The rest of the week passed fairly quickly, both Brendan's and Freya's abilities tested again and again, the results confirming what the agent had assumed. When the pair were together or in close proximity to one another, their abilities increased dramatically; they were able to see and hear what people were thinking almost five hundred meters away, their accuracy of telepathy increased, and they were able to share information over long distances. Once separated, their skills remained at the same level for almost an hour, but it began to decrease in power afterwards.

Since they could do nothing more the scientists could do for them, Michael decided it was about time that they returned to the NSA before Harper started to scream down the phone.

The journey back was made in silence, or at least that's what the doctor thought. The two telepaths had a deep discussion, Freya giving tips on how to shut everyone out, Brendan showing her how to 'push' thoughts into others and a brief talk about their 'almost night' as Freya called it.

Brendan was let out of the car briefly to put his case in his apartment and to change into more suitable clothes for work, his scrunched up trousers and grass stained shirt far from appropriate, followed by another similar stop for Freya before they arrived at the office.

It was lunch break when they entered the building, so most of the occupants were out searching for hot dog stands and bagel shops, meaning the trio were able to get up to their floor relatively undisturbed. Harper, of course, was waiting for them in his office.

"You took your God damn time. This place has been chaos without you!" he exclaimed, flinging his notes across the table as he stood to glare at them.

"We couldn't really be rushed Jon." The doctor explained.

"Do you really expect me to believe that… he, is what you tell me he is?" the director pointed at Brendan.

Michael nodded.

"Alright," he looked at his agent, "what am I thinking about?"

Triple homicide in…

"Triple homicide in the west side. Two males one female, all with the same gunshot wounds… 50 cal? And the youngest male is the son of one of the company owners on that side of town, Jerry Fraud I believe." Brendan said, pretending to glance briefly at the desk. If he didn't want to believe it, he didn't have to.

"How…? You guessed didn't you."

He raised his hands. "Guilty as charged sir."

The man grinned deviously. Mind reader my ass. "Why exactly did you tell me he was…"

"I needed to get away from work for a bit sir, but the doc wouldn't let me go alone so he and Freya came with me. In case I started working when I shouldn't," the agent swiftly interrupted, causing Harper to turn back quickly "I had to ask the doc to give you some reason to let me go. You'd never have let me… us take such a long time off if he hadn't."

The director didn't look convinced.

"You have been telling him to get some rest Jon," Michael explained, catching on quickly, "And he really needed that week."

Harper's face softened, and he nodded thoughtfully. "Well, just don't go using that kind of excuse again." It's bad enough having one of them around… He cringed. She heard that didn't she.

"Yes I did sir." Freya smiled.

Brendan found it overwhelmingly difficult to keep his expression under control, laughter ready to stream from his mouth.

"Well… It's a good thing you two are back. We were having a bit of trouble on our trip homicide," he began to sit down, but paused, "Well? This case isn't gonna solve itself!"

They filed quickly out of the room.

"Why aren't we telling him?" Freya asked as soon as they'd entered Michael's office.

"It's not that we can't trust him, it's just that he can't handle it at the moment. It wasn't that long ago when he discovered telepathy was real, let alone the fact that he was going to have one as an operative. I don't think he's ready to know he's got two, even if it's someone he's known for years," the doctor explained, leaning on his desk. "So for now, we all just went out of the city for a while to rest up."

She nodded and made her way to her cubicle.

"Oh and Brendan… don't forget this." Michael held out his sunglasses that he'd left there before going to his facility. If anything starts happening that you can't explain, I want you to tell me.

"Thanks doc," he said, leaving the room. You mean anything like being able to hear other people's thoughts? You'll be the first to know.

As he walked back to his desk, he noticed Freya's eyes following him.


Exactly. What?

:Well, we've got a case to solve, so I suppose it's back to normal.:

But it's not normal.

Neither of them thought for a moment, examining their slightly dusty desks.

Did you hear what Harper said earlier?

:What? About this place being chaos without us?:


:I wouldn't ask about it. He'd probably deny it ever happened.:

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