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[East Tokyo, Japan]

Steam and smoke rise from the busy city, blinking neon signs and crafty billboards polluted the busy streets, tall buildings and skyscrapers lived in abundance here. Life in this place was like a rain forest, at the bottom people and fast flashy cars roam the streets like ants that have a set trail going back and fourth, At mid level, restaurants and stores with neon vines rule as the main source of attraction and light. And at the canopy, huge signs advertising products of luxurious means, stadiums, pools, parks and even golf courses reside up there, the city is always alive, something always going on as for the city never sleeps. The sounds of people, music and car horns seems all too strange for a young boy carving his path through the busy crowd, A man in a motorcycle goes right by him, the torque of the engine roars like a jaguar defending it's territory showing ultimate dominance as it passes by, the tail lights on the bike fade as though an intergalactic space ship bust into light speed. The boy whistles as his eyes widen with impression and awe, time jumps into slow motion making the fast motorcycle have the splendor of a wild stallion running through a grassy valley.

"Damn! now THAT'S a motorcycle! man, not having one here sucks…"

The boy was forced to keep walking as the abrasive crowd pushed and moved him out of the way, "stupid humans.." he thinks in resentment as he continues on walking, coming to an alley way where shadows jump and dance, funny smells, rugged people, and stray animals intermingle here, he comes to a chain linked fence in which there seems to be a four foot hole that flicks the top part of his gray faux hawk as he walks through, the shines from the distant neon lights shimmer on the boy's black leather jacket making the white cobra on his back gleam all the more, he hears strange noises coming from the dumpsters near by continues to walk, his ears twitch as his silver loop earrings move on every step. The plain white t-shirt glows faintly yellow as he passes the back doors with flickering light bulbs of the strange alley way, shines on his black leather pants slide down the side of his leg with every swaying motion of his quick paced walk. His black boots step on and over dirty puddles of water disturbing the perfect mirror-like reflection that they resonate. He grips his fists tightly getting ready for any uncertain danger that might lash out at any second, the white cobras on his fingerless gloves seem to dance in a retro hypnotic way as he continuously flexes his fingers.

The boy was new to this place, he didn't know what to make of all the lights and sounds, he was just having a look around and completely exploring in his young yet eager curiosity, his wandering eyes eventually notice the sun coming down as menacing clouds heavy with tears seem to threaten all those who walk the busy streets. He begins searching a cozy place to spend the night, the alley is strange and dangerous but he settles to look and defend what would be his temporary territory in which to slumber.

[Miles away]

"Practice was BRUTAL today, *sigh* can't wait to get home…"

An above average height Japanese teen opens the bathroom door as steam softly floats out like cold air entering a hot sauna, he drops the towel on the floor as he opens the wooden drawers looking for his favorite tighty whities, he slips them on and takes a glance at the many letters he received from the many bothersome university scouts, "humph, they've only seen me play a few times" he thinks arrogantly while laying on his soft bed staring at the many soccer and bikini model posters on his wall, he's always been impressed by the dynamic poses the famous players take right before they shoot with full force towards the goal. He smirks as he licks his lips thinking out loud about his new rank in the school soccer team, "mmmmm, captain AND the best player of this whole area, Damn it feels so good!" his ego seemed justified as he was one of the top players nationally ranked in all of Tokyo, he wasn't worried about the pro leagues yet because he loved and enjoyed too much being East Tokyo High School's star ace player. He almost single handedly rose his team the cavaliers to the top with his smooth technique and flashy moves. After a while of day-dreaming he stands up stepping on the twenty pound dumbbells and small ankle weights next to his bed, he picks up his ps3 controller and laying it on the desk next to his computer on his way to the bathroom. He wipes the foggy residue on the mirror as he stares into it examining his face, He had wavy, mid-length brown hair with black streaks here and there and large brown eyes, he gave himself a quick wink as he heads for bed planning to dream about how he'll take the spotlight in next game.

[Dark alley]

The short four foot boy continues looking for spot to sleep and shield him from the coming rain, he keeps walking when he comes to a big gap in the alley having many abandoned cars and furniture spread all about, he spots one that seems to be the most welcoming and crawls inside, he inspects the interior of the car for bugs and animals searching thoroughly for any sign of unwelcoming hosts. He then makes himself comfortable in the back seat taking off his leather jacket to use as a cover and closes his eyes and lays his head down to sleep. Seconds pass as he springs awake sitting up and picking up his emerald green spell book and hides it under the passenger seat, he must always keep his book close at hand because if he were to lose it, all his goals and dreams can never be realized.

[Next morning]

The young teen stretched and yawned as he awoke, he looked at and noticed he was running late. He stumbled out of bed tripping over the ankle weights and dumbbells like he ritually does every morning before school, he walks over to his closet and yanks his black dress shirt with the golden "ET" emblem with each letter overlapping in cursive from the hangar, he struggles to put it on as he opens his drawers to pull his khaki slacks and socks. He puts everything on in record time rushing downstairs trying to quickly slip on his black dress shoes so he can head out the door, he then realizes he forgot his golden necktie with his initials "I.K" embroidered in it and rushes upstairs, he finds it then hurries back tying it on the way back to the door and grabs his black briefcase hoping that the school gate is still open. At the exact same time the small boy leaves the abandoned car after surviving the loud night-time noises of East Tokyo. He walks out of the alley with a heavy thought that has been plaguing his mind since he arrived in this strange place, he expresses a look of determination in his eyes as he sets out to find what he's desperately seeking for. He eventually comes to a huge golden gate that shimmers brightly in the morning sun, the metal on the gate seems to be polished as if the building represented some form of importance in the area. It has big curvy yet elegant letters that overlap each other. the golden "ET" gate is carefully examined by the small boy as he simply nods and continues on his way, a few minutes later the star soccer player hurries to slip through the gate as he heads towards the school building before his first class can begin.

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