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Chapter I

The first student I met when I arrived at St. Trinian's - more like talked to, there was a stampede of them before that - was Kelly Jones. And at first sight, I knew she was going to change my life forever. I didn't know why or how at the time, I could just feel it. And I was right, I was never the same again after that day.

After the first glance, she talked about Daddy's car - a completely banal subject like the weather - but her voice and the red blood lips that said them sent a shiver down my spine. Even after knowing her for such a time, her low seductive voice still has the same effect on me.

And when she finally stood before me - after I've seen the way she sashayed seductively up to me - I think I stood gaping at her like an idiot for a fraction of a second, but frankly? I'm not sure, because our first meeting seems to be like in a fog to my memory. I remember every detail about her, but my part in it? Not so much.

I think I remember babbling and stuttering something about my name, but at the time, I was captivated by her seductive, superious and mocking obsidian eyes that seemed to want to suck you in. And their effect on me is still the same as well.

Maybe to someone that wasn't as sheltered as me their whole life, - like me at Chelteham - the signs would be obvious! The stuttering, the babbling, the fidgeting (Flash, anyone?), the sweating hands, the heart beating so fast it could've stopped in your chest... Anyone would have known what it meant!

But like I said, I was sheltered my whole life, so I thought she was impressive - the Head Girl - and should be scared, it's normal. It wasn't until she passed by me and smelled her perfume that I realised I was breathing faster and that there was a burning between my legs... Desire. Lust.

I wanted Kelly Jones.

Scary, confident, sexy Head Girl of my new Hell of a school - Kelly Jones.

I wanted a girl...

I was terrefied.

That night, I went to the dorms for the fist time and I was quite scared to see the chaos that reigned. Chelteham's dormitories weren't like that at all. It was a more... millitary style I would say now - but at the time, it was normal for me. And I must say, I was curious about what I was seeing. That's why I was looking at Taylor and her space, but curiousity killed the cat. I can't believe I was that naive when I first came to St. Trinian's!

I can remember how Kelly helped me with the Chav - then, she was just a rude girl to me, now a friend - without seeming to do anything out of the ordinary. She had such an authoritative and powerful aura that Taylor listened to her without back-talking to her. Let me tell you: I was really impressed with how the Head Girl dealt with the situation all the while keeping her cool.

She explained the cliques to me - she thought I was an idiot for ignoring these kind of things, I could hear it in her voice - and the smile on her face when presenting the First Years and the Sopranos to me, I could see the affection in it. And my heart couldn't help but flutter in my chest.

Someone can hit me for being so dense at the time, please? Where is Taylor when you need her?

After that, there was the prank... even at the time, I knew it was coming. Not when or what, but I was used to it from my last school. Plus, I could sense the anxious ambiance in the dorm and the bets were flying. And even the New Girls at Chelteham were pranked when they first came - it's like a tradition in dormitories. So yes, I was surprised it happened at that moment, but not about it. Running naked in the corridors and putting it on the net... that was the real bad surprise! Still have bad memories about it. Thankfully, the video came down a week later - even if that left enough time for the entire world to view it!

But what touched me the most at the time? It was when I woke up from unconciousness to find a kneeling Kelly Jones holding a white fluffy towel out to me. Yes, I was more embarrassed than ever in my life to be seen naked in such a position - and my nose was red because I ran into the door - but I was grateful that I wouldn't have to return to the dorms completely nude in front of everyone.

Once I've returned to the dormitories - alone, because Kelly was doing business with Flash -, everyone was looking at me and sniggering, but I was used to it. So I just went to my bed and changed under the covers and went to sleep. But I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't stop seeing the encouraging smile the Head Girl addressed to me when she gave me the towel behind my eyelids.

I wanted out of St. Trinian's at the time; for the prank that went farther than the normal New Girl one goes, and for the desire I couldn't stop feeling for a girl! So I waited for everyone to be sleeping, dressed, took my things and went into the Hall. But luck wasn't on my side at the time - even if now I'm eternally grateful to my prat of a father to not have come to get me! So I lost my temper - again, I've lost it a few times at Chelteham - and sent my phone into a statue and was graphed to the hockey team before I could even understand what was happening. I couldn't leave, so I went back to bed and prayed that I would survive in this new school.

I dreamt of obsidian eyes, red lips in a smirk and creamy white skin... let me tell you, I woke sweating in a panic a few times in the night. At the time, each time I woke up, I would think: "Bloody Hell! Stop it, Fritton! A GIRL!".

Let me tell you: it wasn't a good night at all!

I've seen a lot of stories where the desire (and love) are immediately addressed and they get together or jump directly into bed. It seems a bit strange to me.

I can understand Kelly doing that (she's been at St. Trinian's since she's 10) and they're always SO drunk, waking up finding another girl in your bed is possible.

But Annabelle lived a sheltered life until St. Trinian's and never even drank alcohol, so I think she would be reluctant and scared to admit lusting (or loving) another girl. Just one of my thoughts! ^^'

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