A/N: I was looking through the stories yesterday, and I saw that no one had really done anything like this. I decided I'd put this list together myself. I hope you guys like it, please R&R!

Regarding Music:

Sing "Graybeard Halt" all day.

. . . In front of King Duncan's full court.

Sing the annoying song all day. (You know "I have an annoying song, annoying song, annoying song, I have an annoying song and this is how it goes . . . ")

Play the mandola very horribly, and when he asks you to stop, start playing it even louder.

Regarding Possessions:

Hide his Silver Oakleaf.

Hide his whole supply of coffee.

Hide his bow and arrows.

Hide his throwing and saxe knives with their sheath.

When he finds the hidden items, blame it on Will (especially funny if Will isn't there!)

Break his bowstring.

Regarding Questions:

Constantly question him about his relationship with Lady Pauline.

Question every single thing he does, and if he doesn't answer, question his silence.

Constantly ask him very stupid questions.

If he ask YOU a question, try to bluff it (especially funny if you know the answer!)

Regarding People:

Chain him to Svengal for a week and lock them in a room.

Chain him to Borsa for a week and lock them in a room.

Chain him to Xander for a week and lock them in a room.

Lock him in a roomful of preschoolers for a week.

Throw a huge party for him every week.


When he's trying to camoflauge in the forest, yell and point him out. (unless it's dangerous.)

Put him on a very rocky ship.

ON the ship, constantly ask him how he's feeling.

Also, talk about lots of sickening foods.

Constantly tell him how awesome you think he is.

Stalk him everywhere (as best as you can)

When he threatens you for doing any of these items, just smile at him sweetly and look undaunted, no matter how scared you are.


It is not advisable to actually DO any of these items if you like your limbs the way they are and you wish to remain alive.



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