AN: Well heres yet another Ruby and Jo oneshot from yours truely. Theres just something extremely hot about those two I can't stop writting about them. Here you go! Enjoy!

Jo sat on the floor in front of the bed in a empty motel room. She held a knife in one hand and bottle of Jack in the other. She felt the hot tears explode from her eyes. She thought she'd be use to this by now. She thought she'd be use to being a dissapointment to everyone, but she was wrong.

Her mother treated like a child. Ash was dead. Dean Winchester, the one man she thought she was in love with only saw her as a little sister and that inferated her. She just wanted to be treated as an equal. She just wanted to be loved for who she was. Bagage and all, but at the moment that didn't seem to be happening.

She pushed up her sleeves and took another sip of the half empty bottle. It was now or never. She told herself. She just wanted everything to be over with. She didn't want to hurt anymore. And most importantly she didn't want to hurt anyone else in the process.

She lowered the blade on her arm, steadying herself. She was more then ready to do this. She wanted to do this, and it would seemed that no one else would ever give a damn if she came back at all.

"Jo, don't" A voice called out to her. Even in Jo's drunken stupor she reconized that voice.

It was Ruby, the demon. Her demon. Her friend.

"Don't do it Joey." Ruby said. The pain was evident in her voice. She sat down next to Jo with tears in her eyes.

"I have to, Ruby." Jo cried.

Ruby paled and looked at her friend. "Tell me why you think you have to do this." She was as calm as demon could possibly be. She would try to reason with Jo, make her see things her way.

"Because everyone leaves." Jo sobbed uncapping the Jack before Ruby ripped it out of her hands.

"I think you had enough." Ruby scolded sitting the bottle on the other side of her. She reached out and played with stray strand of blond hair as Jo glared at her. "And I haven't left you."

"Yet." Jo hissed. " haven't left yet, b...but you will." She started to shake harder.

Ruby sighed and wrapped her arms around the blond hunter. "When will you see that I'll never leave you, Jo? I love you." She whispered the last part.

Jo whipped her head around to were she was facing the demon. " what?" She looked shocked at the confession.

"I love you, Jo. I always have. I can't stand leaving you for one moment let alone a lifetime." At this point Ruby had tears in her eyes. "Please give me the knife." Ruby begged.

Without hesitation Jo handed it over. "I love you too, Ruby." She whispered. "And thank you for never leaving me."

In reply Ruby left a light but lingering kiss on the hunters lips, thats when Jo knew Ruby would always walk in when the rest of the world walked out. Ruby will always be there.

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