The Skeletons of the Marked

Summary: A series of lists. Lists which contain the secrets of Voldemort's most trusted death eaters. These secrets answer 'Why' 13 people would torture, maim, and kill other people for an insane man's cause.

Regulus Arcturus Black (December 5th, 1961 – July 19th, 1979)

1. Kreacher automatically despised Sirius when he was born, as the birth had been difficult for his Mistress and nearly killed her. On the other hand Regulus's birth was quick and mostly painless (due to an excessive amount of potions). Because of this the house elf spends a good portion of its time doting on his Young Master Regulus. As a result of a house elf being the thing that showed Regulus the most love in his early childhood he becomes loyal to the creature in exchange. Regulus listens to Kreacher even when he wouldn't listen to his mother, so it was from Kreacher that Regulus learns of family loyalty and blood purity.

2. One of Regulus's most distinct memories from his childhood is of him breaking into Orion's study. He did not do much, did not break anything, and touched nothing other than the books. Regulus was seven years old and throwing up over his father's shoes after reading a tiny bit of one of the darker dark arts books. The subject matter was something called a 'Horcrux' and how to make one. Kreacher cleans up the vomit, his father rubs his back, Walburga is off at a social function, and Sirius is in his room. Regulus spends the rest of the day wondering who Tom Riddle, the boy who marked in the book, is and why any sane person would want to look at that.

3. Accidental magic was something heavily celebrated in the family of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Black. Even Sirius got a cake the first time he turned his bed sheets red. It was a German Chocolate Cake. The first time Regulus preformed magic he was eight years old and at the Max's Yule Ball, two days before Christmas. His brother had snuck up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder to turn him around. Apparently Siruis had wanted to introduce Regulus to the host's seven year old daughter. All Regulus really remembered that night was turning to fast and his drink flinging everywhere, mostly onto the host's daughter. His first reaction was to fling his hand out and apologies. Regulus managed the former but not the later, since he spent too much time gaping at Amber Max. He had vanished the punch, and her dress. His brother's laugh, his father's hastily covered grin, Amber's shrikes, and his mother's babbled apologies later fuel his partonus (a large luminescent Great Dane).

4. The Sorting Hat shouted 'Slytherin' as soon as it touched Regulus's head, but as the eleven year old walked away he heard it mutter 'would have made a better Gryffindor'. Regulus did not include that part in the letter to his mother telling her of his house. The reply he received the next morning made him never regret not telling her. Later in life the memory of his brother's face from across the hall tended to make him regret never telling Sirius.

5. That summer when he was thirteen, Regulus over heard Bellatrix trying to recruit Sirius into the service of the Dark Lord, knowing his brother as he did, Regulus knew Sirius would die before taking the Mark. That night the younger brother offered his services to the Dark Lord in exchange for his brother's freedom. Two years later he would take the Mark sealing a promise from the Dark Lord that Sirius would not be harmed as long as Regulus lived.

6. During those two years of probationary service, Regulus completed his third and fourth years at Hogwarts. He spent most of his time studying, avoiding his brother, and recruiting people for the Dark Lord. For each person Regulus damned for the sake of his brother's life, Regulus carved a lightning bolt shaped rune into his left arm. For some reason the one for Severus Snape stung longer than the others.

7. Walburga Black was so ashamed of her second son being branded by some foul half-blood that she formally disowned him. It's to be noted that she also retracted Sirius's disowning as a result. When he heard this result Regulus started grinning like a mad man. He wished he could see the look on his brother's face when Sirius discovered he was Lord Black! The good image helped carry Regulus through the next few Death Eater meetings.

8. The first person Regulus ever killed was a muggle-born girl named Ashley Stannard. She had been a year above him in school, a Ravenclaw, had a few flings with Sirius, and she did not look very pretty screaming her head off shaking off the Crucitus curse. She sobbed, she pleaded, and she screamed as each Death Eater took their turns torturing her. Walden McNair, who stood ahead of him in the circle, used the entrails-expelling curse on Ashley. Her intestines landed at Regulus's feet, and he raised his wand and preformed the Killing curse.

9. Regulus consoled himself by saying it was for Sirius and he was putting her out of her misery. After using the excuse for the seventh time he started wondering if Sirius was worth it.

10. When the Dark Lord asked for an elf, Regulus was quick to volunteer Kreacher. Not because it was a great honor like he told Kreacher, but because he hoped for a break from raids in exchange. The look of exhaustion, desperation, and thirst on the house-elf's face upon his return made Regulus wish he had never volunteered Kreacher to get out of the raids. But when the house-elf informed his master of what the Dark Lord had him do, Regulus was very glad (again) he volunteered Kreacher. The key to saving his brother and stopping the scars was in his grasp.9. After Kreacher finished his tale, Regulus made up his mind about what he would do immediately. He'd get the locket and destroy it. If he died in the process it wouldn't matter. His brother would be attacked by the Dark Lord. His brother would be with Albus Dumbledore (because the bloody Gryffindork idiot joined the Order of the Flaming Turkeys). The Headmaster could actually kill the man. It would be done.

11. The potion in the basin dragged up Regulus's worst memories. With each mouthful the images changed. Walburga is screaming. Sirius is a Gryffindor. Howlers are composed. Warnings are given. Better not end up like him. The potion is almost gone. He's a first year and he smiles at Sirius. Houses wouldn't separate them. Their blood ties them. They are brothers. Sirius sneers, Potter jeers, Lupin looks on, and Pettigrew twitches. The last gulp. He is hiding behind the wall. Potter is talking to Sirius. Sirius is upset. He's saying no brother of his would be a Slytherin. Potter is talking. 'He's not your brother then. Not anymore. I am now.' Sirius is looking at Potter. 'You're a brother I can be proud of.' Regulus is choking. He crawled towards the water to stop the burning. Arms enveloped him.

12. When the inferti pulled Regulus into the icy water, his last thoughts were 'I hope you're proud of me now, Brother. I did what you would have done.'

13. Sirius did not find out about Regulus's actions during the last few months of the first war until after he fell though the veil. The clarity he achieved the second he died allowed him to greet his brother with a hug and a 'you did well'. For Regulus this moment outshined all others during his life.