Title: Unlikely Addictions
Chapter: 8
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Warnings: SLASH, abuse, drugs, drinking, self-harms, pedophiles, ANGST, etc.
Summary: Roxas had a hard life after his mother left with his brothers Cloud and Sora. Drinking, smoking, partying, Roxas does it all. But when he reunites with his real family seven years later, Cloud is determined to help his little brother stop all his addictions. But Cloud can't do it alone. Luckily, Axel somehow stumbles into the picture.
Pairings: Axel/Roxas, Riku/Sora, Leon/Cloud, Seph/Roxas

Author's Note: Okay, so a lot of people like the idea of a Sephiroth and Roxas story. I would love to write one for you all! ...but I have no idea for a plot for one. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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Chapter 8

It had been almost a week since the incident with Cloud, Roxas, and Sora. Nothing more had been said, except for Cloud telling Roxas that he wouldn't tell their mother unless it got worse. Roxas, relieved, hugged his brother and agreed that he'd try to do better.

Not that he believed anything would actually change.

School was right around the corner, and for Roxas that was a scary thought. He wasn't like Sora, who made friends almost instantly. Roxas already knew he would need other friends than Sora's friends. If he became friends with them, in the end they would just be disappointed he wasn't happy-go-lucky like his twin brother.

Sora promised he would show him around school, even when Roxas told him not to worry about it. Roxas knew Sora was just trying to look out for him, but he couldn't help but feel a little annoyed. Sora was a little too much sometimes.

Roxas hadn't gone to any more wild parties since he got cornered by his eldest brother. He only felt the need to go to those parties when things were getting to difficult to deal with. They were his way to run away from everything, at least until the next morning when his hangovers made it almost not even worth it.

Roxas watched Cloud from the couch in the First Class room at SOLDIERS. He knew how reluctant Cloud had been to let him come back, but when Roxas asked if he could go with him so he wouldn't be stuck home alone, Cloud figured having Roxas with him would be the easiest way to keep track of the teen.

Sephiroth had not said anything to Roxas when he entered the room. He simply looked at Roxas, then Cloud (who had his back turned to the door and hadn't noticed the silverette) with a raised eyebrow. Roxas shrugged and watched Sephiroth walk into his office. Cloud turned just as the General went into his office, jumping at the closing of the door.

Cloud had to force himself to not be angry at the sight of the elder man. He worried about his brother, but he also worried for the man. He knew that his point had gotten across to his boss/friend when he confronted him the evening after he found out that a man he trusted with his life slept with his much younger brother.

Cloud stepped into Sephiroth's office with a scowl on his face. Sephiroth looked up from his computer with a blank expression. He saw the anger in his eyes and smirked, knowing Cloud had found out about him and Roxas' little "sleepover". Cloud just looked at him angrily for a minute.

Sephiroth spoke first. "Well speak. Don't make me wait." Cloud began to shake in anger at the condescending tone he had used.

"How… how dare you?" Cloud asked, looking away in anger.

Sephiroth intertwined his fingers together and rested his chin on them. Even though Sephiroth was sitting down, Cloud still felt that he was being looked down upon. "How dare I what?" Sephiroth asked in mock innocence, wondering how far he could push the eldest Strife.

Cloud's eyes snapped back to look at Sephiroth once again. "You!" And before he had time to think about it, he grabbed Sephiroth by the collar and pulled him towards his face. "He is my brother! How dare you take away his innocence! Do you get pleasure from being with someone so much younger than yourself?"

Sephiroth smirked in response. "Oh, I assure you. I wasn't the one who took away young Roxas' innocence. I assure you he had plenty of experience before me. He was quite… skilled."

Cloud let go with one hand and made to punch Sephiroth in his smug face. Sephiroth however was much faster. He caught Cloud's hand in his open palm and gripped it tightly. Cloud hissed in pain. "Now, now Cloud. Must I remind you of your position? Not many can attempt to punch their boss and get away with it. You're lucky we're friends." He shoved Cloud away from him before sitting back down, looking comfortable as ever. His green eyes almost glowed as they narrowed. "Remember your place Cloud."

Cloud just stood there, breathing hard for a moment. Finally he calmed down. As he turned to leave he stopped with his hand on the handle. Looking over his shoulder, Cloud almost whispered, "This comes from a friend, not an employee. Stop using Roxas as a replacement for him. You're better than that.

Cloud came and sat next to Roxas on the couch, putting his arm around Roxas' shoulders. "So, little bro, you want to stop by the school and get all your forms and stuff finished for tomorrow?" Cloud asked. Roxas nodded.

They both stood and Cloud called out a goodnight to the other three. Roxas waved and followed his brother out to his car. The car ride was mostly silent, except for the quiet music from the radio. The school was rather close to the SOLDIERS base, so they were there within minutes.

Cloud waited while Roxas got out of the car and walked towards the school. Cloud held open the door and followed Roxas inside. He pointed to the door for the main office and the two walked inside. The room was extremely bright and looked like a cliché main office for a high school. Cloud walked up to the counter to talk to the receptionist.

"Oh Cloud! It's nice to see you!" She said with a smile. "How was your summer?"

Cloud nodded in greeting. "It was fine, thank you." He gestured towards Roxas. "Sora's twin brother has moved back in with us and I'm here for his paperwork and our class schedules."

The woman looked at Roxas with a smile. "Oh, well you do look like Sora. Give you a bottle of brown hair dye and you'd be identical!"

Roxas gave a small half-smile. The woman just grinned wider. "I can already tell you're more like Cloudy than Sora. Our school better be ready for another heart breaker!" She said in mock worry before giving Roxas a wink.

Cloud rolled his eyes in amusement with a smirk. He signed the papers that showed he got them personally and showed Roxas where to sign his. She handed them papers with the locker numbers and schedules. "I trust you'll show him around yourself?" She asked with a smile. "Well have a good day boys! I'll see you at school tomorrow!"

"Thanks Miss Shuler." Cloud said with a small smile before heading out the door.

Cloud gave Roxas a tour of the whole school, showing him all the short cuts he had learned from his three years of experience at the high school. Roxas learned there were 6 buildings; A Building, B Building, C Building, D Building, E Building, and the Gym. A Building was the biggest and shaped like an L. One side was the English and World History Hall, along with the library. The other wing was the Language Wings. In the middle, in the corner of the L shape was the main entrance and main office. B building was spare classroom and the Special Ed rooms.

C, D, and E were all two stories. C was the "New Science Building" and also had math classrooms. D was the computer labs and medical classes. E was foods.

The gym was large with pull out bleachers on both sides. On the side of the gym was the band room. It consisted of two large rooms with tons of space and huge lockers for the band kids and their instruments.

After the long tour the two headed home to get some rest before the big day.

Cloud dropped his towel on the floor and slipped into a pair of black sweat pants. He turned out the lights in his room and crawled under his blankets. Looking up at the ceiling of his room, he thought about Roxas. He realized he had been doing that a lot, but to tell the truth, the younger was really worrying him.

Cloud noticed how he tried to act like nothing had happened. Like they hadn't had a huge break down and cried for an hour. Cloud understood though, he and Roxas were a lot alike. While Sora was more like their mother, Roxas and Cloud were more like each other. They weren't ones to flaunt their emotions like Sora.

He knew that he should have expected some problems with Roxas when he arrived. He and Rikku had sat down and talked about it. He was told of the abuse Roxas more than likely had suffered from. He knew it was bad. He just didn't expect the partying, the drinking, the overall lack of innocence his younger brother seemed to have.

Cloud sighed and rolled over on his side. He was worrying too much. He knew it was their mother's job to do the worrying, but he couldn't bring himself to break the perfect bubble around his mother, her perfect world.

Cloud's mind wandered for a moment as he could practically feel himself getting older. After what felt like the thirtieth sigh, Cloud eyes widened.

Maybe Sora was right.

He did need to get laid.

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