of Flashback

Mikan's POV

"Okay, we'll be there immediately" I said to Mr. Andre

"Let's go Mikan" I heard Ruka said as he drags me to the Headmaster's Office

We reached the Headmaster's Office at last

Normal POV

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come in" a voice said

Ruka opened the door and let Mikan go inside first and then he followed Mikan…

"Headmaster Mr. Andre said that you are looking for us" Mikan and Ruka said

"Oh, yes but first please take a sit" the Headmaster said pointing the two chairs in front of his big mahogany desk

Mikan and Ruka sat at the indicated seats for them…

"First I want to congratulate you on your first mission, but I will be sending you to Mr. Thomson for training, but this time with alice controllers" the headmaster said

"Headmaster?" Mikan and Ruka said together in a curiosity present in their voice

"Do you recognize this" the headmaster said, a small microchip in his hand…

"Is that a camera?" Ruka said

"Of course it's a camera, it is like the one thetraitor (emphasizing the word TRAITOR) invented to sneak a peek on us, you nitwit" Mikan said (she is referring Hotaru as a traitor)

"Oh, I see" Ruka said

"Headmaster did you saw what we did on our mission?" Mikan said

"Oh yes, I've seen it and I must congratulate you on controlling your alice but your alices are pretty powerful, So I will send Mr. Thomson to train you" the headmaster said

"I will give you a month to train, Mr. Thomson had already agreed to train the two of you your training will start tomorrow 4:00 a.m. to 6 a.m. every morning just meet Mr. Thomson at the training field, he will know where to bring you and, you will train with your friend Marvin" the headmaster said

"Okay Headmaster" Mikan and Ruka said and bowed down to the Headmaster

"And please don't call me Headmaster only Hector or Mr. Johnson will do" the headmaster said

"Yes, Mr. Johnson" Mikan and Ruka said together bowing down again (from now on I will call the headmaster Hector or Mr. Johnson but Headmaster if he is not talking to Mikan, Ruka, Marvin, and Yumi I will add Yumi later I'm lazy typing such a long word you know)

"You may go now" the Hector said

Mikan and Ruka immediately left the Headmaster's office and Mikan teleported Ruka to his room and teleported herself to her room…

Mikan's POV

I laid my tired and exhausted body on my king sized bed for a minute then I headed for my bathroom to take a bath, I grabbed my orange towel and my night clothes which consists of a long sleeve shirt with oranges printed on it and a pajamas again, it has printed oranges on it. Indeed you may say that my favorite fruit and color is orange, it is the meaning of my name too…

When I get out of the bathroom I quickly slumped myself on my bed and hugged Ponkan my cute little stuff toy and went to dream land…

Next Day

Marvin, Ruka and Mikan trained for 3 hours since 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. just the same routine as ever while they are walking to their classroom with their fan girls and boys gawking at their awesomeness…

Just as usual the three is early to go to their classroom Mikan greeted the class which is ¼ full (wonder how many they are in total )

Time skip after one month

Yesterday, the three celebrated Mikan's birthday happily Marvin gave her a bracelet filled with heart-shaped diamonds, while Ruka gave her a pair of diamond earrings.

The three of them sat at their own seats. Then Ms. Banks came in smiling as usual.

"Good Morning Class today we will have a new student" Ms. Banks said cheerfully

"You can come in now" Ms. Banks said her eyes at the door

A raven-haired girl came in her hair is held by a high ponytail.

"Please introduce yourself to the class Azumi-chan" Ms. Banks said gleefully

"Hi! I'm Azumi Hijiri I have the Ice, Wind, and Fire, DA, and also a special star you can call me Yumi for short" the girl said cheerfully

Name: Azumi Hijiri

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Birth date: September 10

Hair color: raven

Eye color: Emerald (just like Youichi but a little bit lighter)

Alice: Ice, Wind and Fire (she inherited her alice from their mother Kanoko while Youichi inherited his alice from their father)

Star rank: Special Star

Relatives: Dead Relatives: Kanoko Hijiri(real mother) Taiga Hijiri(real father) Adoptive Relatives: Linda Chow(mother), Kenneth Chow(father) Lisa Chow(big sister) Arthur Chow(big brother) Living Relative: Youichi Hijiri(real brother)

Love Interest: Later on Ruka

Rival: Hotaru

Best friend: Mikan Sakura

When Mikan and Ruka heard her last name is Hijiri their eyes widened.

"So class do you have any questions for Azumi chan?" Ms. Banks said

A girl raised her hand

"Who is her partner" the girl said

"Well, how about Ruka" Ms. Banks said

"Where will she sit?" another girl said

"Azumi you can sit beside Mikan" Ms. Banks said

"Mikan can you raise your hand" Ms. Banks said

The sentence brought Ruka and Mikan out of trance.

"Here" Mikan said cheerfully as she raised her hand

"There and your partner is the Ruka he is sitting beside Marvin the boy beside Mikan" Ms. Banks said

"Well, class you know my rule-" Ms. Banks was cut off by the students

"New student, free period" the class shouted except Mikan, Marvin, Ruka and Azumi (who is walking towards Mikan)

"Good morning Yumi-chan" Mikan said with a smile on her beautiful face

"Good morning too Mikan-chan please call me Yumi coz' I didn't like honorifics" Yumi said (I'm going to call Azumi, Yumi from now on)

"Okay, you can call me Mikan or Mikz" Mikan said in her usual sweet voice

Mikan's POV

"Yumi said that her name is Azumi Hijiri is Yumi related to You-chan?"

"If she is how come You-chan didn't mention her to us?" Mikan thought

Normal POV

Ruka went to Mikan after introducing himself to Yumi

"Hey! Mikan what are you thinking?" Ruka asked the presence of worry present in his voice

"Oh, nothing I'm just thinking of Yumi-chan and You-chan, you know You-chan's last name is Hijiri so it means Yumi-chan and You-chan is related but, I wonder why You-chan never mention any of his relatives" Mikan said suspicion present in her voice

"Maybe, we should ask her" Mikan said to the astounded Ruka who is surprised by Mikan's little conclusions about Yumi

"Okay" Ruka said

Mikan approached Yumi and Marvin who is talking about things in Australia and their relatives Marvin is surprised that Yumi's relatives is also his relatives which makes them cousins legally(not by blood)

"Sorry, to interrupt your discussion" Mikan said Yumi and Marvin looked at Mikan, Yumi looked at her smiling too, while Marvin was trying to hide his face whose blushing madly. Yumi noticed this and said "Oh! I see someone is trying to hold his face that is tomato red from seeing Mikz's smiling face"

"Oi, Marv is there something wrong with you?" Mikan asked worriedly then, she cupped Marvin's cheeks and touched his forehead

"Weird huh, you're red as a tomato but your temperature's fine" Mikan said while Marvin hid his by his hands

"You know it's not the cause of it you're the cause of it Mikan" Ruka said while laughing actually he saw Marvin blushed when Mikan smiled at them

"Hey, what are you talking about?" Mikan said

"You're so dense" Yumi said laughing

"Stop it already, you'll hurt Marv's feelings" Mikan said

"Oh, well I guess I should go straight to the point, Yumi do you know Youichi Hijiri?" Mikan asked

"Do you know him Mikan?" Yumi said her eyes wide

"Yes, he is a friend of Ruka and me, well Yumi why do you asked" Mikan said

"He is my little brother" Yumi said you can see sadness in her eyes

"How come he didn't mention you to us" Ruka said

"Well, because Youichi was taken at the academy when he was three years old and he didn't know me because before he was born mom sent me to my aunt in Australia and four years later my our parents died in a car accident and my aunt died from an illness"

"Sorry, Yumi we didn'"- Marvin, Mikan and Ruka was cut off by Yumi

"It's alright" Yumi said a smile on her face…

Suddenly an announcement was heard all over the academy through the PA



"Let's go" Mikan said to her three friends while her friends followed her to the Headmaster's office or should I say Mr. Johnson's Office

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come in" a muffled voice said, Marvin opened the door Mikan and Yumi came in together, Ruka and Marvin followed the two girls…

Headmaster's Office

"Good morning Hector" the four said all together

"Good morning too, Mikan, Ruka, Marvin, and Yumi, I know that all of you wonder why I called you today and especially Yumi in her first day here" Hector said

The four nodded in agreement. Mr. Johnson motioned them to sit on the couch, the four did as told Mikan and Yumi (who just became best friends because of their same personality) sat beside each other, while Ruka and Marvin is also sitting beside each other (coz' they're best friends).

"You're here because I want you to train Yumi's alices, Mikan you will train her" Hector said

"Yes, Hector" Mikan said cheerfully

"May we ask why the two of us is here?" Marvin asked

"Well, I have a mission or you two here's the details" Hector said handing a folder to Marvin

"Okay" Marvin and Ruka said

Time skip one week later

Mikan finished training Yumi in just a week because Mikan is an excellent trainer while Yumi is the best student they work with coordination so it's just took week for Mikan to train Yumi. While Ruka and Marvin successfully finished their mission.

Inside the classroom

"Ms. Banks could I borrow Miss Sakura and Miss Hijiri for a moment?" Mr. Andre asked

"Well, Of course you can Mikan and Yumi you are being called by Andre and return here before lunch break" Ms. Banks said looking at Mr. Andre for awhile then turned her head towards Mikan and Yumi.

"Yes, Ms. Banks" Mikan and Yumi said together

Mikan and Yumi came out of the classroom and joined Mr. Andre who is holding a folder.

"Here's your mission and here's your mask Yumi/Dark Princess" Mr. Andre said, he handed Mikan the folder and handed Yumi's mask it was the same design but instead of orange glitters it's green

"Same tree, 9:00 in the evening" He saidthen walked away

Mikan opened the folder it said:


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