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You ask why I hate you.

You ask what you've done to make me hate you.

Well, here it is, so listen well because I'm going to say this once.

I hate you because of your face, the way you wear that pitiful smirk after you vanquish an adversary.

I hate you because everywhere I turn, there you are, mocking me … addressing me without the proper respect.

I hate your name because you're nothing similar to a strawberry. In fact, you don't deserve to be associated with such a delicacy.

I hate your infantile ideology where everyone is equal – whether they are thy hollow, soul-reaper or human alike. …How imprudent you are, yet you persist.

I hate that you possess the ability to convert those lives you touch into one of understanding and familiarity.

I hate that you won't allow anyone to change your way of thinking.

I hate that when you're defeated you get back up … substantially stronger than before.

I hate when your aura surrounds me it makes me freeze amid a slight hesitation.

I hate you for your total disregard of my obvious disdain for you.

I hate you for sustaining a better relationship with Lady Yoruichi than even I, the person who should have remained a constant in her life.

I hate you for harboring this thing about you that does not allow me to draw my sword against you any longer.

I hate the way that I would quickly wield my sword to protect you – unbeknown to you.

I hate your light, musk scent with just the correct amount of sweetness.

I hate your orange hair and how you've granted it to grow down your back. Have you no honor as to maintain an adequate appearance?

I hate this memory of our final battle where I moved in for the finishing blow to your heart and all you did was give me a look, pulled me close … then with that damned smirk of yours, called me "Kawaii Hachi." My resolve crushed because of you that day. How dare you!

I hate you for forcing tears from my eyes as I write this.

But most of all … I hate that I… that I… I hate that I love you…!

This is why I hate you.

This is why I will always hate you.

I hate you because I will always love you… forever…





Author's Note: I hope this was something of a good read. I had this urge to write a little piece of romance unrequited and Sui-Feng fit the mold perfectly. Alongside that is the fact I love Sui-Feng and Ichigo as a couple.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for reading.

~ God bless.