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They don't have a case, and not much is going on. Everyone sits around the bullpen, waiting for something to do. Deeks has gone on a coffee run, and coming back in, he hears laughter.

"It's a miracle we made it out alive," Kensi says, and Callen laughs.

"You two sold your cover. That's the only reason you did," Sam says. "You better hope you never have to go undercover with Deeks like that. He'd never be able to pull it off."

"You don't think so?" she asks.

This is wrong. They're all talking about him behind his back. What the hell? He strides in, coffee in hand. He gives one to Kensi and glares at Sam. "What's the deal, guys? I leave for ten minutes and you start trashing me?"

"It was thirty. And no, we're not trashin' you. Settle something for us. If you and Kensi went undercover as a couple, would you be able to sell it?"

His pulse jumps. He suddenly wishes he'd stayed gone longer. "Uh…sell it?"

"Yeah, sell it. Make it believable so you don't both die."

"I know what sell it means. Of course I would. I'm a professional."

"'Cause you know at some point, it's gonna happen."

"Yeah, well, so be it, then. I've spent my life undercover. I'm good at it, remember?"

"Yeah, you're good at bein' a dirt bag or a homeless guy. We don't really go after the seedy street-types, remember? It's usually a pretty high-class cover."

He goes on the defensive. "Yeah, well, I can wear a suit just like anyone. The scruff does shave off, you know."

Callen laughs. "That's not exactly the kind of cover we're talking about here."

He's confused.

Kensi laughs nervously. "They don't think you could sell it if we had to pose as a romantic couple, Deeks."

Shit. This isn't the conversation he wants to have. "Sure I could, Fern. I could pretend to like you for a few days."

Sam glares over at him. "We're bein' serious. It's gonna happen. You two will, at some point, end up in that situation. It's part of why you're part of a male/female partnership."

"And at that point, I'll do what I have to do. No one needs to worry."

"You seem a little…unsettled, Deeks," Callen says, smiling.

"I'm not unsettled."

Kensi smiles, taking a sip of her coffee. "You look pretty unsettled."

Sam laughs. "He's definitely unsettled."

"I am not unsettled. This is ridiculous. I don't know why we're even talking about this."

"We're talkin' about it because when it happens, we want to know Kensi is safe with you."

"Sam, she's safe. I've got her back. I've proved it before."

Sam smiles, an evil little glint in his eyes. "Prove it now."

Kensi looks up suddenly.

Deeks nearly chokes on his coffee. "What? Prove it how?"

"Kiss her. Like you mean it. Make me believe you're a couple."

"That's ridiculous. I'm not doing that. This is some stupid joke or something."

"It's not. I don't think you can," Callen says.

"Me either. Kensi, you better hope the day never comes."

Deeks looks at his teammates, his heart hammering. They can't be serious. They can't possibly want him to really do this. And what about Kensi? She hasn't said a word. Clearly, she's in on it.

"Whatever, guys. I'm going to go work out."

"You never work out. You're afraid! You're actually afraid to kiss her," Callen says, laughing.

"I'm not afraid. This is some joke you're all in on. It has to be, or Kensi, you'd be putting a stop to it."

She shrugs. "Part of the job, Deeks. Nothing I haven't done before."

She can't be serious. There has to be a punch line here somewhere. "Well, trust me, if the time comes, you can count on me. No need to worry."

Sam shakes his head. "You're dead, Kensi."

She looks aggravated. "Deeks, just do it. It'll prove a point and shut them up."

Oh, my God. Everyone's lost their minds. It's all he can figure. "Like I said, Kensi, this is ridiculous. I'm not buying into it so I can be the punch line of some inside joke between the three of you, or so Kensi, you can kick my ass the minute I touch you. No thanks to all of that action."

Callen stands up and leans against his desk. "It's no joke. If you end up undercover with her, and you can't sell the couple cover, you could end up dead. And so could she. And trust us, if that were to happen, we'd revive your dead body so we could kill you ourselves."

"You gotta be serious about this stuff, Deeks. One slip-up and she's dead. Now we know she can pull it off. You, we're not so sure about. And there lies the problem."

They're serious? Really? They actually want him to kiss Kensi. Right here, right now, in front of them. No way. Not a chance. "Like I said, you have nothing to worry about. I've been undercover a million times. I'm good."

"There are different degrees of cover, though. You might go in as friends, acquaintances, lovers, a couple married ten years."

Kensi looks offended. "Ten?"

Sam smiles. "You coulda got married at seventeen."

"The point is," Callen says, "Is that you have to be able to sell any one of those things. You have to be accurate, capture exactly the right emotion and interaction between each one."

Deeks rakes a hand through his hair. "And I could."

"Then prove it."

"No. I could be the friend or the married guy. No problem. I've got nothing to prove."

"So, you understand the subtle nuances of each? You know the difference between how a married couple would act with each other, versus lovers in an affair?" Callen asks.

"I could figure it out, yeah."

"Not good enough. While you're figuring it out, she could be getting shot at. Sam, Kensi, show him."

Kensi and Sam both get up and look at each other, then shrug. Deeks can't believe what he's seeing.

"Okay, Sam. Like an old friend," Callen instructs, and Sam gathers Kensi into his arms with a kiss on the cheek. She smiles and returns the gestures.

"Now, like a married couple with kids at home."

Sam hugs Kensi and plants a not quite platonic, but definitely not passionate closed mouth kiss on her lips. Again, she reciprocates, this time with a loving smile.

"Like a lover," Callen instructs, and Deeks feels his heart accelerate. Surely, they won't.

Without a second's hesitation, Sam pulls Kensi into his arms and looks down into her eyes. She stares up at him with a smoldering look in hers. Then she reaches up on tippy toes and wraps her arms around his neck, opening her mouth to his. He envelops her lips in a soft kiss, then one more passionate. The one to follow is so intense it's embarrassing to watch. When they part, Sam brushes her cheek and plants one last soft kiss on her lips before drawing her into his arms to hold her.

"Thank you. And that's how it's done." Callen announces, and Kensi and Sam return to their desks, Kensi laughing and punching Sam's arm as she walks away.

Deeks swallows, just staring. He feels like he's seen something he should never have seen. He's embarrassed, shocked, and taken aback. There's no way he's doing that here, with the team watching. He shrugs noncommittally. "I could do that."

"Yeah? Prove it," Callen says.

"She's my partner, and you idiots are watching. It would be strange"

"So what if she's your partner? That's the whole point here," Callen says.

Deeks smiles. "So, you could kiss Sam, then?"
"If that was our cover and our lives depended on it, yeah."

Sam shudders, but nods. "So, like he said, prove it."

Just as Deeks is about to say no, Hetty calls his name. "Thank God," he whispers under his breath as he makes his retreat to her office.

"They have a point, you know," she says, sitting down.


"They have a point. You and Ms. Blye will go undercover as a couple at some point. It's a given. And when that time comes, you'd best be ready. If you aren't, Mr. Deeks, bad things are sure to happen."

"Hetty, I'll be fine. I'm not some stupid kid who's never kissed a woman. I can make a woman tremble with a kiss. I just don't feel the need to prove it to Sam and Callen."

"What about your partner? What if she needs the proof just as badly as they do?"

"She hasn't said she does. She barely said anything out there."

"Maybe she doesn't want to embarrass you."

"Unlike everyone else?"

Hetty smiles. "Don't let her down, Mr. Deeks. She'd never do it to you."

"Well, clearly, she's done the undercover as lovers thing before, so I'm not worried."

"Exactly. You've seen proof."

Deeks gets up to leave. "She's safe with me, Hetty. She has nothing to worry about."

When he comes back into the bullpen, Sam and Callen are gone. Kensi sits at her desk, doing something on her computer. "Updating your online dating profile," he says with a smile.

She looks a bit…what? Offended? Annoyed? "Funny."

"So, uh…that was pretty impressive, Kens."

She shrugs. "Like I said, part of the job." She gets up and walks away, leaving him standing alone, wondering what her problem is.

He watches her go, feeling unsettled. He cannot believe what he witnessed fifteen minutes ago. He's never seen her kiss anyone up until today, and he has to admit, if only to himself, that he wonders what it would feel like to be kissed by her. She is gorgeous, has an amazing body, and her smile knocks him out.

He definitely wouldn't mind kissing her. Just not with Sam and Callen watching. How she and Sam pulled off that kind of passion with their friends watching is beyond him. It was more than believable. Clearly, they're both professionals. Clearly, they've done this before. Still, Deeks can't imagine performing in front of the team like that, whether it would make them feel better about him or not.

There are other reasons he won't kiss her, but he won't share those, either. Intensely private reasons. He's not entirely sure how he feels about her. She's his partner. He sees her every day. He's saved her ass half a dozen times. He has to work at her side every day. He's finally gained her trust, finally become comfortable with her. He doesn't want to screw that up. And then there's the emotional factor, one he won't even think about. No, he will not be kissing his beautiful, sexy partner anytime soon.

She manages to avoid him most of the day. He can't figure out why, but she's acting weird. And not just Kensi weird. She seems angry or upset. He can't really tell which, because she's never close enough to really look at or talk to. And it's driving him nuts. He hates it when she shuts him out. He should be used to it, but he's not, damn it, and he's pretty sure he never will be. He cares about her. He doesn't want to do anything to damage their fragile partnership.

He goes against everything he's learned, and approaches her. She avoids his gaze, organizing the already organized papers on her desk. Clearly, she can't find anything else to do, and has to do something.

"Hey. You okay?" Shit, that was not the question he wanted to ask.

She doesn't look up. Her voice is tight. "Fine."

"What's up, Kens? Are you pissed at me?"

"Why would I be?"

"I have no idea, but you've avoided me since this morning, after that whole undercover conversation."

"I've had stuff to do, Deeks. Don't read into it."

"You do know you can trust me, right? If we went undercover like that, you'd be safe."

She finally looks up. "Okay."

"You didn't really want me to kiss you in front of Callen and Sam, right? I mean, that would just be weird."

She looks at him blankly. "It's a job, Deeks. One you might have to do. You do realize that if we did go undercover that way, Sam and Callen would be watching us the entire time. Along with Hetty, Eric, and probably Nell."

"They wouldn't be right there staring at us, Kensi."

"They might be. Sam and Callen might very well be in the same room for back up. So, what you're telling me is that if that were the case, you couldn't do it. I'd be screwed."

He opens his mouth and closes it. Shit. "No, no, that's not what I'm saying. It's just…"

She holds up both hands to stop him. "Never mind. I get it," she says angrily, and stalks away.

Damn it. He's screwing this up to no end. They haven't been partners all that long, and what they have is tenuous. He can't wreck it over this. He can't tell her the real reason he won't kiss her. That would ruin things for sure. Yet no other excuse is good enough. He can't blame her; he's messing with her safety here. She has to know she can trust him no matter what the situation. And she can't, not now. Shit. Why does he have to feel this way about her? The attraction is ridiculous. He looks at her sometimes and can't quite breathe. And now he's supposed to kiss her with the whole team watching, like it means nothing? Yeah, there's no way he's pulling that one off.

A few more hours pass, and he hasn't seen her for more than a second as she walks through the bullpen on her way to somewhere else. Finally, he catches her at her desk after Sam and Callen are gone. She still refuses to look at him, won't make conversation. It's killing him. He approaches her desk, almost wishing she'd slug him. At least one of them would feel better. "Hey."

She glances up, but says nothing.

"Look, Kens, I'm sorry, okay?"

She faces him, some unreadable emotion in her eyes, anger in her voice. "Why won't you kiss me?"

Wow. This is not what he expected. "What?"

"Why won't you kiss me?"

"Seriously? This bothers you that much?" He's stunned.

"Yes, actually. Either you're totally unprofessional, and clearly not cut out to have a female partner, or you find me…repulsive. And if you do, that's fine, but…"

He stops her, holding up a hand. "Kensi, God, no. You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever known. I do not find you repulsive."

"Then what, Deeks? You're not a shy person. I can't believe it would bother you that much to just prove a point to the others."

He releases a breath and moves in front of her to stand close. He stares down into those beautiful contrasting eyes, and reaches to slide his fingers into her hair.

Her eyes grow wider. "What are you doing?"

He bends slightly, speaking softly against her lips. "Putting your mind at ease."

He brings his lips to hers, gently, at first. He feels her catch her breath, and he runs his hand into her hair, slipping his other arm around her waist to draw her into him. He intensifies the kiss, his tongue finding hers. It takes all he has not to moan, to whisper her name against her lips. Instead, he pours his passion into the kiss, leaving her do doubt that she would safe with him, should a cover require the same.

To his surprise, she does moan, just slightly. It sends tremors through him, clear to his toes. He breathes heavily, his fingers twining into her hair, holding her close. He forces himself to remember where he is. He pulls back, opening his eyes to look into hers. God, she's beautiful.

She stares up at him, clearly shaken. "Oh, my God. That felt…"

"Real? Convincing? he asks, bringing himself under control. "Good."

She takes a breath. "I was going to say amazing. Why didn't you want to do that?"

He swallows and chews his lip, his voice soft. "Because I knew what it would feel like. And I knew what it would feel like to stop." He releases her and steps back as he sees the realization sweep over her.


"Go home. I'll see you Monday," he says, moving back to his desk.

He's made it clear that he's done talking about it, and she gets the point without argument, which is odd for her. "Okay. See you Monday."

He watches her gather her things and walk out, and places both hands on his desk for support. He closes his eyes and wills his heart to slow. Footsteps sound behind him, and he holds his breath.

"You made her tremble," comes Hetty's soft voice.

He straightens and looks at her. "Yeah, well, she returned the gesture, believe me."

The older woman smiles compassionately, as if she understands, and squeezes his arm before returning to her office. "Go have a drink, Mr. Deeks. You need it."

"You have no idea," he says under his breath. "No idea at all."