Title: Unlikely Addictions
Chapter 1: All because of Him
Disclaimer: I am a simple fourteen year old girl that dreams of hot Kingdom Hearts (males) all in love with each other... without any of the useless female characters. I'm just saying.
Warnings: SLASH, abuse, drugs, drinking, self-harms, pedophiles, ANGST, etc.
Summary: Roxas is a smoking, drinking, and abused teen that has recently been reunited with his happy-go-lucky twin. Will this new high school help Roxas stop his newest addiction in its tracks, or does Radiant High just spell trouble? AkuRoku slash

Author's Note: Hello fan-fiction readers! This is my first officially posted Kingdom Hearts story, and to tell the truth I'm a little nervous on how it will turn out... One thing about me you should know is I LOVE REVIEWS! It's true... I'm a review whore... sue me. Reviews are what will get me off my lazy butt and convince me to keep writing! This chapter is a short but I hope you'll forgive me! Hope you enjoy it!

Also there will be other Roxas pairings until the AkuRoku and I warn you now. Some of them you would have never thought possible, but I need them to be. Although don't let this warning scare you off!

Chapter 1

"We are now arriving in Radiant Gardens. Hope you enjoyed your flight and enjoy your stay." The cheerful flight attendant told the passengers as the plane slowly came to a complete stop. Roxas shifted slightly in his seat before standing up to grab his bag in the overhead compartment. Stretching to grab his bag in its too high compartment, he rolled his eyes as a hand reached out and grabbed his ass.

'Damn my short height.' He said and he turned to see who it was. The older man simply gave him a wink before slipping a piece paper into Roxas' pocket. Sighing he turned and stretched, this time successfully grabbing his carry-on bag and lugging it down. He turned and ignoring the people bumping into him from all sides, he followed them to the exit of the plane. He carefully walked down the stairs yet he still almost tripped at the bottom.

He caught himself on the railing and followed the other passengers inside where he retrieved his small suitcase. He walked through the mass of people to the waiting area. Once inside the large area, he scanned the crowd for familiar faces. His relaxed and empty expression brightened slightly for only a mere second as his eyes connected with his second half.

He walked towards them and was unsurprised when the brunette across the room sprinted towards him. Roxas let go of his suitcase handle and braced himself seconds before the brown haired boy tackled him to the ground. "Roxas!" The boy yelled.

Roxas smiled slightly. "Hey Sora." He said and Sora stared at him for a few seconds before leaning forward and embracing his twin brother tightly. Roxas looked at him fondly before looking up when two pairs of shoes walked into his vision.

One was a blond male around eighteen. His blond hair was spiked in crazy directions, and even though his hair was lighter that the boy on the floor it was easy to see the similarities. He was wearing black leather pants and a tight black tank under a long sleeved leather jacket. His thick black combat boots were laced tightly halfway up to his knees.

The other was a woman. She looked young for her years, even as a parent of three teenage children. Her blond hair was pulled up into a high pony tail. Several strands of her bangs and the top of her hair was braided with a few beads and hung down over her orange headband. Her jean shorts were slightly covered by a half a blue skirt that went down the left side of her body to her knees. Her yellow tank top was covered with a white over jacket and her orange boots went to her ankles.

The blond male helped Roxas pry Sora off of him and held out a hand to help the smaller teen up. They stood there for a moment before the taller scooped the smaller up in a warm embrace. "It's good to see you, Roxas." The blond's slightly husky voice brushed against his ear.

Roxas hugged back, surprised at his brother's rare show of affection. "Wow Cloud." He teased. "You must have really missed me to hug me in public." Cloud laughed loudly before setting Roxas back on his feet.

"I sure did." Cloud said and flashed a rare smile. Roxas turned and looked at his mother.

"I missed you, Roxas!" She said and brushed the tears from her eyes. Roxas looked away from the tears, not wanting to cry too. He was pulled into a bone crushing hug by his mother, Rikku Strife.

"Mom," He said and wrapped his arms around her chest. "Don't cry mom, I'm here now." She nodded shakily before pulling back.

"That's all that matters, right guys?" She asked Cloud and Sora with a smile. They nodded in agreement. Roxas grabbed his bag while he grudgingly allowed Cloud to pull his suitcase.

They followed their mom out of the airport, nodding and agreeing in the right places as Sora jabbered on and on. Roxas almost forgot how much his polar opposite could talk. He let out a small smile. It could have been this way all along, if it hadn't been for him.


"You can't hit them, Paul!" Rikku yelled at her husband. "It isn't right, and I'm tired of you doing it."

Paul's eyes never left the cowering form of Sora. "I'm just teaching him a lesson, Rikku." He spat, still never looking away from him. The slap had hit the small nine-year old across the face, knocking him out of his chair at the dining table and leaving a dark red hand print.

Rikku walked up to him and glared harshly at Paul until he grudgingly took his heavy gaze off the small boy. "You have no right to hit our- no my children."

Paul's eyes widened in fury. "What do you mean your children? They're just as much mine as yours." His glare turned even more hateful. "Unless there is something you have yet to tell me." Paul was furious of the idea that his wife might have cheated on him.

Rikku looked at his in disgust. "They USED to be your children. As of now they are only mine." Her eyes left her husband's as she searched the room for her three children. "Cloud, Roxas, Sora, grab a few things quickly. We're leaving." She walked over and helped her only brunette child off the floor. "Don't bother taking any clothes. We'll go shopping as soon as we leave. Just grab the personal stuff." She called over her shoulder to her other two sons. "Now run along and get your stuff Sora." She comforted. "Mommy will help sooth your cheek once we leave."

"Okay." The normally loud child whispered before running out of the room.

Rikku turned to face Paul once more. "I'm going to file for a divorce. You better plan on not getting a single one of your sons back." She looked away in disgust. "You won't."

"Try me." He said with a sneer before grabbing his keys and storming out of the house, leaving Rikku to wonder just how worried she should be.

Rikku did have a reason to be worried. Sure, she did gain two of her children in the custody battle. But she was forced to leave her Roxas behind in his hands.

That's when Roxas' seven years of pure hell and torture began.

It was all because of him.