So, I was reading a historically based fanfiction and liked the idea (:

I'm very interested in the Tudor period of time too (Cos I'm a geek!)

It may be historically inaccurate so bare withh!

There will be some language and violence in this..

Btw, enjoyyy!

E xx

I sat on the window ledge, stitching the clothes for the poor people. I stopped and sighed to myself, gazing out of the window at the birds flying freely, singing to each other without a care in the world. I saw the luscious green lawn, swaying gently in the cool summer breeze, the flowers blossoming and the petals falling gracefully off the apple tree. I looked back down at my work and continued, knowing the Queen would want these finished today. I was a lady in waiting for Queen Katherine of Aragon and the mood here was distinctly less jolly than it had been in previous months. The Queen had lost yet another baby and King Henry was becoming more and more impatient. I was staying with my cousins, Anne, Mary and George Boleyn at the palace since my mother had insisted I come and live in the city for some time. I was used to staying in the country. We owned a beautiful castle. It was quite small but had large grounds where I enjoyed going for walks and riding through the greens and forests. Now, I was here, in a big castle with the most important people in England. Mary and George were my best friends here. Anne was a good friend but was a little too harsh with her words sometimes. I looked down at my cream and gold gown, shimmering in the light shining down on me through the window. I leaned back into and continued stitching. Mary was sitting next to me quietly doing her work too, whist the other maids were discussing the latest gossip surrounding the castle. Her honey blonde straight hair falling over one shoulder. Her soft face was beautiful. She had big pink lips and a beauty mark underneath her left eye. She was slim, not many curves, but a desirable woman anyway. She was kind and giving and never spoke a bad word about a soul.

"Sometimes I wish I could be free of this place. I'd be quite happy living on a farm, as long as I had someone who loves me, I'd be perfectly fine," Mary stated, looking dreamily out of the clear window.

"You do have William," I pointed out. She sighed.

"I know, but I just don't love him like I wish I did. He's handsome and kind but... something's missing."

"Oh, what a shame you have Sir William Carey as your husband! One of the King's good friends, a rich man with a large estate and one of the most handsome men in London!" I said sarcastically. We both laughed but stopped abruptly when the heavy doors cracked open and the Queen came out of her chamber. She emerged wearing a royal blue gown and her dark hair pulled back gently, showing the olive tones to her skin. She smiled warmly at us all.

"Morning my ladies," she said in her warm Spanish accent. The Queen was starting to get old. Lines were beginning to appear on her face and her hair starting to go gray. Yet, she always seemed welcoming, happy and was kind to everyone, despite how she may have been really feeling.

"Your Majesty." We all said as dropped what we were doing and sunk down into curtseys. She looked over to Mary and I. We stood up and smiled to her.

"Mary, Isabella, how are the clothes coming?"

"Well your majesty." I said "We are close to finishing them all, only a few more to complete."

"Well, I think you girls have done quite enough work. Come, eat."

We stuck our needles into the work we would finish tonight and followed the Queen out of her room. We walked behind her down the spacious corridors, watching as all the servants bowed or curtseyed to her as she walked past. She smiled kindly to all of them. I admired her greatly. She was a beautiful person who was nice to anyone, whether they were rich or poor. We finally came to the great hall. The tables were groaning under the weight of the finest foods and the richest wines and friends of the King and Queen were chattering to each other but everyone stopped and stood up before bowing or curtseying when we entered. We took our seats close to the Queen and waited. Finally, he entered. King Henry was young and very handsome. He had dark, red curls that shone like polished bronze. His face was strong and angular with the same deep red stubble on his chin and his body was strong and muscular. He looked happy, but I saw that there was some anger in his eyes. We all curtseyed as he entered and took his seat next to Katherine. The conversation started up again. George Boleyn took his place between Mary and I.

"Good morning Ladies." He said, kissing us both on the cheek. "Where is Anne?"

"She is eating with the others." said Mary, guilt all over her face. We ate in a comfortable silence for a few minutes, occasionally laughing at jokes or comments that were flying around us. I stared at the Queen who was happily dining and laughing with ease. Although there was something behind her dark eyes. Sadness? No. What could she be sad about? She had everything any girl in England, or even Europe, could wish for.

"Have you heard the rumour?" George said quietly, only addressing Mary and I.

"What?" Mary said.

"A new family is to come to Court. They are said to be in high favours of the King because his father had considered them as part of the family." We sighed. Not another one. The Boleyn's and Seymours were fighting to gain the Kings trust and now that we, the Swans, were an extended part of the Boleyns, we didn't want another family trying to take over again. "They're, supposedly, called the Cullens." He told us simply, taking a sip from his goblet.

"Well, I'm betting they'll be here any day now if this rumours true. The King only says these things if he intends for it to actually happen." I sighed.

"They had better keep their hands of my beauties here." He said, winking at me. I rolled my eyes.

We ate in silence, laughing at the jesters jokes occasionally but focussing on our own food. Until George tapped my leg under the table. "Henry Keeps looking at you." He said. I blushed and looked down at my food. After a few moments I glanced up at the King. He was looking at one of his friends.

"No he isn't." I whispered back.

"Wait for it." I looked up again after a few seconds and, as George had said, he was looking at me. We stared at eachother. I was merely trying to work out what he was thinking but as soon as I did, I ducked my head down quickly, heat flushing my cheeks. I heard a chuckle then he seemed to continue a conversation he'd already been having. "Told you." He whispered.

"Could we pretend that nobody saw that please." I sighed.

"We can pretend. But you do understand what may happen, don't you Mistress Swan?"

"I try not to think of that."

"Well you should," He said plainly. "Its probably going to happen. Once the King sets his eyes on something, or someone, he'll normally have it." I couldn't help the feeling of nervousness that built at the pit of my stomach. I didn't feel much like eating after that. Of course, the King was a handsome man, but I wanted a romance. I didn't simply want to be something that he used a few times then dropping like a piece of rubbish. Oh, and then within the whole court being called 'The Kings Whore' not to mention losing the Queens trust. I was very worried now.

"Excuse me." I said, pushing away from the table and pacing out of the hall as fast as I could. As soon as I was past the grand doorway I ran through the palace and straight onto the gravel pathway that lead onto the greens. I ran to the great williow tree, the focal point of the garden. I swept the gentle floppy leaves from my pathway through the fountain of leaves in my way, eventually finding the trunk of the tree. I looked around, turning completely. Apart from the trunk, I was in my own space, almost like a bubble, enclosed by leaves falling towards the ground. I sat down and let myself think. Why would he want me? There are many other girls at court. Beautiful ones. Me, I was slim, dark brown hair and chocolate eyes. Nothing special. I hugged my knees to my chest and rested my head there. I don't know how long I was there, but eventually, George found me.

"Bella!" he said, coming and sitting next to me, putting his arm around my shoulders. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I said simply. Smiling up at him.

"You may be smiling but I know you too well beauty." He stated, tapping my nose causing a grin to take over my face. He always called me beauty, simply because my name is Isabella, it used to irritate me but, I have grown used to it over the many years I've known and stayed with the Boleyn's.

"I am scared." I said simply, looking directly ahead at the millions of green, heart shaped leaves gracefully hanging from the many branches creating the fountain. Tears pricked my eyes but I held them back.

"Why?" He asked, hugging me closer to him.

"Henry." I whispered.

"Oh, Isabella. Why would you? Henry's a perfectly gentle man... So I've heard." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, another attempt to make me smile... It didn't work as he'd hoped.

"I want a romance, George. Henry will have me, who knows how many times, shower me with expensive gifts, clothes possibly even give me my own apartments. But, after he's finished with me and moved to a new girl or back to Katherine – what will become of me? The Queen will lose all faith in me, the King will never look at me again let alone my father and I'll be named a whore all around the Court, maybe even the entire Kingdom! I may even be sent away from Court. You'd all suffer also. Do you wish for that to happen?" He took a long moment to think about this.

"Of course not, but, If the relationship went well, you could do awfully well. Become a Marquess, a Duchess – you could possibly even become Qu-" I quickly put my hand over his mouth.

"Don't say it George!" I shouted but whispered quickly and sternly. "That could be counted as treason if anybody heard you." He pulled my hand from his mouth, looking unbothered by it.

"And? Even Henry laughs at my jokes like that." I gasped.

"Really? She is his wife and she is a good woman."

"But she grows older every day. Gray hairs vastly grow, lines have begun to appear on her face, her eyes have lost the glow Henry used to adore and, I've heard that her monthly courses have started to dry up." I gasped again and turned to look at him.

"How did you know that?" I asked, astonished. He shrugged.

"The whole Court is spreading the word of it."

"That was a closely guarded secret between the ladies serving her."

"One of them has been telling everyone – we all know of it. The King may have even heard some of the whispers."

"What? No!" I quietly said. "She does not deserve this. She's a beautiful, good woman. Why is she treated this way?"

"She's the Queen of England. It comes with the title."

"This is why I would never wish to be Queen. Never."


"I only have one exception."

"And that is?"

I drew a breath. "If I truly love the man, then I would do anything for him. Anything he would ever wish for. If he'd want me to be his Queen, so be it."

"You are quite the romantic soul aren't you Beautiful Bella?" He said, looking into my eyes, looking for any trace of amusement. I simply blushed in return, which told him everything. "So, anyone you fancy the look of?" He asked, a cheeky tone taking over.


"Maybe," He said, getting up. "One of those Cullen's will like the look of you." He chortled and held out a large hand. I glared at him for a second, then sighed and took his hand. I stood and he smiled at me and left me, before I could say my witty remark, he'd left me alone under the willow. I sighed to myself and straightened my bodice then brushed the dirt off of my dress. The sun was beginning to set and streams of light were shooting in between the gaps of the leaves and branches. I smiled to myself and walked toward the edge of the inside of the trees. I stretched out my arm and held one finger out and, as if the leaves were water, I skimmed the surface gently. I walked around twice, enjoying the feel of it. I inhaled the smell of the outdoors, my favourite place to be. As I continued to skim the leaves, a hand caught my wrist.