When she cries chapter 2!

Hey guys sorry I haven't updated in a while ive been busy with all these end of the year projects and everything well anyways heres the next chapter =] oh and for those of you who have never heard the song heres the link /2DAsvqg5Nnc (sorry if this sucks :s)-

Fang P.O.V

When I came downstairs I was starstruck. The girl Max was gorgeous. Everything about her was beautiful. Her hair and the way it fell upon her shoulders and especially her eyes. I wonder what her first thought about me was. But what stood out the most were the bruises on her arms and her black eye. I wonder what happened to her. And why did I feel protective of her when I just met her?

Max P.O.V

After a lot of persuading Angel and the girl Nudge got me to go to the mall. It was absolute torture and Angel knows how much I hate the mall. When we got back it was time to go home. As much as I was dreading going home we had to. We said our good-byes and heading on over where our "dad" was waiting for us lovingly cause that's what parents are supposed to do right? Wrong! I walked in and a fist colliding with my face. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MAXIMUM?" "I was next door with the new neighbors…" He doesn't like me going out. He was probraly to drunk to even remember telling us to go over and meet the neighbors. I turn around to angel and tell her to go upstairs and lock our "room". She runs upstairs and Jeb comes at me again and kicks me in the stomach. I let out a hiss and just take what he dishes out. He has the baseball bat and starts hitting me in my stomach with I fall to the ground and curl up into a ball. "That's what you get for staying out to late" (A/N did anybody think of the paramore song? I did when I was writing this chappy lolz anyway back to the story) I let out a scream as he hits me in the head. I shut up knowing he has already heard my scream and wont let me get away with it." Maxi you shouldn't have done that" He comes towards me and hits me in the head. He pushes me up the stairs and I go. I go in the bathroom before I go to find Angel. Where is it? I think to myself. Ah I found it. What you may ask? My knife, that's what I found. I press it against my skin and relish in it. I feel the cool liquid run down my arm and I don't cry. It's my escape from the outside world. I have never told Angel about my cutting problem. If I did she would freak. I go to the sink and rinse off my knife and my arm and wrap the cut up. Hopefully It'll get better in time. Hopefully somebody will call the cops on him. Wait… No I don't want anybody to call the cops on him because if they do the abuse will just get worse. But most importantly I want somebody who hears me when I cry.

- A/N If you know anybody who is being abused or has cutting issues get them help. Don't be afraid to help save your friend/ family member. If you have any suspicions or know they are getting abused call the hotlines for abuse or cutting. Get them help. Well on a happier note I want to have atleast 15 reviews before my next chapter. Pwease? pweeeasssse?