Summary=Max and Angel are sisters and are abused by their father When Fang moves in next door and hears the pleading and broken screams that are coming from the house next door Will he not think much of it or got to the depths of the earth to help Max and Angel? I hope you guys like it. Well here's the first chapter

When she cries

Max P.O.V

"MAXIMUM RIDE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" That was my father. Hi my name is Maximum Ride and I'm 15 and I have a little sister Angel who is 9. I go to Arizona high. Our father abuses us and is also a drunk. We don't tell anybody because he said that if we do then he'll hunt us down and kill us.

"I'm coming!" I run down stairs to see my dad standing there with a baseball bat and he was drunk again. I walked cautiously towards him. "Y...Y...YES?" WHAM! I stumbled back holding my head in my hands and I slide against the wall. He comes at me again and starts beating me in my ribs. I scream out in pain. I hear padding of the feet coming downstairs and I realize that my dad's not standing there anymore. "ANGEL!" I get up to my best ability and I run towards Angel and dad. I push angel out of the way and she sprints up the stairs and I take the beating. "You little Bitch! You ungrateful worthless Brat! No wonder your mother left us!" Oh yea did I mention that my mom left us when Angel had just been born. We have no clue where she is right now but I personally couldn't care less where she is or even if she's alive. But it still hurt when he said that because I am worthless and I know it too. He continues beating me with the bat and when he's done beating me with the bat you would think he would he would be done beating me all-together but with my luck nope. He picks me up and throws me against the wall and bangs my head against the coffee table and drags me upstairs and throws me into where Angel and I's bedroom is. It's a closet with two cots in it and countless blood stains on the floors I Crawl over to Angel's cot to make sure she's there. Good she is there. "Max?" "I'm right here honey" After I said that I heard and felt her breathing slow down which meant she went to sleep. I crawled back over to my cot and fell asleep on it hoping and wanting that I die in my sleep.

******NEXT MORNING*******


He was banging on the door and was about to break it down. I was already up and almost dressed. Angel on the other hand was still asleep. I dragged her of the cot and started dressing her and she eventually woke up during that time and our dad finally stopped banging on the door. "Angel, Wait for me in her, I'll be right back" She nodded her head and I headed out the door to go to the bathroom to cover up the bruises from last. I thought back to last to wear Angel had almost got because she hadn't listened. I walked out through the door and got Angel and walked downstairs to see our dad standing there waiting for us. "Damnit! What took you so fucking long?" He raised his fist and punched me and caused me to stumble back. "Sorry..." He just grunted and we walked out the door. "Remember if either of you tell any of them what I do to you, you will get it."Me and Angel nodded our heads and said yes sir. "Well then let's go." We walked out the door and walked over to the house next door. I jogged up the steps and rung the doorbell. A lady around 35 came out the door. "Hi, you must be Max and Angel. Come on in. Sorry about the mess"

"Its fine" I said "FANG! IGGY! NUDGE! GAZZY! GET DOWN HERE THE NEIGHBORS ARE HERE!" The four children descended down the stairs and 2 of them was my age, the girl was a little older than angel and the young boy was around Angel's age. "This is fang" She said as she was pointing towards a boy about my age. He had black hair that was about half an inch above his eyebrows, olive-toned skin, and he was wearing all black. Black everything… "Are you going to stop staring or are you just going to stand there looking at me all day?" I started blushing furiously and just glared at him and apparently it didn't faze him at all because he just stood there with a giant smirk on his face. "Are you going to wipe that smirk off your face or should I smack it off?" I said with a smirk. He started glaring at me this time but I didn't care. "Hi I'm nudge. Do you want to be friends? We could go shopping and go to the mall and hang out. Do you like Justin bieber? Cause if you we could like totally watch the movie cause it just came out and mmmpiiiniububub" The guy who I assume is Iggy slapped his hand over mouth "Hi I'm Iggy. As you can probably tell Nudge likes to talk a lot. "Yeah and I'm Gazzy."

"Ok well I'm Max and this is Angel. " The girl smiled at angel, then they both grinned at me evilly and I could tell right then that this was going to be a long day.