The Creature Beyond Time

Summary: People are vanishing and they are bing forgotten as they do. Leaving only two people to stop whatever is behind these acts. Those two people happen to be Gwen Tennyson and the Timelord known as the Doctor.

Author Notes: This takes place after the Doctor dropped Amy and Rory home, he is traveling alone and waving to them from history, the beginning of the Impossible Astronaut. Gwen is from Ultimate Alien.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Ben 10 or any concept of character from either show

Chapter 1: Sweet Escape

The location was the Tower of London and currently a man was trying to escape it, it was the dead of night when the alarms rang out to the guards of the man's escape. The guards had been warned to pay close attention to him, a warning passed on by the King himself. Now the man had managed to escape his chains and was running, that was to be expect any prison who had the chance would run but this man was running towards the tallest part of the tower. The guards finally managed to catch up to him and corner him. The guards pulled out their swords and pointed them towards the man.

The head Guard ordered the man who was looking out a small window "Turn around now!"

The man spun himself around and grinned "Hello,"He looked like a young man with a red bow tie and tweed jacket "I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor you will be taken back to your cell."

"Sorry can't do that. I had this whole brilliant plan to escape but I'm just going to have to be blunt on this one. But you all are going to be lucky to see this one. It's going to be one you tell your grandchildren about."

"There is no means to escape." The Guard told him. Looking around the window seemed to be the only way out but far to small to get through and even then it would only lead to a drop to the death.

"Tell the King I'm sorry about the wall." The Doctor said regret in his voice.

A magenta light came from outside pouring through the window. Then the light cut through the edge of the wall, with thundering clattered the wall was ripped out of the tower. Without the wall the guards could see a large sphere floating in the air and a large basket hanging from it.

The sphere started to float upwards and the Doctor took this as his cue. "All right fellows this is were I depart."

The Doctor took a step back and then ran forwards throwing himself off the edge. He reached for the basket but missed and started to fall towards the dark ground below. The Doctor's figure fell below the edge and the Guards thought that was the end him but they really don't know the Doctor. A stream of magenta light came out from the basket and wrapped itself around the Doctor's waist. The stream began to pull the Doctor upwards towards the basket, as the Doctor passed the speechless guards he waved goodbye. The guards were beyond speechless they looked up as the sphere that took the Doctor unsure what they would tell the King.

As the Doctor pulled himself into the basket the magenta light vanished.

The Doctor looked at the seventeen year old girl with her red hair in a pony tail. "Gwen Tennyson! Hello!"

"Doctor." Gwen greeted him

"You sound cross."

"I'm a little upset." She admitted.

"Is it the dress?" The Doctor's comment came from what Gwen was wearing. Usually Gwen wore a black skirt and red sweater white collar shirt combo but now she was wearing a long puffy grayish blue dress.

"No, it's not the dress. I get a message in one in the morning. A telepathic message so I can't really ignore it. I get the message from you telling me you're in the Tower of London and you need me to escape. So I have to use a time traveling spell, travel centuries back in time and then jump universes. Then I have to get someone to help me build a hot air ballon a century before it's invented to break you out." Gwen gave the Doctor a painting "Matilda sends her best by the way."

The Doctor unfurled the painting to show it was of him holding a triton, with barely any clothes and a Cherub placing a gold crown on his head. Gwen had taken some art class not enough to be an expert but knowing what she knew she knew what the painting was about. Matilda was the daughter of King Charles the Second, the whole crown thing was practically screaming that she wanted and thought that it was divine destiny for the Doctor to become her king with her as his Queen.

"What is it with you and the Royal family?" Gwen asked

"Nothing, were just friends." The Doctor answered rolling up the painting before sliding it into his pocket. "So you met Matilda. I guess that's where you got help for the ballon and the dress.

"Yes, now Doctor I know you well enough to know that you could have escaped without my help. So why did you call me here?"

The Doctor smiled "That's good, that's good deductive reasoning. I called you because for one thing you had the skills to get here. Two and more importantly is that I need your powers. Use your mana life force powers to scan the city."

Gwen had no idea what the Doctor had in mind but allowed herself to go along with it,Gwen used her power to feel the city and the life that flowed through it, her eyes glowed purple for a second before she said "Something is wrong. It's like it's getting weaker."

"Right" The Doctor said excited "something is draining energy, but I what I sensed two days ago, I felt time get re written. Some thing is in 17th century London draining life force from the city as a whole and can re write history. I need some help tracking it down."

"So all we have to do is track something dangerous while the King of England tries to drag you back into the Tower of London?"

"Yes" The Doctor answered excited at the concept.

Gwen raised her hand and a purple flame formed around it, heating the air in the ballon keeping them aloft. Gwen stared at the city below, before turning to the Doctor her green eyes focused on his.

"All right let's get started."

"Let's" The Doctor said smiling.

A Curious Gwen asked."So what did happen between you and Matilda?"

"I will tell you what I told her father when he found us-"

"You were naked hiding under her skirt."

"It sounds a lot worse than it is."

Authors notes: This is just the first chapter to set things up. Anyway I had this idea for a crossover and decided to do it. I will post more chapters when I can, I'm aiming to about once a week. So review tell me what you think.