Authors note: I know that it has been a long long while since I uploaded/updated anything. That is because I don't write stories anymore. I don't have any inspiration or motivation to write, so I stopped writing. I am sorry for all the people that wanted to see 'Royal Love' finished. I doubt that I am going to continue, because I lost inspiration ,and when I reread it I thought it sucked. I am really sorry.

Now, I did make a new story, because we had a creative writing assignment at school, and I decided to make a story of Ranma and Akane. The teacher however does not know any anime, so there are no names in this. It is Akane's POV. Please enjoy, even thought I am not content with it.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma ½ or any of it's characters.


Why did he have to hurt her like that. It was always the same thing, she tried to be nice and he crushes it with an insult. She was sick of it, but still she tried and tried, only to have her hopes crushed with just one word coming out of his mouth. 'Tomboy, sexless, irritating, hopeless, violent.' Those words were commonly heard from him when he did speak to her. She had heard them at least a hundred time each, and it still hurt like it was the first time he had ever said it.

She tried to change, she really did. She tried to be more girly, less of a tomboy by dressing up and cooking meals for him. But he never paid attention to how she looked and always turned down her cooking like it was going to kill him. She may not be the best cook, but she tried so hard. So she hits him in her frustration and runs upstairs to once again lock herself up in her room and cry.

He never paid attention to her, only to other girls. He would let them hang around him and hug him, while he treated her like she had a contagious disease. He liked the attention, as long as it wasn't her giving it to him. She hated that side of him, the flirt that would let any girl touch him, except for her.

She once gave up and stopped talking to him. She stopped trying to please him and just stopped caring. He noticed. He did not like being ignored, so he made sure that she paid attention to him again. He did it the most horrible way. He came up with more and more insults, more and more things about her to complain about. She almost ran away from home just to escape him. But she could not leave her family, they would be devastated and blame him. She did not want that. She still loved him.

So she stayed and paid attention to him again, hoping that he would now appreciate it, now that he knew how it feels like to be ignored. And he did for a short while, he paid attention to her, even complimenting her once or twice. But it did not last long. After a while, he started the insults again, the ignoring of her efforts, the ignoring of her.

So here she is, alone in her room, once again crying over something selfish he said and wondering why she puts up with all this crap if it hurts her so much. But in her mind, the answer is as clear as day. Even if he treats her like that, even if he is so cruel, she still loves him and could not survive without him. So she dries her tears and goes downstairs, waiting for more insults from the one boy she wanted and did not want her.