Jade smiled at all she had accomplished in two days. She had made César feel the wrath of the monkey king. She made Six's swords come to life. She made Holiday super strong. She made the monkey's things invisible. And she took over Mr. White's body. She forgot how much fun it had been to just use the talismans. And other magical relics. She even got to steal some of Uncle's newts and puffer fish. Providence was fun and new. But she still didn't like Rex.

She didn't know what it was about him. He was strong, and cool. But dark and curious. She knew better than to get involved with a guy like him. But she wanted to spar with him. To see what he could do. She went to Holiday real fast.

"So is my package here?" asked Jade.

"Yes. It showed up this…"

"Give it here!" she cried ripping open the package. She pulled out a shirt that greatly resembled the shirt she wore when she was younger. She smiled happily. There were four of those shirts. One red, one blue, one black and one green. She also had black pants.

"Nice," she said with a devilish smile. She liked the tiger brand clothing. Wait, she forgot to tell Uncle about the tiger talisman!

"Got to go!" she yelled with the package. Uncle was just down the hall. Only Rex and César were in her way. She jumped over them easily. She then ran backwards and gave them a razz berry. She seemed so mature when they met her. And now she was like a little kid.

Rex thought it had something to do with that night. He tried asking her before but she sprayed him with cheese in a can. He remembered Noah laughing so hard. And that he was pushed into the meeting room before he could clean it off. Even White couldn't hide that he thought Rex looked ridiculous.

A moment later she came running out. She ran into them this time, knocking them onto the floor.

"Ow!" said César.

"Oh. Go put on your big girl panties and grow some balls," she said getting up and running toward her room. She wasn't in her secretary outfit. She was dressed like a kid. Walking out of that room was another person. But it wasn't anyone Rex recognized. He didn't even look like he was from section thirteen. He was around Rex's age. He looked Latino. He had dark brown hair that went to his shoulders. He had on a white undershirt and some camo shorts. His hands were bandaged.

"What are you looking at?" he asked angrily. He had a hard look on his face. Jade put her head out from the corner.

"Paco! Don't be so rude," she said walking up. She threw her arms around Rex and César, "I work with these two here lovely gentle men."

Paco looked disgusted as he walked back into Uncle's office.

"You owe me ten bucks each," she said letting go.

"Why would we owe you money?" questioned César.

"Because my friend there is the student of El Toro Fuerte. He would defiantly kick your two Mexican asses."

"That's the famous El Toro's student?" asked César.

"Well duh. Who'd you think it was his daughter? God you guy's are dumber than the Dark Hand without a leader."

"The Who?" asked Rex.

"You like that band too?"

"No," said Rex.

"How can you not like the Who?" she yelled. Rex smacked his head. César chuckled and walked off.

"Don't make too much of a fuss in your lovers quarrel now!"

Jade quickly took off her shoe and hit him in the middle of the face. There was now a size seven foot print that would be stuck on his face for the rest of the day, right between the eyes. Rex stood for a minute while César went back to his room and Jade put her shoe on. Rex sighed. It was either now or never.

"What happened that night?" he asked. Jade looked up at him.

"Well last night I had to crap really badly…"

"That's not what I was asking about!"

He felt his face get really warm.

"When you were on guard duty. You were crying."

"Oh. I was upset my opponent up and left me."

"Your opponent?" asked Rex. No one had been notified that there was anyone other than Jade outside. Only her DNA could be seen.

"Yeah. The chick in the Providence bingo book. I think her name was Breech."

"You fought Breech?"

"Yeah. And I want to fight her again so badly."

"Why would you want to do that?"

"She used some jank move on me that hurt really fucking badly. I couldn't move without excruciating pain," she said with lots of enthusiasm. Rex was surprised. She didn't seem to care.

"Oh, and if you tell anyone from section thirteen, you might wakeup ball-less."

"Don't worry I won't," he said quiet disgusted, "Why them?"

"They can send me back to Hong Kong to live with my parents at any time. Basically when they think I'm in danger."

"Then why are you still here?"

She gave a devilish smile, "Cause I'm a big kid now!"

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