Bailey's POV

I tossed my Graduation hat into the air. It was perfect. Well, almost perfect. Due to a clerical error that never was fixed, I got into Yale University… but Cody, my boyfriend, had to go to Oxford. Which is basically a British Harvard or Yale. I remembered her Graduation day at the S.S. Tipton. I hadn't seen Cody in real life ever since that very day. But I chatted to him on the phone and on Web Chat. Just as I was about to go to change and go to Kansas for summer break (she decided she would be staying on as a Professor in Chemistry) I heard a familiar voice.
"Bailey! Bailey! It's Cody!" I eagerly grinned and kissed him.
"Hello! Oh Cody, It's been three years now! You've got an accent!"
"I don't think so… I came back to America to see you! Oh Bailey, I really love you as much as I did before!"
"Cody, I wanna spend so much time together… but I'm going home to Kansas for the summer."
"I'll come with you"
"I'll help you on the farm. Who's in your family again?"
"Mom, Dad, Me, Amy, Charlotte, Daisy, Ellie, Flora, Gemma, Hailey, Isabelle, Jo, Kyle. But Cody, sorry, but you and I both want to become Chemistry Professors, but in different parts of the world!"
"I'm transferring to a Lab not far from Yale. I'll still get a professorship and just experiment whilst you can lecture!"
"Cody Martin…."
"Bailey Pickett…."
"I love you" we chorused.

Zack's POV

A knock came on the door, and a familiar woman with an African accent said
"Hi, Zack!" MAYA! I thought. Maya Bennett. My ex-girlfriend.
"Hi Maya. What do you want?"
"Zack, I've finished my zoology course in Chad! I as much as you didn't want to leave you, It's just that that sort of relationship is impossible. Let's get back together? Live together? Be together forever."
"Cody and Bailey did it." I gruffly replied
"-You know what they're like,"
"-Yeah, they have a good relationship. When Cody finishes Oxford, I bet he doesn't turn up on Bailey's doorstep and asks her to let him live there- in our case get back together, whilst they haven't had any personal contact- in our case ANY contact, for THREE YEARS.
Maya needed a place where she would be accepted. She hopped on the zoology minibus and said,
"Driver, head for Kettlecorn, Kansas."