Authors Note:

This is my version of Total Drama World Tour. It will have everything that I have learned from information and more so just sit back because updates should be often since I get out of school in a couple of days!

Romantic Note: Pairings will be as followed Lindsay/Tyler, LeShawna/Harold, and Izzy/Owen. I'm not promising that all of these couples will still be intact by the end of the story due to new couples be premiering during the story. Also, there is a love triangle having to deal with Duncan/Courtney/Gwen. There will be break-ups too between some pairings while they will lead to hook-ups.

Dedication: This story is dedicated to Enigma Dragon Warrior and Frank15, my favorite authors on this site. Enjoy!

Total Drama World Tour

Ep.1, Pt.1: Total Drama Takes Flight




(Narrated by Chris McLean)

"Previously on Total Drama Action, it was a cross-country battle between the cast of Total Drama and the new cast of Total Drama Dirtbags! They raced it out on buses to New York City in order to be the next cast members of season three! But when the veteran's bus crashed, a few campers went to look for help while I rescued the remaining campers and brought them to the film lot."

"So I then announced that Total Drama Dirtbags was all just a test to see if the other campers still had it in them for another season to which they obviously did. Finally season three was established when I told the cast members they would be competing for One Billion Dollars! New cast mates Alejandro and Sierra would be joining them for this high flying, action packed season!"

"Only one will win while the rest must take The Drop of Shame and land on The Helipad of Losers. So be sure to stay tuned for more Total Drama World Tour when we return!"

Chris McLean suddenly appeared in the middle of an abandoned airport landing zone with a plane behind him. On the wing of the plane was a giant picture of Chris McLean himself. He smirked as he looked at the camera and then opened up his mouth to speak.

"Welcome back to Total Drama World Tour! Right now we are saying hello to our tourists of the season! So sit back and relax as we welcome back the cast members! First up is season two winner, Duncan!" Chris finished as the first bus arrived dropping off the bad boy of the series.

He cracked his knuckles. "This is going to be fun. Two chicks are fighting over me at the moment, remember?" He asked Chris referring to the last time they had seen each other. "I'm up for becoming a billionaire!"

"Glad you are Duncan. Speaking of the two girls that are fighting over you, here's Gwen!"

The second bus came and the Goth girl stepped off with a smirk on her face. "Hey Duncan. Ready for another season?" She asked trying to flirt. Duncan noticed this and just grinned which made the Goth smile even larger.

"I smell a couple forming!" Chris taunted.

"What is this?" Asked the next tourist as they arrived. "Duncan is my boyfriend Gwen! Hands off!"

Courtney pushed Gwen away and put her hands around Duncan giving him a kiss on the lips. Gwen sighed and turned around to find herself in the comforting hands of her best friend out of the cast, LeShawna.

"How you doing girl? I came with Courtney because Chris was being way too cheap with buses. Ain't that like him? Well, this season you don't have to worry about Trent and me and you can just roll through the game to win!" LeShawna assured her.

"Worry about Trent!" Courtney told her after hearing LeShawna's pep talk. "He still likes you! And you like him, so leave Duncan alone!"

LeShawna raised an eyebrow. "Now why would Gwen ever go after Duncan? They just aren't made for each other. So you can keep Duncan, but just leave Gwen alone."

"Good." Courtney said giving Duncan another kiss.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Tyler!" Chris exclaimed as the next camper arrived. The door of the bus opened revealing Tyler wearing his red track suit. He was about to step out when he tripped and fell landing on his face. Then his luggage was thrown at him as he was trying to get up sending him back down. Finally the bus sped off into the day.

"Hey Chris!" Tyler exclaimed. "I am so ready for another season! I am going to rock as I win the money!"

"Cool Tyler, so how's you and Lindsay?" Chris asked as the next bus arrived and a certain blonde stepped off.

"I don't know, I haven't seen in forever."

"Then turn around,." Chris said.

Tyler turned around to find himself kissing Lindsay.

"The couple returns!" Chris exclaimed as the two proceeded to make out. Harold suddenly arrived and was swept off his feet by LeShawna.

"Gross Chris!" She shouted. "But two can play at that game." And then LeShawna proceeded to make out with Harold. Harold nearly fainted from joy after kissing LeShawna so passionately.

Chris chuckled and then got back to reality. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Izzy and Ezekiel!"

The door of the next bus opened and out came Ezekiel but then suddenly Izzy jumped on his shoulders making them both fall down.

"What was that for Izzy?" Ezekiel asked.

"Just for fun my Zeke!" Izzy replied hopping up. "Wow! This place looks great. Now, when are we going to start fighting in mini jet planes?"

"Um…never?" Chris told the redhead. "And now, please welcome Bridgette!"

The surfer girl hopped off the bus with her surfboard smiling. "Hey guys." She said calmly. Then Bridgette walked over to Gwen and LeShawna and they started talking.

"Okay?" Chris said puzzled. "Here are our two tech geeks who were spotted cuddling again on the scene of when I rescued them, Cody and Noah!"

The door of the bus opened and Cody and Noah stepped out laughing about something. Noah noticed the cast that was there already and he sighed. "Chris, I'm sure you got the memo about how stuff in different countries can affect my allergies?"

"I'm sure someone got it." He replied. "Cody, how's everything?"

"Good! I heard someone who's going to be on this show has a crush on me so I'm excited. Maybe I might finally get a girlfriend!" Cody told him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, DJ!"

The thirteenth bus arrived and the brick house with a heart stepped out with a Bunny perched on his shoulder. He smiled at all of his friends. "This time I'm going to win this one for Momma and for a new bus so we can live in it!"

But no one turned to look at him when he said that. Chris walked over to him to explain what had happened. "I don't think that they trust you anymore after you did that alliance with Chef Hatchet"

"I'm sorry guys!" DJ rang out to them, but still no one listened.

"Looks like it's time for our next veteran!" Chris exclaimed walking away from the sad DJ just as the next camper arrived. "Owen!"

The lovable oaf stepped off the bus and wrapped Chris in a giant bear hug. "Hey guys! This is going to be so awesome! I can't wait to hang with all of you!" He exclaimed letting Chris done and continuing to hug everyone.

"And now for our final veteran…Heather!"

The queen bee stepped off her bus and into the airport landing zone with her newly grown back hair tied back into a pony tail. She glared at her competion and crossed her arms.

"This competion is going to be easy to beat. Your all losers and are just plain stupid especially Lindsay." Heather said to the dumb blonde. "And I am going to come in first this time around and all of you will be eliminated first!"

"Harsh Heather. But that's what you are. And now for the moment you've all been waiting for! Remember those two people that were helping you guys with the race to New York? Well I invited them here to compete with you guys for the billion dollars!" Chris said. "Here's our first newbie, Alejandro!"

Bridgette was meanwhile looking around for friends after finishing talking to LeShawna and Gwen when a bus whizzed by her making her fall down just as a Hispanic hottie stepped out.

"Hello beautiful," Alejandro said helping Bridgette up as Izzy walked up to help her up too.

"I…I have a boyfriend!" Bridgette said after looking into Alejandro's eyes.

"Wow-wee!" Izzy exclaimed making Owen put his shoulders on his hips.

"Sorry, but she's taken also dude." Owen said pulling Izzy away from Alejandro. Lindsay walked up to Alejandro as well as LeShawna.

"You look…amazing Allen!" Lindsay exclaimed hugging Alejandro.

"It's Alejandro, Lindsay." Alejandro replied grinning into the camera that was filming him at the moment. "And you look really pretty. Both of you." He finished looking at LeShawna who blushed.

"So a little competion, eh?" Ezekiel said nudging Harold.

"Don't worry. Alejandro's charms aren't as half as good as mine. It's just a faze that LeShawna's going through." Harold assured.

Oh boy was Harold wrong.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, our second newbie, Sierra!"

The second bus arrived and out jumped the girl with highlights. "Omigosh I love you guys! Especially Cody, Omigosh I love you!"

Sierra glomped Cody and started hugging him.

"Um…help!" Cody said between breathes.

"I think you found the girl who likes you," Gwen giggled.

Chris chuckled and then led the campers over to a massive jet with a picture of Chris printed on the side. "This is the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. Your home for the next several weeks. You'll be flying all around the world in this competing in challenges in different countries for One Billion Dollars!"

Suddenly the door flew open hitting Owen on the head making him go unconscious. DJ's eyes widened and rushed to his aid.

"Owen? Are you okay?" DJ asked.

"He'll be fine. Now, everyone inside!" The tourists proceeded into the jumbo jet as Chef Hatchet came out with a bulldozer and scooped Owen up to take him inside.

Inside the tourists stood in the first class section where a mini juice bar and fuzzy carpeting was placed. Couches and lamps were placed everywhere too.

Noah smiled and sat down on the couch and pull out his book to read when Chef Hatchet came in with Owen and dropped him on top of Noah, crushing him.

"OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" Noah rang out as Owen rolled off of him, instantly waking him up.

"Drama!" Chris exclaimed. "And now, there is the matter of teams also. I was thinking of having a challenge that would settle that. But before I announce it, I would like to introduce the Bathroom Confessional!"

(Bathroom Confessional- Our First Appearance)

Alejandro- /the hottie grins/ "Okay, time to cut the crap about Mr. Nice Guy. I will win this contest and the others will go down. I will be mean and evil this time. Compared to me, Heather will look like a saint. They'll all go down, one by one."

Heather- "That Alejandro guy is up to something. He's trying to score all of the people to eliminate me! Fine, it's on! Just you wait!"

Cody- "I thought somebody normal would like me. Not Sierra. Well, I guess I'll just have to deal with it. This could actually be fun."

Gwen- "Okay yes, I do like Duncan. But I still can't get over Trent. I made a big mistake breaking up with him last season, but it was probably for the best of both teams."

Suddenly a door opened and in walked a girl wearing a green floppy hat and a yellow tank top with denim shorts. She smiled at the tourists and took a bow before them.

"Hey guys! I'm LeAnne, Chris's niece. My dad, Chris's brother dropped me to stay with Uncle Chris so I can act in the ways of TV. I'm going to be an actress someday anyway so I figured to start with family!" The girl said.

"Yep, that's LeAnne." Chris said. "How about you guys go unpack while we steer the plane into the right direction." Suddenly the plane hit a bump as it fly into the air. "Say good-bye to Canada everyone!"

Two hours later, the plane landed and the door opened revealing a sandy area. Chris grinned as he and LeAnne stepped out before the tourists.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to your first location, Egypt!" Chris exclaimed as the tourists saw the pyramids and deserts.

"This is also your first challenge. You see all of those pyramids? There are hidden keys in each pyramid. There are eight red and eight green keys. Find the keys and you're on that team. The person who does not find a key is eliminated from the game first!"

"What about mummies?" Sierra questioned.

"It's okay," Cody grinned. "I'll protect you."

Sierra nearly fainted over that comment from Cody and then smiled. "Want to pair up?"

"Sure." Cody replied.

"And on your mark, get set, go!"

The tourists raced off on the race to find the keys while Chris and LeAnne stayed and watched them tumble towards the pyramids.

Chris turned towards the camera. "And that's the first part of the premiere episode of Total Drama World Tour. Who will find the keys in Egypt? Who will be eliminated? And how will Alejandro and Heather cope with each other? Find out when we return!"

Authors Note: And the race is on for the Billion Dollars all around the world. Sorry if this was rushed towards the end, I need to get to bed. So stay tuned for more Total Drama World Tour!

Next- Some keys are found, an alliance is formed, and the first tourist is sent home!