AN: So I'm now addictited to Jo and Ruby stories and I don't know why. I can't stop thinking about writting one, so heres my new oneshot, its based loosely off the Nickelback song Next Contestant. Enjoy.

Ruby stood in the back of Harville roadhouse, and boy was the place packed. It probbaly had something to do with the beautiful blond behind the counter serving up drinks to all the handsy male costumers. Jo was indeed a sight for sore eyes standing there in her flannel shirt and her really tight boot cut jeans.

And it killed Ruby that all the fortysomething guys kept grabbing her ass. Ruby swallowed down the instinct to ran over there and gut them, like the pigs they were. She knew in a bar with over forty something hunters it wasn't the best idea for her to show her demon side, because she'd more then likely wouldn't make it out alive. No she sat back and watched.

Ruby smiled as she watched Jo make her way to the back were she was sitting she had two beers in her hands. She was walking through the crowd when Ruby heard her yelp in suprise. "What the hell?" Ruby jumped out of her sit and flew to her girlfriends side.

The big fat balding guy still had his hand on her ass. "Hey baby, what did you say we get out of here?" He slurred his words. Jo winced as the guy was pushed against the wall with a knife to his juggular.

"Is that your hand on my girlfriend? I wish you'd try that again buddy, becuase you'll leave here limping." As if to prove a point Ruby made a little slice at the man's neck. His eyes were wide in terror. "Do you understand me?" Ruby hissed.

The man could barely get the words out, but he nodded. When Ruby finally let him go he stumbled away and ran out of the bar. Ruby laughed looking at a very shocked Jo.

Jo was pissed she really hated it when people try to fight her battles, but when Ruby did it, it was really hot and strangly turned her on.

"You know..." Ruby told Jo putting an arm around her waist. "It seems like each night it gets worse."

Jo laughed and nodded. "It seems that way doesn't it." She stood on her tip toes and kissed her demon with raw passion. "Thank you." She whispered when they pulled apart.

"No problem, only I get to touch you like that." Ruby hissed pinning a gigling Jo against the wall kissing her neck.

"Only you." Jo confirmed sighing deeply.

AN: So like I said I'm addicted to these. What do you think? Was it any good? I have no idea where in the hell that came from. I really wish some one out there would write a Jo and Ruby story, just saying. Anyways please review.