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Threats and Promises.






Sasuke Uchiha wasn't in the best of moods. That was understatement of the century he was on the edge of knocking out everyone in sight. The only person that could possibly make him feel better was no where in sight. He didn't want to admit that he was worried-no curious he thought to himself- where Hinata was. In all the chaos he had failed to keep his cool and decided instead to act like what Sasuke assumed he inherited from his father: be an ass. Leaving behind the most fragile girl had ever met in his life in the middle of the madness. He assumed to worst, she had fainted and later trampled by the whole student population.

Just as he was beginning to make his way down to where all the commotion happened Sasuke heard her name being said. His eyes went to the direction of the rather annoying high voice knowing now that it was coming from the girl's locker room. A place he was more than welcomed to come in but rather be dragged to hell than spend a single minute with those oxygen sucking leeches.

Sasuke never thought in a million years he'd be leaning against the wall to hear them gossip-but this was his only choice to find her.

"So Hinata Hyuga huh? I never imagined her going after him, they are polar opposites." Some girl said with disgust clearly written in her words.

"I know she's so... plain compared to him. Have you even seen her?" Another girl chimed in.

Sasuke opinion was different than theirs for sure. In fact they couldn't even stand next to a girl like Hinata Hyuga. Not only in looks but also because all they cared about was their favorite shade of pink or whatever color underwear he had on . While Hinata cared about her loved ones and being kind to everyone, things that would have seemed so stupid to him before.

"It's obvious he's just using her, she's all over him!"

Sasuke would have died laughing at the irony if not the sole purpose of seeing if they had information on her whereabouts. Yeah of course innocent Hinata was the one that tried to seduce me… it makes perfect sense. Dimwits. He thought to himself.

"I heard that she was at his house yesterday. I can't wait to see her face after they get done with her."

Sasuke unconsciously balled his fist as he heard them laugh among themselves at the sheer thought of hurting her. Never in his life had he felt the need to want to protect someone... he didn't realize he was glaring straight at them as they stepped out of the room until one of made a made a high pitched squeak.

"S-Sasuke we didn't know you were-" A red faced girl attempted to say before he grabbed her wrist forcefully.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "No shit. Care to repeat what you said about someone hurting her?"


Hinata tumbled onto the hard cement, taking a sharp breath as blood oozed from her knee. Wishing at that moment that she hadn't been separated from Kiba, or wasn't being tormented by a pack of fuming and jealous girls who thought she had a thing for their Sasuke Uchiha. Which she had tried to explain more than once that was ridiculous and that Sasuke didn't even see her as a friend.

"L-Leave me a-alone already," Hinata said as calmly as she possibly could.

Hinata stared up at the amused girls in front of her. All of them seemed satisfied to see her in pain, knowing they'd be down right ecstatic if a piano fell on top of her head.

"I-I don't like him." She repeated for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Sakura scuffed rudely taking a step closer towards her. "Stop hiding it, you're not fooling anyone! I can't believe you thought you'd stand a chance with a guy like Sasuke. Did you honestly believe you of all people could!?"

"You're an ugly whore!"

"I hope you know he just felt sorry for you!"

"You stalk him don't you?"

"One in a million chance he'd like you right, in your dreams of course!"

Hinata felt herself being hurled cruel thing after another. Sure she had been bullied throughout her life but it was never this bad. It was like their soul purpose was to make her break down crying.

"Pathetic slut," The girls chanted one after another in unison.

Pathetic slut

Pathetic slut

Pathetic slut

Hinata couldn't take much of this anymore. If this was another day she would have cried, backed down, and would have let them get what they wanted. Slowly but determined to she stood up reaching eye level with the leader of the group, Sakura Haruno. Meeting her green bottom less pit that her eyes were and speaking with conviction. Making the pink haired girl look taken back.

"I-I am s-sorry for whatever you say I have caused you. But blaming me for what was never going to happen is not my fault. If Sasuke was after all yours you wouldn't need to go after every girl that has ever spoken to him. I won't tell him what happened to today only because it would end badly in your favor and I don't need anymore bother. "Once Hinata finished she walked towards the direction of her house.

Sakura was tongued tied as she watched the dark haired girl indifferently strode away. Her green eyes glared at her, hoping to burn a whole in her back. Without so much hesitation she began to run towards her, making her hands in a shape of fist determined to hurt the girl who had spoken so bad of her.

"Hinata!" Sakura screamed at the top of her lung along with someone else, but not wanting to turn her head away from the girl she kept going straight. Just to see the hurt and tears in the lavender eyed girl eyes when she punched her.

Hinata blinked in confusion, hearing two people cry her name in unison. Turning her head back she found Sakura coming toward her with killer intent and with a fist inching towards her face. Not having enough time to get out of the way she shut her eyes anticipating a blow.

Suddenly she felt strong arms wrap around her engulfing her in warmth, not knowing what was happening but just knowing she was safe she buried herself deeper. Fighting every urge to just stay in that position she cautiously opened her eyes frozen at the sight as soon as she did.

Her eyes widened as they toke in his intense dark eyes, blushing at the sight though she had no idea why. It was in the moment she told herself.

Sasuke let go of her as soon as she had opened her eyes, lingering she had noted.

Thinking he should keep his eyes fixed in another direction. He glared at the girl he had locked around her wrist, who stood with an unmoving gaze on him. The only way he could describe it was to say she was drinking him in with her eyes, whatever she was doing it was weirding him out.

"If I ever hear you're giving Hinata a bad time you'll seriously have trouble coming your way." Sasuke hissed, letting her arm go in disgust.

Just as was going to open her mouth to probably confess her love to him or give him an excuse for her behavior, he grabbed her Hinata's hand and began to run away.

Sakura screamed uncontrollably, stomping her feet on the ground like a child who hadn't gotten her way. Who hadn't gotten the toy that everyone wanted.

Hinata was out of breath by the time they had stopped. She had her gaze lowered all the way fearing to look at his eyes again for some reason… it was like she was in the company of Naruto all over again. But she loved Naruto and Sasuke just Sasuke there was no explanation for this she had said to herself.

"Hinata." Sasuke spoke, taking her out of thoughts she forced herself to stare back at him.

Sasuke sighed, need to get this out of the way but no wanting to sound cliché or corny in anyway."I'm glad you didn't get hurt." He said simply.

"I-I would have if not for you, right?" Hinata countered.

Sasuke shrugged not able to put in words what to say.

"In a way it would have hurt me to see you hurt, call me selfish."

That simple sentence caused something strange to rush into her, like a domino affect her arms moved without commanded around his waist. She had done something so unlike herself, she wasn't normally impulsive. Just as she was beginning to pull back- Hinata was sure she wouldn't be able to be surprised but that she was he pulled his arms around her.

"Thank you." Hinata whispered against his shirt, welcoming the few moment of silence that followed.

Sasuke pushed her away to stare at her face. Shaking his head, knowing that this wasn't what friends did. "I know because of this whole punishment that Tsuande put on me involves me hanging around you. That might cause you to be bad situations like the one today and for that I'm apologetic. But I'm going to promise you that you won't get hurt like today again. "

Hinata snuggled herself against him and smiled, feeling happier than she had all day by his words. "I believe you."

Sasuke felt her smile against his chest, smiling himself.




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