The Creature Beyond Time

Summary: Towers are rocks and monsters are fought

Author Notes: This takes place after the Doctor dropped Amy and Rory home, he is traveling alone and waving to them from history, the beginning of the Impossible Astronaut. Gwen is from Ultimate Alien.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who or Ben 10 or any concept of character from either show

Chapter 5: Time Again

As Gwen stared down the Chronovore, she reflected back on her life. She remembered her family, her parents and her brother Ken. Then a summer vacation with her Grandpa Max and her cousin Ben. That's when she started to learn about her powers and Ben found the omnitrix. Then one day she was picked for a group of people like the Doctor who were all from different universes. Then her memories drifted to this morning or centuries later and a whole different universe. After a busy day Gwen finally managed to rest her head on her pillow when all of the sudden the Doctor's message blares into her head. The Doctor informing her that he is trapped in the Tower of London in the past. Gwen got a few things ready finding a spell book with the right time traveling spell. Before she finished setting up the spell Gwen contemplates asking Ben or Kevin for help but decides against it. She knows that she might not be the most powerful member of the group but feels this is something she can do on her own. The Doctor is her friend and out of all the people that he could have called he called her so she feels that this is something that she has to do, even if just to prove to herself that she can do it. So after using the spell to travel into the right year Gwen prepared the teleportation spell she learned. It was a variation of the spell to allow her to cross into another universe. Though Gwen is not one to admit it she did have some pride in herself for doing such an impressive feat. After a bit of rest Gwen headed off to find Matilda. With her help she followed the Doctors plan, even though it was even a bit crazy. So then after building a a hot air ballon she helped the Doctor escape. Gwen wondered if she had gotten herself into this to prove that she could get things done.

As she reached back to the present the roar of the Chronovore rushing towards her fills her ears. Gwen uses the emotions of her memories and her doubts, fears and joys to force her powers to the surface. She focuses all her energy through her hand an burst of energy rushes towards the incoming beast. The creature was blasted backwards, it tired Gwen but it worked for the moment. The creature, as Gwen figured, depended on energy it feed off it so it had to touch it meaning Gwen could hurt it with it. The bad news was that she was made out of energy and if the Chronovore got too close to her it could devour her in a moment. Gwen thought she needed to keep it away from her. Gwen tried wrapping it in chains she made and put as many constructs in its way but that would only delay the Chronovore. As it began to tear it way to Gwen she only hoped that the Doctor would hurry.

The Doctor raced up the stairs. It was dark and he knew he could trip but right at the moment he had greater concerns. Then one of Gwen's blast was deflected by the Chronovore ripping though the tower. A huge gapping hole was formed in front of the Doctor, leaving a huge gap in the walls and the stairs.

"Okay" the Doctor mused "Syaron told me Sakura managed to pull this off once."

The Doctor took a few steps back and ran forwards leaping the last second. The Doctor didn't make the landing and he was forced to grab the edge of the other side. The Doctor barely managed to pull himself up. "But of course she had someone to catch her." The Doctor got up to his feet when he realized something and quickly searched through his pockets "Where's the Sonic Screwdriver?"

The look of panic over the Doctor's face told of his fear. He really didn't think he could make that leap again, he didn't even have time to go back to look for it.

"Doctor!" his voice rang out

The Doctor looked back "Charles?"

"Are you looking for this?" Charles held up the sonic screwdriver "I found it next to you when we picked you up." He tossed the screwdriver to the Doctor who just caught it.

"Thank you Charles." He said as he ran upstairs

Charles only whispered "Godspeed Doctor."

The Doctor could hear the fight raging outside he only hoped that Gwen was keeping her distance. The Chronovore was too far from Gwen she tried to bind it but it was trashing against it's binds and would be out very soon. The Doctor entered where they kept the jewels, it wasn't too hard to find considering that the door was ripped open. He found a faintly glowing crystal, he thought back to a time when a similar crystal had brought down Atlantis. He yanked the crystal out of the jewelry it was in and began to scan it with the screwdriver. The tower shook as the creature trashed against it. The Doctor raced to the opening and saw the Chronovore standing over Gwen just barely able to hold it off.

"GWEN!" The Doctor screamed

"DOCTOR!" Gwen yelled



"GOOD!" The binds were starting to crumble "YOU HAVE TO HOLD IT A LITTLE LONGER AND THEN RUN!"


The Doctor held the crystal in one hand and the sonic screwdriver in the other, he took a deep breath and screamed "GERONIMO!"

The Doctor leapt off and headed towards the Chronovore. The Chronovore mouth was inches away from Gwen as the Doctor landed on it back. Pressing the crystal in it's back and pointing the screwdriver right at it causing it glow even brighter. The Chronovore began to draw Gwen energy from her into itself. Gwen saw what he was doing and flushed out all the energy she had to hold the Chronovore long enough for the Doctor to do what he had to do.

A bright light ripped through the night, engulfing the three aliens. It took a few minutes before the light faded and all that was left was the figure of the Doctor holding Gwen, in her human form, in his arms.

Her skin was cold, he whispered to her "Gwen? Please be okay."

He waited breathlessly until she let out a weak "Doctor?"

"Hello Gwen" he smiled to her "You forgot to run."

"Sorry I had to hold it so it wouldn't rip you apart."

"It's okay. I'm going to take you home now."

Gwen closed her eyes too weak to keep them open. With a little difficulty the Doctor carried her back to the Tardis. From a distance Charles looked on alone, his men left in fear and now he was the only one to watch the Doctor leave. The tower was wrecked and he was one jewel short. He decided to head back to his palace and to talk to his daughter.

The Doctor got Gwen in the Tardis and placed her on a nearby chair. Gwen's body was craving energy and began drawing it from the Tardis. A gold mist left the Tardis console and went into Gwen.


"Gwen you're going to be fine just rest. I used the crystal to send the Chronovore back to it's dimension where it won't be able to cause anymore trouble. I'm taking you home right now but you need to rest."

"If that's what the Doctor orders."

Gwen lied down resting, enjoying the energies that the Tardis was providing to heal her. The Doctor was flying the Tardis back to Gwen's home which was tricky when crossing universes. The Doctor looked at the crystal in his hand wondering which trunk he would hide it in.

As the Tardis vanished a grey alien watched. He would report to the others about the events that unfolded, the Silence had to plan for this world and the Doctor could be trouble but they were patient and they had years to prepare for the Doctor.

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