Harry being betrayed and put through trial for a crime he did not commit

It was all too much for Harry. He had been betrayed by practically every friend he had ever made and known in the magical world. From Dumbledore to Hermione and Ron. The entire Weasley family; Neville and Luna; hell, practically every member of the DA was in attendance.

As he looked on at the, either, disgusted or triumphant looks upon the seas of faces Harry made up his mind.

"Does the accused have anything he wishes to declare before sentencing is carried out?" The voice of Cornelius Fudge, re-instated Minister of Magic, called out.

"Yes.' His voice was hoarse from the yelling and crying he had done. His tears had run out. 'I do."

"Silence in the court!" Fudge roared. All was silent as the chained-up Harry James Potter shakily rose to his feet, he head lowered so his face could not be seen.

"If I am convicted, I will swear upon my life and magic to never raise so much as a finger to stop the dark wizard Voldemort in order to save this world."

The declaration brought a heavier silence as all eyes widened at this though many instantly became scornful and disbelieving at the thought of a boy being any help in the first place. It was Dumbledore, however, that was immediately concerned. He knew, after all, that only Harry could stop Tom. Before anything else, a voice suddenly shouted out; surprisingly it was Hermione and a quick glance in her direction and Harry was shocked to see her formerly disgusted eyes now looking caring and it was topped off with a wink.

'Of course, who would take the words of a Mudblood defending her friend' He hoped he wasn't wrong about her simply keeping quiet due to her low status in the magical world.

"Do you mean Dark Lord, when you're referring to You-Know-Who?" Okay, he believed her. He understood immediately what she was aiming for. Quickly he pulled on his magic and was grateful for the shield that surrounded him as he intoned.

"I swear, upon my life and magic that the self-proclaimed Dark Lord Voldemort is, in reality, named Tom Marvolo Riddle; he's a half-blood just like me. Born to a love-potion using squib and a pathetic muggle. I also swear, upon my magic and life, that there is a prophecy that states only I can be the one to finally put an end to Tom Riddle. His actions when he tried to kill me that night, which gave me my scar, closed the circuit and put the prophecy in place. So I have spoken, So mote it be."

Harry grinned as the golden barrier that had surrounded him, which had come under-siege from many a spell and curse in order to silence him -one direction coming from Dumbledore himself- flashed and exploded outwards. Harry looked around.

"My words have been proven true by Magic itself. So, what are you gonna do Minister? Do you feel lucky?" Harry's grin widened at the memory of the film Hermione had recommended once and a look in her direction saw her shaking her head as she hid her face in her hands.

Dumbledore stood and opened his mouth in order to get this entire ordeal back under his control but Fudge, purple with anger was faster.

"Harry James Potter, by the power vested in my as Minister of Magic, I find you.' Dumbledore's eyes widened in horror.

"Cornelius! No!" His words fell on deaf ears.

"Guilty on all counts!" Fudge's triumph lasted for all of a second as Harry began to laugh uncontrollably. A feeling of dread settled upon the room as the golden barrier once again reformed around Harry and the boy stared straight at the Dumbledore.

"I, Harry James Potter, Lord of Potter and Black! Hereby vow, upon my life and magic, I will never raise a hand to save this world from Tom Riddle, also known as Voldemort! So I have spoken...'

"Stop him!" Dumbledore cried out as he brought his full magic to bear and tried with all his might to stop Harry from finishing the vow. He was the only one as everyone else stared in shock.

'...So mote it be." The magical explosion of the vow taking place and the prophecy acting out sent every witch and wizard to the floor.

When the chaos settled, two people were missing from the courtroom.