Chapter 3: Rules Concerning the Rescue of Hot Boys

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Edna: This is a hobo suit, darling. You can't be seen in this. I won't allow it. Fifteen years ago, maybe, but now? Feh!

Bob: Wait, what do you mean? *You* designed it.

Edna: I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now.

Edna and Bob: The Incredibles


Lima is Hell.

With cows.

Hell with cows.

Kurt wants to kill himself; slowly.

See the thing that Kurt clearly forgot to ask was where the freaking home base for the team was going to be. Because if he had, them he clearly wouldn't have felt so serene about this whole freaking thing, as he would have been too busy screaming in terror, because with all the resources of the United States Government possesses, Lima, Ohio was apparently the best option.

Lima. Ohio.

Someone please kill him. Please!

And perhaps, if he had thought to ask, he might have been a bit better prepared for this, but instead he'd buried his questions in favour of the pleasure of seeing his father after 2 months without him. But the problem was he hadn't, and so after he'd seen his father; given him a big, strength appropriate hug and caught him up on everything that had happened, and marvelled at the new, high tech Hummel Tire and Lube that the government had created for him, he'd then had nothing to do but explore the town that the government had decided was going to serve as their home base. And it was there that he'd run into problems.

See, the great thing about being gay in San Fran meant that, although you maybe weren't the visible majority, you were undeniably the large, visible minority. And in San Fran, being gay was celebrated by most of the straight inhabitants; they saw it so often that the either thought it was cute or they didn't think anything of it. No matter how flamboyant you might have been, there was always someone equally as flamboyant for you to stand with, and so you were never alone.

Lima, on the other hand, didn't look like it had ever seen a gay inhabitant in its entire existence. He got looked at funny at the coffee shop, he got stared at in the bookstore, and he got snickered at by two football players at the park. And in exploring the town, Kurt comes to a few rather stark realizations. This is a place people go to church every Sunday without fail. This is a place where teenagers marry their high school sweethearts and have 2.2 kids and a white picket fence. This is a place where they only eat vegetables that are fried.

This is not a good place for people like him.

And so consequently, a few days later on the first day of school, Kurt has a bad feeling in his stomach. And it's not just the typical first day of school jitters, because those he could handle, but it's the sick, impossible knowledge in his gut that the only way that he's going to fit into this town is to be someone he isn't. And he's already lost too much of himself with this whole superhero thing that he refuses to give up any more, and so he shows up in the hallways of McKinley High in a Marc Jacobs form fitting sweater, tight, skinny jeans and his best Louis Vuitton satchel, and for a few periods everything goes well.

He has History with Mercedes and Tina and English with Artie and Mike, and everything is fine; relatively boring, because they're all pretending that they've never met each other before, but boring is fine. Then, of course, because he's got a relatively good sense of intuition everything changes after English, when he's heading to his locker before lunch. One second he's chatting with Mercedes about how they've got 'Glee Club' last period, and the next second there's an ice cold shock to his face and cruel, jeering laughter rings out.

"Hey fairy boy, welcome to McKinley." One massive jock leers, and then laughs and high fives with one of his Neanderthal friends and lumbers off, leaving him covered in slushy and shivering.

Invulnerability, as it turns out, is a funny thing. Bullets; no problem, you walk away with a bruise. Fire, no problem, doesn't even cause a twinge.

A frozen grape slushy, not so much.

It freezes his skin and the concentrated sugar burns his eyes, and of course, the dye ruins his hairstyle, and his jeans are never going to be the same. But at the core of it, the horrible part of it isn't even the physical feeling that the slushy induces, rather the debilitating feeling if humiliation it induces. It's like a massive scarlet letter, a giant flashing sign that proclaims that in this fucking town he's less them, and he hates it.

Mercedes makes a noise of outrage, and Kurt manages to shake himself out of his slushy induced shock in time to stop Mercedes from using her powers to make the guy cry in the halls or something. "It's not worth it," he says quietly, and then he closes him mouth quickly because grape slushy is not his favourite drink. Mercedes scowls her disagreement, but turns her attention away from the guy and to him, which Kurt takes as a good sign.

"Is there any place I can wash this out of my hair before it gels and I start trying to rock Mr. Schue's look?" Kurt asks to make sure that nothing happens that might sink them before they even start, and also because he's genuinely worried about having to try and pull off Mr. Schue's look (and he'd thought the bullets were bad for his skin).

As his luck has it, of all the people who could have come around the corner and hear him, it has to be Rachel. However, even before he has time to gear up and say some biting to her, he realizes that it's going to be unnecessary because all Rachel does is make an angry noise on his behalf and take him arm and gently, but forcefully lead him and Mercedes into the women's restroom. From the depths of her, (rather tacky; he appreciates the thought but it has kittens on it) purse she pulls out a box of antibacterial wipes and a small bottle of some kind of cleaner, and then she gives a couple to Mercedes and they both start to wipe the infernal slushy off of him silently. He wants desperately to hate the look that is in Rachel's eyes, but once his eyes are a little clearer, he realizes that it isn't pity like he thought, but understanding, and something crystalizes for him. He doesn't really like Rachel; they're similar enough that they clash horribly, but different enough that they don't have any common ground, but before he didn't know her as the girl who carried her own slushy clean-up kit then and now he does, and so he thinks that maybe someday that could change.

"You should always keep a change of clothes in your locker," Rachel says quietly after a minute, her tone resigned and Mercedes makes a noise of protest in her throat before she asks, her voice angry, "You mean this happens all the time? And that's ok in this school?"

Rachel shrugs, a tiny movement that seems terribly sad, before she says, "That's just the way the jocks are. It's just because we're just too special for this little town; they don't like that and they strike out."

"It still isn't right," Mercedes says angrily and although Kurt agrees (and Gaga does he, because he wants to go home to San Fran so badly he can taste it), he also realizes that this conversation isn't going to go anywhere productive, and so because Rachel and Mercedes have gotten most of the slushy off of him by that point he turns to Mercedes and brushes his thumb across her cheek in a soothing motion before he says, "Forget it 'Cedes; if we're going to fly under the radar we're going to have to ignore this kind of stuff."

And then, because he desperately wants this conversation to end he changes the subject by saying, "We're going to be late for 'Glee practise' if we don't go now." In response, Mercedes scowls in a gesture that implies that this is not going to be the end of this, but she acquiesces

Kurt runs to his locker and grabs a clean sweater (he doesn't go anywhere with only one set of clothes; one never knows when you might see someone wearing the same outfit) and he manages to make it to 'Glee' before anyone other than Mr. Schue is there. And although he totally meant what he said to Mercedes about dropping it, when he sees Mr. Schue looking at him, while also shuffling papers like someone has told him this is what teachers do, he can't help but ask, he voice less level than he might have hoped,

"Why exactly do we have to live in this town? We couldn't have put a home base somewhere with more…open minded people?" And then, because this just unsettles him, "And less cows?"

At his question Mr. Schue stops shuffling his papers and says, his voice calm and rational, "Well, almost half of the team already lived her, so registering six new kids for school was less suspicious than registering thirteen would have been. Also, if the United States does ever undergo another terrorist attack, we figured Ohio is the least likely place to be selected as a target." And then Mr. Schue smirks a bit as he says, "And besides, this location helps us protect your identities; who would really think that a team of superhero's lived in Ohio?"

"Awesome," Kurt enthuses sarcastically, and his dissatisfaction must be very clear because Mr. Schue, who isn't the most sensitive person in the world (it's not his fault really, his just suffering from severe "mansickness") picks up on it as he turns back to Kurt and says, apologetically, "I know this might be…tougher for you than the others, but I have faith in you Kurt. You're strong and that will get you through this. That's what makes you good at this."

Kurt is willing to admit that he might be blushing a bit at the support that Mr. Schue is giving him, because other than his father he's never really had an older male role model that was willing to believe in him. And it's that his father's support isn't huge, because it is, but his father his support is expected (but no less precious for it) and Mr. Schue's isn't, and so somehow Mr. Schue's is just what he needs. However, because they're both men (he's still got a Y chromosome, no matter what some people might think) after about a second they brush the sentimentality away as if it's a disease, and they both look away.

Thankfully, they are saved from further emotion by the arrival of about half of the gang who, in typical teenage fashion, enter the room like a herd of elephants. Kurt takes that opportunity to wash away and of the lingering emotion of the day, and after a slightly grateful look in Mr. Schue's direction, he takes a seat beside Mercedes, angling his eyebrow at her in acknowledgement of the assessing look she gives him.

"Hey guys. I hope everyone's day went well so far." And then Mr. Schue pauses for conformation, and because Kurt doesn't want to bring down the mood he nods with the rest of the group (and ignores the pointed look that Mercedes gives him).

After Mr. Schue has received their affirmation he closes the door and says, "So as you guys have already probably figured, 'Glee club' is code for our 'special project'" and Kurt actually dies a little inside when he see that Mr. Schue is actually doing the air quotes motion.

However before Kurt can even do so much as roll his eyes Puck cuts in with, "Why Glee Club," his tone a bit belligerent and he continues before Mr. Schue can speak. "This is going to ruin my badass rep!"

"We needed a club no one would want to join," Mr. Schue says apologetically in response and yeah, ok Kurt can see how Glee club would be the logical choice in this town. Puck is clearly still a bit unsatisfied with that answer but he seems to accept it as he doesn't say anymore (although he does sulk a bit in a way that Kurt thinks will also damage his 'badass' rep).

Mr. Schue, after checking to see if there are any other questions, turns his head and nods towards the piano and for the first time Kurt notices that there has actually been a guy sitting there the whole time (and seriously, was there a government ninja class they missed or something?). "This is Brad," Mr. Schue says and the guy just stares placidly and a bit surly back at them. "He's in charge of opening the headquarters, so if you ever need to get in just ask him."

Brad (and Kurt kind of hopes that is a cover name but he has a sinking feeling that it isn't) obviously knows that was some kind of cue, as he lays his hands on the piano. But instead of playing, there is a whirling sound as a light scans his hands and then suddenly a door in the floor opens up in the far corner behind the piano. At that Brad is pretty much forgotten as Mr. Schue disappears down into the hole and they follow him, one by one, walking through the tunnel that leads to what Kurt assumes is the superhero base.

After a the door closes back up to the music room the silence is broken by Puck, who echoes what Kurt is pretty sure is evident in everyone's minds, disbelief evident in his voice. "Wait, you guys actually built a secret superhero hideout under the choir room of an Ohio public high school?"

Mr. Schue turns to look at Puck before he says, a bit ruefully, "We figured no one was going to look for it there."

Kurt can't help but agree with that logic.

Once they actually get into the room Kurt can't help but be a bit impressed because the room is seriously decked out. There are computer monitors everywhere streaming worldwide live news, and security video; classy areas for each of them to change and prep for missions and a seriously high tech station for Artie and Mr. Schue and monitor and direct their missions. And, to Kurt's surprise (because he remembers those yellow spandex uniforms) it's even well decorated; rocking sort of a chrome and black modern look that Kurt can definitely get behind.

Artie clearly agrees as he wheels towards his station and says, loudly to the whole room, "This is seriously dope Mr. Schue!"

Mr. Schue smiles, but before he can say anything one of the screens lights up and a warning siren goes off, which draws his attention towards that. Artie dives into his new role with gusto as he bring the small screen up onto the large one with a touch of a button (Kurt's impressed; there is like nine thousand buttons on that console).

"A gasoline tanker collided with a tractor trailer on Interstate 75. Fire and ambulances are on the scene but they're worried about the danger of an explosion. Sounds like a good job for us." Artie says, and Mr. Schue nods at him before he turns to the rest of them and announces, "Alright guys, to make sure that everyone actually has time to go to class we're going to have you work shifts of 2 or 3 people on your free periods, with all teams available during 'Glee.'"

And this time Kurt does roll his eyes before Mr. Schue continues, "Kurt and Brittany, I want you two to suit up for this one. Follow the directions that will be provided for you in your suits GPS and once you're there aid the paramedics and fire department in any way and try to contain the gas from the tanker. Alright?"

Kurt nods his agreement and notices Brittany doing the same before he heads toward the area that is labelled Atlas, in tastefully bland government script. He draws the curtain and suits up, the process easier than he would have imagined (he has to get his hands on some of this false leather stuff because Gaga it is comfortable). The mask goes on easy to and says on, even without straps and Kurt takes a second to stare at the stranger in the mirror (because there is no way that this is his life) before he snaps out of it, gathers his courage and emerges with pride from behind the curtain.

The response thankfully is pretty favorable however; Finn gives him a thumbs up, Mercedes winks at him and Puck wolf whistles mockingly (Kurt gives him the finger without any real intent because he's Puck and this is just what they do). Brittany emerges a second later, and after a similar round of compliments for her, Mr. Schue leads them down another long corridor to a hatch door that opens into the ceiling.

"Remember 'The Rules'" Mr. Schue says to them as the hatch doors start to open, and Kurt nods because after all of the times they pounded the rules into them at the mountain facility he's unlikely to forget.

However that's not to say that Kurt doesn't think they are valid, because Kurt most definitely understands the importance of some of the rules; don't ever say anything that could reveal your identity or the identity of a team mate. Don't talk about anything personal, and don't insult any of the people that you rescue. These are basic common sense that a monkey could figure out. Then of course, there are the sexual rules like, 'no hitting on anyone you are rescuing,' and 'no sexually charged comments because this is the age of the massive lawsuits and the government is not that tolerant - I mean it Puck.'

But Kurt's not worried about those because he figures he's got decent self-control and a brain that's bigger than Finn's (Gaga love him) and a libido more selective than Puck's (who's requirements include breathing and not much else). So Kurt says, "We've got it Mr. Schue," and Mr. Schue nods and says, "You'll be great," and then there is nothing to do but, after meeting Brittany's eyes, fly out of the hatch and into the sky.

Kurt takes a second to look at where they have come out, and he finds that it's a wooded area on the very edges of the school property, and that the high trees completely hide where they've come from. The hatch closes immediately behind them and Kurt, after consulting with the wrist GPS that is built into the suit nods to Britney the right direction and then flies, relishing in the freedom of it. It takes them a few minutes to actually reach the scene and once they do Kurt takes a quick look to assess the situation before he turns to Brittany and nods, and they head for the ground.

The guys who he sets down beside look pretty gobsmacked (Kurt can relate) but they had training on how to handle this too and so Kurt turns to the guy who seems to be in charge and says in his best 'I am but a harmless government superhero voice,' "I'm Atlas and this is Boo. I'm very strong and she can put out fires. Where can we help?"

The guy's (Kurt's pretty sure he's a fire chief) throat works once, twice before any sound can come out, and Kurt can almost see the wheels in his head turn as he tries goes through every possible explanation for the fact that they just flew. Kurt gives him time (he gets it, really, because there's still a part of him that's waiting for the punch line) before finally he guy comes to a decision as he says, "I don't know what the hell this is, but if you really can help I won't say no. There's a fire on the other side of the truck and there's still one kid trapped in his car. Can you handle that?"

Kurt nods and Britney follows suit before she takes off once again and flies over the truck to deal with the fire. Kurt instead follows the directions of the (still pretty shell shocked) firefighter and heads in the direction of the car with the door smashed in. It's pretty close to the tanker that's leaking fuel like no tomorrow and so Kurt moves with care, making sure he doesn't disturb anything that would cause an explosion. Once he gets to the car Kurt takes a quick analysis of the situation and then, once he's got a plan readies himself for (knock on wood) his very first rescue as a superhero.

'Remember the rules,' Kurt recalls mockingly, and then he smirks a bit and thinks sardonically, 'no problem Mr. Schue; I've got it covered.'

And then he looks into the car and sees what is possibly the most gorgeous boy that he's ever laid his eyes on, and he realizes this is going to be much harder than he thought.


These are things that he knows to be true.

His name is Blaine Anderson. He is seventeen. He is a student at the Dalton Academy for Young Men. He is the lead singer of the Warbler's. He is gay.

He is going to die today.

He's going to die a virgin.

A gay virgin.

His life sucks.

And to think, the day started out so well. He had gotten an A on a killer history test, Wes had let him sing a Katy Perry song without ribbing him too hard (although he had stroked his gavel kind of creepily), and so by the time he had gotten into the car to go home for his father's birthday party he been in a really good mood. His father and he had had their rough patches, because Jonathan Anderson had wanted sons that were interested in law school and girls instead of show choir and you know, boys. But when he'd been harassed at his school, his father had been the loudest voice defending him, and before he'd transferred to Dalton he and his father had had a heart to heart where they ironed out a few things and so everything between him and his father was really good now, and he was really looking forward to the party.

And the drive had been really nice as well; it was one of those days were the breeze was perfect, the sun was shining and there were puffy white clouds in the sky. All in all, it had been a perfect day.

And then, because irony was a massive bitch, when he'd been about an hour away from his house, everything had changed. One second he's simply been driving along singing to Katy Perry, and then the next second there was a huge screech and a massive truck was suddenly in front of him and then Blaine swung the wheel and then there was nothing but blackness.

When he came to, he was aware of many things, but one thing stood out above all the others. It was glaringly obvious that the car had flipped over, because he was hanging suspended upside, only held there by the seatbelt. He didn't seem to be in any pain though; he could move his legs and arms and he took advantage of it, releasing himself from the seatbelt and allowing himself to tumble down so that he was at least sitting upright. After a swift check of his own body just to ascertain that he wasn't bleeding anywhere, he looked around to try and figure out what had happened.

There was a moment of total shock as he looked out, because what he was seeing looked like something out of a disaster movie. There was broken window glass everywhere, huge fist size diamonds of glass reflecting the light innocently, in direct contrast to the smoke and flames that seemed to be emanating from several cars. In the corner of his eye, he could see a massive tanker truck, flipped over on its side, and police and fire truck sirens screamed through the air.

He was brought back to himself by a voice, deep, older and male that asks, from somewhere above him. "Son, are you injured?"

"I don't think so," he replies after a second, and at that a pair of heavy boots appears in his vision, and so he imagines that the guy is probably a firefighter. After a second, where Blaine imagines that he's taking in the situation to assess what's needed to get him the hell out of here, the guy says, "Alright, that's good. Your doors are bent shut. I'm going to get the jaws of life out to pry the door open, so you'll be out of there soon. I'll be back in just a minute, alright son?"

"Ok." Blaine replies, and the guy's feet shuffle off in response and Blaine is left alone. However that doesn't last long, as almost immediately there's a new voice, vaguely bell like, that asks, "You said you weren't injured in any way?"

At that, Blaine cranes his head a bit to try and see who this person is, because that voice definitely didn't belong to the first guy, but all he can see is black leather boots. They seem harmless enough though, and Blaine figures that if this guy is allowed this close to the wreck he probably has a job to do so he answers, "I don't think so. It's just the doors, the other guy says they're bent shut and so I can't get out."

"Alright." The voice says after a second, and then after a pause where Blaine imagines the guy is assessing the door it continues, "I'm going to remove the door, so if you could just try to stay away from it that would be good. After that I'm going to help you out. Is that alright?"

"Yeah, sure." Blaine says quickly, and then because he's still a little confused at what going on and who this guy (with the really great voice he might add) is, he can't help but quip, "Are you hiding the jaws of life somewhere I can't see?"

"Sort of," the voice says, almost dryly ironic, and before Blaine has a second to process why he's distracted by the sound of screeching metal as the door is simply pulled off of the car and then laid on the ground, like it's made of paper.

"Holy hell, how did you do that?" Blaine asks before he can help himself, because he may be suffering from shock but he isn't blind and they're were absolutely no jaws of life involved in that, and people can't just pull car doors off!

The voice gets even dryer, and Blaine's manly enough to admit that it actually makes the guy sound more attractive (he is aware that with his luck the guy is probably 55 and really ugly but he almost died so he can dream) as he says, "We're still trying to figure that out actually." Then his voice gets a bit more professional as he asks, "Ok, is there anything holding you down now; the seat belt?"

"No, I'm free." He answers back to the still unseen voice, and after a second the guy responds, his voice a tinged with a tiny bit of humour, "Alright I'm going to help you out now, so please don't sue me for any kind of harassment."

Blaine can't help but smirk a bit at that, because he, like his mysterious rescuer, also understands the humour and the irony in the necessity of having to ask someone you're saving if they want to be saved. However because he'd very much like to get out of this car sometime soon (and it's not because he's curious about what his good Samaritan looks like; not entirely) he replies, his voice as humorous as the guys, "If you get me out of this car alive, I promise I won't sue you for anything." And then he pauses, before he adds, as an afterthought, "I guess I can't sue you if I'm dead either, so really it's a win-win for you."

The guy laughs in response, and the sound hits Blaine unexpectedly in the gut like a punch, and so he almost doesn't hear the guy when he says, "Alright, so here we…fuck!"

Blaine barely has a second to process what's happening, because one second he's in the car and then the guy swears and there's a tug on his arms as he is lifted from the car. And then it gets really confusing, because there's a scream of an explosion and an almost overwhelming wave of heat that Blaine is pretty sure is the gas tanker exploding and Blaine is expecting to you know, die, but instead there is a rush of air and it feels like they have lifted off of the ground, and that isn't possible.

Once Blaine's brain has caught up to that particular point, he chances moving his head from where it is currently resting (in the crook of the guys neck-likely to protect his eyes, but it also had the added bonus of getting him in contact with what was a really nice, soft neck) to look at where he was, and once he did he could help but let out an impassioned, "Holy fuck!"

"If you're afraid of heights, looking down might be a bad idea." The guy says to him dryly, almost straight into his ear and Blaine is too shocked to even take that in because oh my god they're in the fucking air! And not only are they in the air, but they're really high in the air, above the raging flames of the tanker that are being put out by what looks like a blonde girl with rainbows (what the hell?), but that's pushed aside in favour of the fact that they're maybe 50 feet in the air and although Blaine is perfectly aware of how inane this is, he can't help but announce loudly, "We're flying!"

"Yes, well strictly speaking I'm flying and you're a passenger but I digress." The guy says, his voice still dry, and at that Blaine manages to tear his eyes away from the ground (which is still a disturbing distance away) for a second to finally look at the guy and then he's suddenly not so interested in the ground anymore because holy crap this is most assuredly not a 55 year old ugly guy. Instead, he's probably Blaine's age or a little older with ivory skin and chestnut hair, somehow still well styled despite the wind. He can't see anything more than that really; the mask that he's wearing covers most of his upper face, but he can see his eyes and they're luminous; almost colorless and Blaine decides that he could easily get lost in them.

Blaine is perfectly happy to simply stare at the frankly gorgeous boy (mask non-withstanding, this guy has serious potential and also he just saved him and he's really warm and yeah Blaine needs to stop thinking right now), but he's attention is caught as a female voice chirps out from the guy's shoulder (and since they're flying this is worth noting), "I got the fire! I blew it out with my rainbows."

Blaine manages to pull his gaze away from his rescuer to look at the blond, who he vaguely recognizes as the girl he saw below (look, the guy is really hot and they're still flying so cut him some slack). She's got a mask on like his new hero and so he can't really see her face, but she seems fit (and if his rescuer is wearing the same leather outfit as she is than this is going to get very embarrassing very quickly). The girl spares him a glance before she turns to the guy still holding him and asks, her voice airy and disturbingly earnest, "Do I get my own short boy to hold?"

"I'm not that short!" Blaine announces loudly in protest and then he blushes a bit when he realizes how vehement that actually was. The blonde girl looks at him with something approaching doubt, but the guy who is holding him merely smiles, exasperated but a bit wicked before he turns to the blonde and says, "Maybe next time, Boo." And then, he whispers into Blaine's ear and he actually has to physically restrain himself from shivering because this is desperately unfair, "She doesn't mean anything by it. You're a great height."

Blaine blushes possible even further, and he must be a shade of red that is glaringly obvious, but the guy just smiles at him, that cute little quirk of his lips and doesn't say anything. Instead he simply turns his head back towards the blond girl and says a bit louder, "Now Boo, can you go see if there is anyone who needs help while I take…" And then he pauses for a second and turns back to Blaine and says, his voice apologetic, "I'm sorry, I didn't ask your name."

"Blaine. Blaine Anderson." And then, because no matter how amazingly unreal this whole thing is, it is no excuse to forget his manners, "And you?"

"You can call me Atlas." The guys-Atlas-says and Blaine admits, only in the privacy of his own mind, that asking a man with a mask what his name was might have been a dumb idea, before Atlas continues, "Boo, go see if you can help anyone while I take Blaine to the ambulance on the ground."

And then he continues, almost as an afterthought, "And Boo, please try not to say anything that gives away your identity. Actually Boo, just try not to speak at all, ok?" Which Blaine thinks might be a bit harsh for a second before he remembers the disturbing amount of sincerity involved in the height comment and so he decides to reserve judgement. The girl just beams in response though, like she's been paid a great compliment and says, her voice perky, "Ok!" Before she flies off, and so Blaine thinks that the guy's concerns might have been justified.

"Your…girlfriend seems nice," Blaine says hesitantly, after she's been gone for a second and he knows that he's fishing for information but this guy is gorgeous and he's strong and he can fly, and he just saved his life in the most awesome of ways and yeah, Blaine might have developed a tiny (ok relatively massive; he can freaking fly) crush.

"She is nice," Atlas says blandly, and the part of Blaine that apparently enjoys masochism responds before the rest of him can catch up by asking, "And she's your girlfriend?"

"That," Atlas says almost coyly, and his mouth twists into this smile-smirk that Blaine has the sudden urge to lick before he makes himself listen to what he's actually saying, "Is none of your business."

There's a moment of silence then, where Atlas just looks at him and Blaine is helpless to do anything but look back, and then, just before Blaine does something like melt into a puddle or ask him out Atlas says a bit gently, "We're back on the ground."

At that Blaine manages to tear his eyes away from him and then he turns what he's sure is an unattractive shade of red as he realizes that he'd been so caught up in the guy that he hadn't even noticed that they were no longer in the air. However his humiliation is quickly forgotten as he takes in the scene that they've landed in; there are people everywhere just staring at them, open mouthed and almost everyone has a camera phone out and are taking photos and videos of them, and it's in that moment that Blaine realizes (admittedly a bit belatedly) that he's just been rescued by a superhero; that there are superheroes in the world now.

And it's not that there are superheroes (which is big enough), but there are superheroes in the world and that one just rescued him.

He's Lois Lane with a penis.


However, his minor freak out is interrupted by Atlas's voice, which almost echoes in the absolute silence of the people watching them with bated breath. He directs it at Boo, who has flown back and is floating a few feet off the ground beside them. "Wheels called on the brainphone," and at this he rolls his eyes slightly, at just the right angle for only Blaine to see, before he continues, "he wants us to go to Key West Florida; there's a massive fire in an office building off the Overseas Highway that he wants us to take care of. Is everything under control here?"

The blonde smiles hugely at him before she chirps cheerfully, "Yep! Everything's good!" And then she flies upward with a massive burst of speed and yells back at Atlas, "Race you!"

Blaine turns back to look at Atlas, who is smirking a bit at her. He lifts off the ground himself, but stays within a few feet of the ground as he yells loudly at her, "Boo Florida is in the south! You're going north; turn around!"

He then turns back to Blaine and says, his voice dryly humorous, that edible smirk on his face, "I've got to go before she ends up at the North Pole." And then his voice gets (what Blaine hopes is) more sincere as he says, and his mouth curls into a genuine smile, "It was nice to meet you, Blaine Anderson."

And then he shoots up into the sky before Blaine can reply, and Blaine is pretty much blind and deaf to the mob behind him taking furious photos and whispering because all Blaine can do is just watch him fly away, and think, almost helplessly, 'It's a whole new world.'

The rest of the day is nothing more than a blur. He has a vague remembrance of waiting in the ambulance for his parents, a faint memory of them coming to pick him up, a flash of his mother's perfume and his father's choked voice, the silence of the car ride home. But it's a surprise when he finds himself at home, sitting in his living room with his mother one side and his father on the other, watching the news. He doesn't really come back to himself until he looks at the television and sees black leather uniforms, and at that his attention sharpens pretty damn quickly.

There are 13 of them, standing beside the President of the United States, talking about how they are there to serve not just the interests of America but the whole world; to protect the citizens of the world, but he has eyes for no one but the boy in the front with the chestnut hair and the tiny smirk on his face. And he can't even think of the implications of a world with superheroes in it, because all he can remember is flying, the warmth of arms around him and clear eyes that he wants to drown in.

These are the things he knows to be true now.

His name is Blaine Anderson. He is seventeen. He is a student at the Dalton Academy for Young Men. He is the lead singer of the Warbler's. He is gay.

He was going to die today, but he was rescued by a gorgeous flying superhero.

He has a massive crush on said superhero, who may or may not have an equally good looking blond superhero girlfriend.

It's a whole new world.

Yeah, Blaine's totally screwed.


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