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Author 1: Hello everyone, and welcome to Marvel Characters Who Are Not Smarter Than a

Fifth Grader! I am your host, Darkphoenixforce, and today's show will take a look at the woman

who is responsible for the creation of the super villain of death and destruction Darth

Vader…err…Magneto! That's right ladies and gentlemen; today's discussion topic centers on

none other than Magda Lensherr!

Okay, so, as most of us know, Magda was the mostly innocent human gypsy woman whose only

crime was being stupid enough to marry Magneto. However, in her defense, she didn't know he

was a mutant when they got married. Don't worry though; as soon as she found out, she

promptly left him to go run away and hide in the mountains, probably increasing his general

irritation with the human populace as a consequence….Yeah…let that sink in.

But, to be fair, I'm pretty sure we can all agree (and I'm fairly certain I'm correct about this) that

dear old Mags most likely didn't come home from a hard day's work to tell his wife that he had

discovered his superhuman ability saving some defenseless child, and now they could live in

relative ease and comfort with Magneto being either a government agent or a circus performer.

Personally, I don't think he could make it at either profession.

So, assuming he demonstrated some as horrible display of mass murder, I guess we can forgive her for getting the heck out of dodge.

So she runs off the magical freezing mountainside where she is taken in by a kindly creature that

helps her and delivers her twins. Unfortunately she dies soon after their birth, and little Wanda

and Pietro are left all alone in the galaxy…eh…world.

Now, if any of you are pulling out your box of tissues set aside specifically for weeping over

Anakin's betrayal and Padme's unfortunate passing because this story sounds unusually familiar,

let me stop you right there. Alright, Padme….Padme died on the freaking operating table where

she gave birth. All she had time to do was name her soon to be motherless offspring.


Yeah, that's right; she CAUSED her own death, however indirectly it may have been. If it

weren't for her wanting a bit of fresh air, Magneto might have come back from the dark side to

attempt to be a good husband and father. But no, she had to go into a panic attack about his ever

finding their children and stumble off into the snow. Newsflash, Magda, you're a human, so

there's only ONE miraculous salvation from death in your contract with Marvel. All this

nonsense because she was worried about her kids.

Right, because they would be much safer in the hands of relative strangers who would try to

dump them on the first willing family available, who would then go happily about their lives

until they found out their little darlings' father was a mutant terrorist and inevitably suffer

some unpleasant demise because, really, you can't go adventuring if your sensible adopted

parents are still alive to tell you to be careful. Pfft….can't believe it took 'em so long to kill the


The End