The Skeletons of the Marked

Summary: A series of lists. Lists which contain the secrets of Voldemort's most trusted death eaters. These secrets answer 'Why' 13 people would torture, maim, and kill other people for an insane man's cause.

Walden Macnair (February 3rd, 1933 – June 13th, 1988, Body Death on July 4th, 1990)

1. Walden was the bastard son of a wealthy pureblood lord and a muggle barmaid. The man who helped conceive him took Walden from his mother moments after his birth and placed him with Justin and Constance Macnair, a couple who ran the Loose Hippogriff in Knockturn Ally. Justin and Constance adopted the boy and never gave him names of either of his biological parents, just the gist of the story, smudged descriptions, and how he was much better off with them.

2. By the age of seven, Walden had seen many things. Justin and Constance had put the boy to work as soon as he was able bodied as a drink runner. Bringing patrons Firewisky and other drinks brought the child a wealth of information, such as how many politicians were taking money under the table. He also learned telling Justin these things gained him smiles, pats on the head, and the occasional gift.

3. One such gift was a crup pup he named Appius after the man Walden told Justin about to be given the dog. Appius Claudius Agrippa was a vampire of some esteem who Walden watched drain a thirteen year old boy-whore when taking out the trash one night. Underage feeding on magical people was against the law, and Appius could have been fined several hundred thousand galleons for the act. Justin attempted to extort money from the old vampire for his silence, but only ended up being silenced permanently for doing so. When Constance lost the Loose Hippogriff six months later due to financial things she didn't understand, Walden kicked Appius the crup. The yelp it made excited the child, and he kicked it again and again. He walked away somewhat happier when it died.

4. It was coincidence that Walden's first year of Hogwarts corresponded with Tom Marvolo Riddle's last year of school. It was not coincidence for the Head Boy to witness the sixth fight eleven year old Walden was involved in. Walden was a bastard child in Slytherin who was not very good with magic. He was very good with information and words though. Such things Tom Riddle found highly useful and Thomas Nott found highly dreadful. After all, after the sixth fight Walden let everyone know there was a decent chance he and Thomas were half brothers.

5. Tom took Walden under his wing after that, and Walden found he enjoyed it there. He told Tom everything he ever told Justin and then everything he found out while still in Hogwarts. Like how Janus Filch, a Ravenclaw perfect who advocated muggle rights, had a squib brother he was deeply ashamed of, and how Professor Astrid, the young astrology teacher, was having an affair with the ancient Herbology Professor. Of course he told Tom about Christopher Lestrange's affair with a Ravenclaw, half-blood son of a werewolf. Walden found it funny who that stopped very quickly and Christopher and Tom became very close friends.

6. After Tom left Hogwarts, life was a bit more difficult for Walden but he managed. Because Tom had spent time tutoring Walden, the child found magic a bit easier then it was before. Namely the Dark Arts. Tom had helped Walden discover his true calling by teaching him some basic curses. Macnair practiced them on conjured animals and found he could easily perform most of them. The screeches he called from each creature in the silenced classrooms gave him the same feeling he had when he kicked Appius. Delight.

7. After Hogwarts, Walden used some of Tom's connections to get a job in the ministry's magical creature division. Mostly he traveled around inspecting the homes of witches and wizards who kept unusual creatures as pets, making sure they were hidden from prying muggle eyes. This was how he met Chastity Max, the second daughter and third child of a pureblood couple who owned several winged horses. The Maxes were a respected pureblood family with dark moderate political ties and a large family tree. He got close to Chastity after her parents hired him for some side work of putting down an old horse, one she was particularly close to. He promised he'd make it as painless as possible for the animal: and he did with a killing curse right between the eyes. Walden did not expect Chastity to see, he did not expect her to scream, and he did not expect to get so pissed off that the stupid bitch didn't accept what he did for her that he would turn on her. It was the first time he'd used the circatus on anything other than a spider. He found he had to change his trousers when he escaped the aurors.

8. Walden stayed in hiding, gathering information for the man who gave him the connections to hide as he could. Sometimes Tom – who insisted on being called Voldemort now – asked him to do other things, things like what he did to Chastity Max,. Walden found he loved it, loved it more than money and sex. He found people's screams to be the greatest source of ecstasy in the world.

9. When Lord Voldemort came out to the world in the 70s, Walden came out of hiding. He lead raids on muggle villages, tortured mudbloods, and more than once rapped blood traitor women. He was one of the high profile death eaters, and he was more than proud of it. He lectured the Lestrange brothers on loyalty and dictated the Dark Lord's will to the lesser followers. Walden punished the unworthy all in his master's name and stole from the idiots who opposed his Lord.

10. It was with this stolen money Walden Macnair paid off the right politicians when his Lord died. He escaped Azkaban by a ghoul's breath and reclaimed his post in the magical creatures division of the ministry with the last of his money. It was with this excuse he pleaded for forgiveness from his Lord and Master years later. Poor Walden was incapable of finding his Master because he did not have the funds. He received a curcio from his old tutor for the excuse.

11. In the second was Macnair did not fare as well. He was an older man when his Lord returned. Old and thin and malnourished. Few people had pity for the Knockturn Ally dweller, and most everyone had learned to keep their secrets from him. Over time Macnair had grown tired, and his magic had started to putter out. He was reduced to a diplomat and swinging his scythe around. Walden was not pleased, and made sure people heard. He lost an eye to Snape when Voldemort's right hand got tired of his whining.

12. During the Battle of Hogwarts, Walden dueled against the half-giant Hagrid. During Walden's time at Hogwarts he had often ridiculed the grounds keeper's apprentice, playing pranks and harming the animals he looked after. When he had been called to execute the Hippogriff that belonged to the man years earlier he had been ecstatic. Walden could easily remember the anger he felt at having the chance to take another thing from the half-human again taken away from him. As his head collided with the castle wall, he figured Rubius Hagrid remembered it too.

13. Walden Macnair was kissed by a dementor on June 13th, 1988, three hours after his trial. His last official words were 'I'd do it all again', but his last coherent thought was 'with more bloodshed and more deaths'. The bastard's body died two years later, the newspaper photos of the body showed him grinning.