Chapter 5 I give the credit for the Idea of the sleepover tooo .Jonas thanks again for the idea

Max pov

"Hey Max! You guys need a ride?" I looked over to Angel and she gave me a small nod so I looked back to Fang and nodded and followed him over to his car. Fang unlocked the door and helped Angel in. While we were driving Fang asked me,

"So, Max. Nudge wants to have a sleepover with you tonight. Do you think you could?"

"I...Uh. Can't..." I answer, thinking of what my dad would say. "I have to watch Angel…"

"Well bring Angel with you. I'm sure Nudge wont mind."

"Ok. I guess so." I answer back. I don't even realize were at school until Fang opens my door for me. "Thanks... See ya later Fang" I wave goodbye to him and walk Angel over to the elementary building. After she gets settled into her classroom, I leave and walk back over to the high school building.

"Hi, I'm Max Ride. I'm the new student." I walk up to the desk in the office and the lady just stares at me then starts typing in my name and prints out my schedule.

"Thanks" I mumble.

Apparently I have my first class with Fang and Iggy… Joy…

"MAX! MAX! OVER HERE! SIT HERE!" Iggy started frantically waving his arms all over the place and pointing to a seat next to him. Yep this is going to be a long day….

After our 4th class of the day, there was lunch… I turned into the lunch room only to see Fang making out and sucking face with this red head… I don't know why but this kind of bothered me. I just looked down and continued walking past him and the redhead he was sucking face with. I got in the lunch line and got my food. I couldn't really tell what it was though. It looked like some kind of mystery meat or something. I walked over to an empty table and sat down. I didn't really expect for Nudge, Iggy, or Fang to invite me to their table. I started eating only to have somebody pick up my tray and move it. I looked up to see that it was Iggy who picked up my tray of food and took it over to their table. He sat it down and just smiled at me. "Igs, what are you doing?"

"You're sitting with us today Max" I sigh and walk over to their table. "So Max you want to sleepover tonight at our house? Angel can come to." I think about and realize that my dad will be out of town for the week. "Sure what time do you want us to come over?"

"You can come over right after if you guys want since you live right next door to us." I smile and say sure. 'This is going to be an awesome night.' I think to myself.