Am I still, only human? The voices say no. The voices in my head. They say I'm more than that. That I have a job to do. But I can't remember it. They say I'm not whole, that half of me is missing. It's not in China. I've checked. It's not with my birth parents. But the voices insist half of me is gone. They call it my sanity. My wit. My brains. Also, my name.

Jackie looks over at his niece. She sits silently looking over her school notes. Her long black hair draped over her shoulders. Her eyes were dull and hazy. Her clothes were white and gray. Jackie sighed. He would've loved a calm, practical, and non trouble making Jade years ago.

But she just sat there. Staring. She looked dead. Cold. Unfeeling. She was like a mannequin or a corpse. She felt nothing. Everything that had seemed important to her at on point in her life seemed unimportant. She herself felt dead. Cut and dry.

Most would say that it was combining section 13 with a group called Providence. After all Jade was practically raised in America as a fighter by chance. She had learned talisman magic, demon lessons, chi spells, and history of evil as well as everyday school. But she lived and breathed what she did in section 13. Until Jackie wished on a star. After that Jade did a U turn in her personality. Not perky, somber.

Only when Jade sleep did she seem like the same Jade. She would mumble about magic. And she would mention something about a Breech. How it was getting closer. She would shiver at night when she said this. Nothing Jackie did helped. He was thinking about using the sheep talisman to find out what was wrong. But Captain Black said no. He said it was just a phase. Part of growing up.

Jackie saw Jade get up. She was one of the first able to go to Providence. She would be riding with the talismans and other magical relics. Black trusted her fully since she no longer went out on her magic raids. Something else Jackie missed.

She walked over to a government vehicle. She just got her license so she would be going solo. She had great responsibility. Jackie wanted to do this himself, but she was now a section 13, no Providence agent and she'd have to do things on her own.

She walked into the government car. Her bags were placed there ahead of time. Mixed in them were the magical cards, talismans, Oni masks and other magical items and ingredients. They were hidden very well.

Perfectly planned and practical. Just like a civil government agent. She left first as every one else was saying goodbye. She went to the highest speed allowed for the law.

~At Providence~

"Six why didn't you tell me that another organization is joining Providence?" asked Rex.

"Because this was just said today at the meeting. Honestly I don't think it's a good idea. Uprooting people form what they've working on, without knowing their loyalties and sending them to a dedicated place like Providence."

"Pfft. Six, I mean why didn't someone tell me that their top agent is younger than me. Come on! I've got to meet this guy. He and I could seriously mess up Van Kleiss."

"Rex. These people aren't like us. They are on the less sane spectrum of the government."

"Like we aren't?"

Six cocked an eyebrow.

"Kidding," said Rex. He was only half joking. César was a little scary. He wasn't normal. He made things that were dangerous seem so harmless. It was like he needed to scare people.

He and Six walked toward the entrance where the new people would show up. They weren't due for another hour. But in the entrance was a sleek black car. Its windows were tinted black. Slowly its window rolled down. Inside was a girl with long black hair. She wore grays and whites. Her eyes were hidden by sunglasses.

"Providence I presume?" she said with no warmth in her voice. Her glasses fell to show her dark eyes. They were as cold as ice.

"Yes and you are?" asked Six. She said nothing and stepped out. She pulled out all her bags. They were either slung over her shoulder or pulled by wheels. She walked toward the door.

"Hey!" yelled Rex running in front of her, "I don't know who you think you are but…"

"I think I am Jade Chan. Niece of archeologist Jackie Chan. Born in Hong Kong. New transfer from section 13 to Providence and…"

"Whoa! You're one of the newbie's?"

"I am new." She said dryly.


"Yes. Is that so hard to comprehend?"

Rex just stared. She was cold and unfeeling. What kind of girl was she?

She quickly walked to the door. Without any trouble, she kicked the door open. It didn't break down, but it wasn't in the best of shapes.

"Where do I sleep?" she asked.

"You're Jade right?" asked Six.


"It says you'll be rooming next to Rex."

"Wait what!" yelled Rex.


Rex stared at her. She had to be joking.

"Where is your room? I should be able to get to my room from there."

Her eyes told Rex she was serious.

"Okay scary girl this way," he said. She cocked her eyebrow. She was a lot like Six, except with out any green. Her dark hair. Her pale skin. Her dry attitude. She could've been Six's daughter.

"So how old are you?" asked Rex as they got closer to his room.

"I'll turn seventeen in two months."

"Really? You're younger than me."

"I'm the youngest from section 13. Too many missions before I was official so they had to let me in young."

"Too many missions?" asked Six who followed.

"My uncle was recruited by them a while back."

As they got to Rex's room, Jade pulled something out of her bag. It was a puppet that looked like a fancy monkey with bad hair.

"Are we almost there?" she asked.

"Uh yeah. What's that?"

"The monkey king. Don't pull his leg."

With that comment Rex thought she might have a sense of humor.

"Why not?" he joked.

"Because it is cursed. It is a trap. You will be doomed and no one will be happy."

"Really?" he said reaching for the leg. César was just turning the corner as Jade smacked him.

"Are you deaf? He is not for play. He is to be locked up you fool."

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