A/n: Another torture session for Usui and (Unfortunately) Igarashi Tora hehehe. Sequel to No man's land. Thanks to Marisol gladdi for helping me with the reason as to why Tora would be paying a visit to Sekai high. ARIGATO! :D


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When you do something bad, fate repays it to you in an equally bad manner. Do something good, you get repayed with good. But what Usui did was nothing good, and what he'll get is nothing he'll ever expect. Well at least he would have someone to share it with. Someone, who has done equally twisted and wrong things, if not more. That unlucky man, would be Igarashi Tora, who on that day visited sekai high to ask for the maid costume he lent our heroin, Misaki Ayuzawa not too long ago. (or rather, he forced her in it)


"USUI TAKUMI! COME BACK HERE YOU **&^$#%^" Misaki screamed, colorful vocabulary following after her kicks and punches which were for the half grinning half laughing perverted outer-space alien known as Usui Takumi, who had done the most outrageous thing. He just spanked her arse in front of most of the student population. "No can do~" He grinned, just missing Misaki's kick by a hair. "I couldn't help it! With a cute face like that on and a 'target' like that so open..." He protested but ended up making the renown demon president angrier when he trailed and ended up laughing some more.

"Damn you and your sexual harassments!" Misaki burst out once more, just about ready to throw another punch at Usui but stopped. Usui, who thought Misaki was about to throw another punch, took a step back, just as fate had planned. "Usui-san! Lo-" Yukimura called out when he thought Usui was about to knock into Miyabigaoka's student council president, Igarashi Tora. Everyone who was looking at the commotion before, froze once more for the second time that day. It just so happen, that Usui was just close enough to Tora. And when Yukimura called Usui's name, he turned around and because of the height difference between him and Tora, they became locked in a... kiss

Yes, a kiss. The act of touching with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, or greeting. Which in this case was non of the suggested, but still, a kiss.

Yukimura, all of the girls including Misaki strangely, seemed to vaporise into ash. Yukimura, because of certain bad memories, and Misaki because... god knows. Well, that's what you get when you do something bad.

Extra: Tora stood in front of a sink, water on full blast splashing the cool 'purifying' liquid into his mouth. Then the sudden disgusting memory of that day flashed through his mind once more, and he just gave up washing his lips and decided to bang his head on the wall and brainwash himself to forget it.

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