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No one can resist me*

The halls of Konoha High School

To say the least, Sasuke was pissed as hell. Even more than the time he found the entire yearbook club inside his house waiting to take pictures of the school babe. At first he'd thought that he'd woo the girl into falling desperately in love with him by giving her the famous "Sasuke Smirk."

That alone convinced all the girls at school that he was some kind of sex god. Not to mention, a handful of the boys at the school to doubt their sexuality.

But not even that worked, she wasn't looking at him which was completely bizarre.

So he decided to step it up. Ever so often his hand would linger onto hers. It was a basic to the seduction game he was playing. She'd just apologize and keep her distance, maybe even blush a little. Sasuke even tried to open doors for the odd girl, she'd just thank him but nothing more.

NO kiss, no swoon, nothing or like his Spanish teacher would say "Nada".

Come on. I'm pulling my best moves on you! My looks alone could kill, but instead you choose to ignore me. But this is far from over. No one has ever resisted me. Sasuke thought, smirking to himself. It was all a game to the player, and he was the king.

I like a challenge. I might enjoy this while I'm at it. Sasuke thought, biting his lower lip to keep from smiling like a complete idiot.

Hinata looked at glaring girls that kept passing her in the hallway, in surprise. Why does it seem that every girl I see is either trying tot rip me or glare me to death? She wondered.

Hinata looked at the teen royalty who was walking beside her. To be honest he was swaggering as if he was on the catwalk and it felt like she was his assistant following him around. She tried her best to keep her personal space but the cramped hallways didn't help. Hinata could smell his cologne since he was practically elbow to elbow to her, an intoxicating smell that would only come from cologne with a name, "To Kill" or "Mr. Womanizer".

It would have made any girl who wasn't her blackout and fall to his feet. But all it did to Hinata was made her slightly dizzy and her nose overwhelmed with so much perfume.

Hinata didn't know much about him. But all the girls described him as the guy of their dreams, since he was so handsome, strong, rich, and athletic, had great hair, had a swimmer's body, and etc. Hinata could bet that most of girls at school even knew the color of his boxers.

But that was just a thought, they can't really be that obsessed with him. She thought in wonder. Or can they?

"So you said that the auditorium was this way?" Sasuke asked as softly as he possibly could, trying to keep his little punishment a secret. "So you said the bathroom was this way stranger?" He covered up loudly, scanning the halls with his 20/20 perfect vision like a hawk.

If the fan girls ever found out I'd be doing this girly play they'd visit me everyday and bringing me roses. Sasuke thought, ignoring the loving gazes from the girls leaning against the lockers for support some of which had gotten a seizure when Sasuke glanced at them. Some waved back, the ones that still hadn't lost all feeling below their head. I bet they will.

Hinata ear seemed to bleed from Sasuke's booming voice. "Y-yes Mr.-"

If Sasuke was going to complete his plan then he'd better play it good. "No, no, call me Sasuke. If we're going to be drama club partners then we better learn our names, Hinata."Sasuke stressed her name in a sexy husky voice while bending his head closer towards her.

Hinata was confused. "Are you sick S-Sasuke? You sound like y-you caught a cold?"

She stopped at the closest water fountain and toke a look at his face to see if anything was wrong. Her eyes looked for any sign of sickness, but instead found the snorting and amused expression of Sasuke Uchiha.

Sasuke had half a mind to slap her upside head like he does to Naruto every time he does something stupid. He put his hand back in his pocket before he did anything stupid himself.

"No must have been the wind." He shrugged effortlessly.

'Doesn't she know the difference between flirting and having a sore throat? Sasuke thought, hiding his laughing. When was the last time a girl ever made me laugh? Oh yeah, I remember. When my mom found Itachi's stash of porn weekly and burned them in front of him. That sure made my day. More than the time Naruto (Sasuke considered him a girl) got locked in that elevator and was crying like a baby. Good times.

"Oh sorry, " she was about the say when she caught herself before she embarrassed herself more in front of him, "-Sasuke, please forgive m-me." She looked at his mildly surprised face with her big white innocent eyes. She could have sworn she had seen a flicker of blush on his cheeks. It must have been all the perfume in her lungs.

"S-sure thing, I mean yeah… I guess." He replied unsteadily, looking away.

What the hell just happen? I think I just squeaked! She looked at me so weirdly and then this happened. Am I under a voodoo trick again? Sasuke thought. It wouldn't be the first time a girl had done something crazy to get under his pants. And with looks like his it wouldn't be the last.

"Are you sure-"

"Yes." He answered harshly, quieting her down and making her feel like a rabbit having a conversation with a fox.

"Where did you say the auditorium was?" Sasuke said softer already moving down the halls.

She cleared her throat. "U-Uh... it's by the boy's locker room." Hinata ran to catch up with his fast pace. No wonder they say he's lightning. She thought while panting.

In no time they could see the entrance. Sasuke had been in this school for three and a half long years, came along this section everyday, and even washed this floor (punishments go figure). But never had he seen this red door.

"D-do you want me to go first?" Hinata suggested seeing that he was staring long and hard at the door. You'd think he'd seen the entrance to Narnia.

Now she thinks that I'm some kind of sissy! I'll show her who's who. Sasuke thought arrogantly as turned around to give her a billion dollar smile.

"No. Thank you Hinata." Smiling wider, it hurt his face a bit.

"Err... You're welcome Sasuke?"

Why is he looking at me like he wants to eat me? She thought, frozen with shock by his face.

Sasuke returned back to his regular smirk. Look at her, she's frozen with lust. It's obviously working. Sasuke thought.

Meanwhile inside the auditorium:

"We have a new student," Asuma screamed trying to get the rotten kids attention, "Hey, I'm pregnant!"

The class settled down on a circle to hear the story. "Like I was saying, we have a student joining the club."His name is-"

Gaara snickered. "Let me guess it's the queen of England, no better it's Sasuke Uchiha." The class laughed but Asuma only frowned.

"So the secrets out, huh? You're not as stupid as you look." A deep and heavenly voice echoed in the large room.

"Is that you god?" Sai asked falling to his knees. "I'm sorry I toke the last cookie out of the jar! I'm sorry I cheated on the math exam, but how couldn't I have? Brainy Becky was right next to me!"

"I'm sorry I filled Kankuro's dolls with acid." Temari said.

"I'm sorry I used up all the tissues that Temari was going to use to stuff her bra." Kankuro countered.

Hinata stood by a very annoyed Sasuke watching how his face went from amused to an "are you kidding me" expression. She decided to intervene. "No everyone, the new student is really S-Sasuke. Shouldn't we all welcome him?"

A cough could be heard as the class gawked at the new member like he was an alien. "No…" "HELL NO" "Too much beauty!"

"Isn't he to die for?" A freshman in the back row whispered dreamily along with Sai and the rest of the girls.

Asuma stepped forward and toke out hand to welcome him. "Tell us Sasuke, one fact about you and what you'd like us to call you."

Sasuke thought about this as he looked at Hinata through the corner of his eye. "Call me Sasuke, though some people can call me whatever they like." The girls (Sai) swooned but Hinata stayed the same. "And a fact about me is that, No one I mean no one can resist me."

And I'm about to make that fact be written in the ten commandments. Sasuke thought licking his lips.


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