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Chapter 4

When I entered the dorms, the whole place was deserted except for Polly and the seductive Head Girl. Bugger! I was really hoping I could avoid her! I couldn't even be mad at her! The more time passes, the less angry I am. Now she just annoys me because my body has a will on it's own when she's around. I couldn't help but sigh when my heart beated faster and my hands started sweating, then groaned and rolled my eyes to myself when heat started pooling between my legs. So annoying!

"Problem, Fritton?" asked the smirking Kelly while she looked at me from head to toes and back up.

"Why is she looking at me like that? And does she really need to do that thing with her tongue? Bloody Hell! Stop distracting me! And I'm supposed to be mad, damnit!"

"No problem at all, Jones." I replied to her while glaring at the raven haired girl.

I went to my bed and took my MacBook from it's bag. I turned to Polly and asked where I could work - even if I knew I could work from wherever inside St. Trinian's.

"From anywhere in the dorms, so you can work on your bed." said the seeming unflappable geek. I smiled at her, trying to look embarrassed and meek - still didn't want them to discover me, not until I wanted them to know.

"Fine, but since you have a mail from him, it would be easier if you sent it to my inbox so I can track him faster." I answered while opening my computer on my bed and sitting cross-legged before it. "My address is aBelleF at Trinians"

"aBelleF?" asked the intrigued Kelly while crossing her arms over her chest (beautiful), cocking her hips to the right (bloody hot) and smirked while lifting an eyebrow (so sexy) in question.

"Yes, for Annabelle Fritton and for an alternate abbreviation in French." Even when I said it - and thinking about it - I couldn't stop blushing.

"And?" asked the curious Head Girl while gesturing at me to continue with my explanation.

"Ah, my aunt decided for my new account and I couldn't say no to her, so I'm stuck with it... unfortunately."

"Why can't I stop blushing? Damn Kelly for embarrassing me so much!"

"And? What is the French meaning?" asked the now also curious Polly.

"I can see you're embarrassed, but why don't you tell us? I'm really intrigued and want to know!" said the smirking Jones. She leaned forward with her hands fastened on her hips and winked at me!

"Don't respond! Don't bloody answer, Fritton! Argh! Bugger! Stupid body!"

"Look, it's just a joke from her, OK? No need to laugh because I already know it's funny, yeah?" I said while fumbling, blushing and stammering. Perfect! Now I look even more stupid!

"You still didn't explain, Fritton..." the Head Girl teased me while biting her lower lip.

"Why is she so bloody provocative! Can't she just not do that? My temperature is always rising when she does something like that!"

"F is just the first letter for Fille which means Girl in French, Belle means beautiful, OK? Can we work now?" I mumbled while turning back to my computer and feeling like I was blushing from head to toes. I heard some snickering from the raven haired girl and blushed even more, if that was even humanly possible!

I really didn't want to see their mocking faces now, thank you! I know I'm not pretty and my aunt's joke was just that: a joke. I'm nothing special and just below average in the looks departement. I know it from my father who always told me that I looked nothing like my mother, who was beautiful. My mother was Auntie's best friend and that's how my parents met: Auntie brought my mother to my grandmother's house while on vacation. My mother, Elisabeth - her friends called her Lisa - died giving birth to me. I didn't see my aunt - except on videos and pictures - since I was 2. I just know that my father and Auntie had a big fight and never talked to each other again.

"Christ! Now I'm depressed! Good job, Annabelle! Think about the prank and their faces, Fritton! Think about the prank!"

Looking to my left from the corner of my eye and still typing to make it seem like I was still working, I could see Polly very concentrated on her screen and Kelly looking over her shoulder while sitting next to the tribe leader.

"This is going to be fun!" I thought while looking at the time - it was 10:45 AM - 30 minutes since we last talked, I can get lost in my own mind. Time for the show to begin! I uploaded my video to my computer, then sent it to Polly via mail and closed my computer.

"Polly, I found something about the prank and sent ti to you by mail - it's a video and we can see the culprit's face." I said while standing and taking my MacBook with me. "I'm sure you can solve the rest by yourself - should be easy." I explained to their confused and surprised faces.

"You're not staying? And you already found a clue? How? I spent 24 hours on the case and found nothing!" said the frustrated red head while the Head Girl simply looked aloof. Thankfully, I had activated Polly's Webcam by hacking her computer to see their reactions - I really wouldn't want to be in this room when everything became clear - so I just nodded to them and exited the dorms with a private smirk on my face.

Now, on to Auntie's office before it's too late and hide there until lunch! (She won't be there and I have her permission since it was only 300 £ for the alcohol.) Once there, I sat at her desk and opened my MacBook once again and opened the program that would let me see the two girl's reactions. This was going to be priceless! Best part? I can look at Kelly as long as I want!

"Argh! Where did that come from? Bugger! She's making me sound like a stalker!"

"Bloody Hell!" came the two shocked voices from the live video and I could only smirk even more.

"Fritton? Little scared Fritton?" sounded the irritated Jones, but even I could hear she was impressed.

"How did she by-pass my security? How didn't we suspect her?" said the indignant yet still shocked Polly through my speakers and I couldn't stop my reaction even if I wanted to: I laughed. I was laughing so much that I knew I would have been rolling on the floor if I wasn't sitting in Auntie's chair.

"Don't worry, Polly. You heard Miss Fritton, little Fritton is a bloody good hacker! I'm more impressed on how she could pull it off without anyone suspecting her!" the Head Girl was laying a comforting hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Yeah, she's a good actress to be able to fool everyone, even you Kelly!" said the still surprised Head Geek while looking up worriedly at the raven haired girl.

"You're right, we'll have to keep a close eye on her and see what happens in the next few days! I'm eager to see why Miss Cleaver graphed her on the hockey team!" said the smirking Head Girl with narrowed eyes at the screen in front of her, which made her seem looking straight at me.

Bugger! I'll have to be careful around them from now on! Otherwise, I don't think I'll be alive much longer!

"But she looks hot like that... Argh! Bloody body is even turning my mind against me now!" I thought with a frustrated huff while closing my computer - hard.

"Bugger! Stop it, Fritton!" I said to myself while hiting my forehead. I couldn't stop a whimper escaping my mouth when I realised I was talking to myself out loud.

"I'm going crazy! She's driving me bloody insane! Pull yourself together, Annabelle! Don't let her do this to you!"

To distract me and to stay low until lunch, I decided to pass some time by checking my bank accounts and on my father - wonder what Daddy is doing now? Yes, I installed some cameras in our apartment a few years ago - I was 14 - to keep an eye on him. I hate not knowing what is happening around me. I happily saw my money was doing great - what with hacking and trading - I had a few millions pounds saved in different accounts to be safer. Now my father.

As I checked the gallery, I could see he wasn't in it and it was closed. I hope he wasn't gone on business, I really wanted to see what was happening after my phonecall the other night. When I saw the apartment, I could only sigh in exasperation. Bottles were littering the floor, bags of cocaine were empty with some of the white powder laying on the coffee table. Bras, panties and various clothes were lying a bit everywhere with some naked men and women laying around on the floor. And my naked father sleeping on the couch with two women draped over him - I could only sigh again.

This was the seventh time it happened since I was a kid, but after the third time I became used to it. I was 6 when the first rave party took place in our home, but he often came back in the mornings completely stoned - that was why I was sent to boarding school since I was old enough to stay alone. I was 8 and it was after the famous third rave party done at our place. I always had to clean up after them and put my father to bed. So I'm exasperated - and a bit sad - but not surprised that it happened again.

I had to wake him up or he would on his own and start all over again tonight and miss work tomorrow. I hacked the apartment security system and turned the fire alarms on to turn the sprinklers on and wake the people around the room - it worked like a charm. I could only smirk and giggle seeing naked men and women screeching and running around like chickens without their heads, my father included. With a job well done, I looked at the clock and saw it was already 12:10. Bugger! I'm 10 minutes late for lunch! Not good! Everyone will look at me and I hate when all the gazes are on me! I quickly shut down my computer and hurried to the dining hall.

When I entered the room, all the chatter stopped and an unatural silence (for St. Trinian's) filled the space, everyone's attention on me. Some gazes were awed and some irritated, others were just neutral - like Kelly Jones. Since lunch had already started, Polly and the raven haired girl must have done their reports to Auntie, so I wasn't surprised when she called me to her and I went to stand before her - eyes following me with each step I took in her direction.

When I passed the First Year's table - next to the tribe leader's table - I could see their awe filled eyes and grins in my direction. But what I loved the most? It was Tania and Tara's thumbs up, the awe and the devious smiles. They were both proud of me - as if I was from their tribe - and I could only return the mischievous smile and winked at them with a discreet wave of my hand. The whole table burst into giggles and I could hear the surprised gasps from the leader's table to my left. Plan to have the First Years as allies? Success. I'm damn proud of myself.

"Annabelle," said my aunt with a disappointed face as she leaned forward and clasped her hands together on the table. "I'm very disappointed, doing this to your loving aunt who welcomed you here with open-arms!"

"I'm sorry, Miss, I promise I won't do it again!" I said with my most sincere voice and expression - it was the truth after all, as I've said to her and she knows it too.

"I haven't seen you for fifteen years, Auntie, and I was bloody worried seeing all that alcohol the day I arrived!" I had to bite my cheek to stop myself from laughing and keep a worried face on - only crossing my fingers of my right hand behind my thigh in the First Years direction, to show them I was lying. I could hear their giggles behind my back and had to drop my head to concentrate on not bursting in chuckles with them.

"Think I'm an alcoholic, girlie?" said a falsely indignant Camilla while the amused spark in her gaze was hidden to the others around us.

"Of course not, Miss, just worried about your liver!" I said sarcastically. My aunt chuckled and the majority of the school joined her.

"Fine, that is all for the moment!" said my still chuckling aunt. "But Annabelle," she said again very seriously "don't ever touch my private stock, understood?" she continued sternly.

"Yes Miss!" I answered with a small smile before taking a tray and going to sit beside Celia at my usual place - nobody seemed to like sitting beside her, which I didn't understand because she was fun (when she talked) and was very wise for our age. Maybe they didn't want to hear truths so young...

*Someone has a crush!*

"Argh! Why did she have to say that! OK, if it's to hear things like that, I can understand why no one wants to sit next to her!" I thought while flinching slightly at the memory of this morning.

"Don't look, but Kelly is looking at you!" Celia whispered on a sly tone.

"What?" I asked turning to her - I wasn't sure I heard her right since I was answering questions about my prank at the Geeks. "I didn't hear you Celia, sorry. What did you say?" I asked her curiously while smiling apologetically at her.

"I said, Jones is looking at you and to not turn around!" she repeated what I thought I heared with a devious grin.

But it's the same for everyone - I don't know if it's curiousity or a masochistic character in people, you always turn around to look. And to gaze directly in dark sultry eyes that hypnotize you and can't break the spell they suck you in. I could feel my breath catch and fire rushing through my veins, my heart was beating so fast and hard that the chatter around me faded to a murmur.

"Bugger! Why did I turn around to look?"

I watched in a trance as the Head Girl's red lips slowly curved upward in a seductive smirk.

"Oh yeah! I remember now: I don't control my body when it concerns her!"

My breathing stopped because of those red blood lips, and I couldn't stop a small whimper escaping my throat when her tongue ran slowly over her front teeth in a totally erotic way, that it made my mind stop. Thankfully, Celia nudged me in the ribs to get my attention and I could finally turn my eyes away from the sexy raven haired girl.

"Annabelle? Are you OK? You were in a daze for a minute there!" said the concerned girl.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry Celia!" I answered absent-mindedly while trying to regain my breath and calm my heartbeat.

I discreetly looked at Kelly and could only blush under her knowing gaze. She smirked even more and winked at me - which made me short of breath, again - then went back to her meal and conversation.

"Girl, you are so whipped!" said the smug and amused voice from my left.

"NO!" I whirled around to face her so fast I almost fell from my chair. "Where did you go fish such an idea!" I told her while blushing violently - which didn't help my cas at all.

"Don't worry, Annabelle," she leaned towards me while whispering with a smirk "I won't tell anyone! You're secret's safe with me!"

"I am not whipped!" I hissed furiously at her.

"Do we need to have another conversation about Egypt?" she asked teasingly with a frown. "It's not a big deal, you know; almost half of the school is a bit in lust with her!" Celia said with a gentle and comforting smile, then started finishing her lunch.

I really tried to answer her! Really! But I couldn't. It was like the words to deny her assumption were stuck in my throat and wouldn't come out. I couldn't even lie to myself anymore: I was in lust with Kelly Jones.

Hockey practice was... interesting. I hope we won't play that way in the next match! Making your adversaries fall with your hockey stick, pushing them and distracting them while taking your top off certainly works... but it's really unfair - especially when Kelly Jones does the distracting part! I almost runned in other girls or tripped a few times myself. It's not funny! The Head Girl spilled a bottle of water all over herself to cool down and had the opposite effect on me! And I have some bruises all over my knees and elbows!

It was the first training ever done with St. Trinian's for me and I knew it was going to be the same every time! Stupid Kelly! Have you ever seen her with the hockey uniform? It's bloody difficult to take your eyes off her legs!

The changing rooms were Hell itself. The pranks were done to everyone - especially within the showers! Were they all obsessed with nudity here? Shampoos were exchanged with paint - pink for the Emos, black for the Chavs and blue for the others. Smacks on the asses with wet towels for everyone - except Kelly, she was left completely prank-less! I suppose Head Girls were protected from these kinds of things from every girl within the school. And even if I kept my back to the rest of the room - which made me an easy target and suffered a lot - my gaze couldn't do anything but stray in the raven haired girl's direction a few times! Let me tell you something: Kelly's skin was almost as white as snow everywhere and her skin seemed very soft - I always tried to not touch her, so how should I know?

After training was time for dinner, which went well with nothing really happening except for the normal buzz of conversations, a few pranks to the teachers and a few glances in my direction. But this time, I did something that I didn't before: I sat in front of Celia with the rest of the hall at my back - I'm still surprised nothing happened to me! I didn't want Kelly bloody Jones in my field of vision for the rest of the day. I admitted to myself I was attracted to her, not that I wanted to be! My body had a mind on it's own these last few days and my mind was slowly - but surely - following! Traitors, both of them!

When I finished dinner I hurried to the dorms, all the while feeling gazes on my back. I needed a shower - the blue paint was still slightly visible even after a second shower - and I wanted some privacy to do so! All the girls were still downstairs, so I don't think I'll be subjected to a prank, but you never know what could happen in this school. Once next to my bed, I took my nightdress, my shower kit and a big plastic bag - the kind that closes - with my towel. First thing I did when entering the community bathroom? Lock the door behind me and put one of my socks on the camera directed at the showers.

Reassured that nobody would be peeping at me - for the moment at least, hope no one can pick locks - I took my clothes off and put my towel and nightclothes in the plastic bag so they wouldn't get wet. Except for my uniform, I took everything with me in the shower by hanging it to the showerhead. For once, I had a relaxing time - I still had to hurry a bit to not leave the other girls out of here - and bonus: my hair wasn't blue anymore! Once finished and ready to bed, I took my sock off the camera, - thank god it was still there! - took my things and unlocked the door.

When I entered the dorms, the noises that were usual in the room stopped and the girl's gazes were back on me - which I ignored and went to my corner. I was surprised by what I found on my bed - the Twins, grinning at me like lunatics. I was suspicious because of their smiles, but there was no pranks for me - I checked the ceiling and the floor while I put my things away. I went to sit warily on my bed, but the Twins preempted me and each took one of my hands.

"What do they want?" I thought nervously while looking at the two grinning ten year olds.

They got up from my bed - still holding onto me - and dragged me in the First Year's Crib. I was bloody surprised - completely gobsmacked - and I could tell by the murmurs behind me that the other girls were too. Nobody was allowed in the crib except for placing bets - besides Auntie and Kelly of course. I thought my plan worked, but this went beyond my expectations! I was overjoyed and very touched when the Sopranos sat me down in one of the chairs in the center of their territory - I had to stop the tears that had sprang to my eyes in that moment. Tania and Tara sat down on the floor beside me - still holding my hands and looking up at me with smiles - and the rest of the First Years spread out around us.

"Bugger! They're going to make me cry they're so sweet!" I thought while I smiled at all of them - more so to the Twins, because they had me wrapped around their little fingers already! "They're too cute for their own good! Except," I thought while looking at their mischievous faces "I'm sure it helps them with their pranks and out of difficult situations if they pull the innocent card!"

I smiled mischievously back at them - which they returned all the more to me - and sat down on the floor with them, pushing my chair back. The Sopranos snuggled up to me on either side and started - with all the other First Years - firing questions about the prank at me and I answered them gladly. I even got a nickname during our conversation - they found my name too long!

"Belle!" said Tara while tugging on my nightdress - I could finally tell them apart after spending some time with them.

"Yes Tara?" I smiled affectionately at her and she smiled even more - I guess she was happy I could differentiate the two.

"There's a new teacher coming tomorrow,"

"want to help us?" the Twins finished simultaneously with wicked grins.

"Become closer to those two cuties while causing some mayhem? Seems perfect!" I thought mischievously and returned their grin.

"Sure, girls! Should be great fun!"

A cheer rose in the First Year's Crib and I couldn't help but laugh and started to plan the prank with them. Tania got up and rushed to her hammock before sitting back down next to me and unfolded a map of St. Trinian's property in front of us.

"The teacher will come from here." said Tania while pointing at the entry of the woods beyond the hockey pitch and where the St. Trinian's indicating sign was marked.

"She'll follow the road 'til the gates of the school." Tara followed the road with her finger on the map until a drawing of the school gates.

"And we have cameras along the road!" the Twins said together with proud smiles at me.

"All the places on the map where there's a blue cross!" Tara informed me while pointing to one of the famous crosses - I'll have to memorize the whole thing.

"And what are the red ones?" I asked them while showing to the indicators on the map and looking at them curiously. They smiled deviously at each other before gazing up at me with smirks and answering together.


"Traps?" I asked confusedly.

"Yes, for intruders, silly!" exclaimed the exasperated Tabitha - another cute First Year that seemed to like me.

"OK, sorry for being confused!" I answered her with a smile and sticking out my tongue to her - a gesture she returned with a cute giggle. I went back to studying the map instensely and memorised al the details and where everything is - thank you photographic memory, saved me again!

"So?" asked the Twins while looking expectantly at me. "Do you have an idea?"

"This map is great girls! Good job on doing it! And thanks for showing it to me." They smiled proudly at me and I gave them a hug - they were too cute! "As for an idea, yeah, I have one." I grinned mischievously at the girls and they all returned it.

"Tara, Tania, where are the buckets you used on me in the mornings? We're going to need them."

They smiled and quickly went to fetch them and came back a few moments later with the containers in their hands. They set them before me and sat down again. I gestured to the girls to come closer and murmured my plan to them.

"The new teacher will have to meet Miss Fritton first, then she'll have a tour of the school, right?" they all nodded eagerly and waited impatiently for the rest of my plan. "So, until tomorrow morning, you'll take the buckets to pee." Before their confused and grimacing faces, I explained further. "You pee in this," I indicated the two containers "then before the teacher comes, we'll make a hole in the road here," I continued while showing the place just before the gates on the map "then we fill it with what is in the buckets, some water and mix. Just before the puddle, distract the new teacher and she'll fall in it!"

They were all smiling wickedly at each other and at me, we all giggled imagining the teacher's face when she would fall and meet Auntie. Plus when the rest of the girls will pass by her in the corridors of the school! Poor teacher - not.

"I'm really enjoying myself! I can already see the face the person will make at the welcome committee! It's gonna be great!" I thought while sniggering inwardly.

We were still laughing and giggling between ourselves when someone cleared their throat - making all of us fall silent... well, as much as we could. We all looked up and came face to face with the confused Head Girl. She had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot impatiently with an eyebrow arched in curiousity.

"What is going on here, girls?"

"Belle had a great idea for the new teacher!" said excitedly the Twins while looking eagerly at the older raven haired girl.

"Belle?" asked the confused Kelly while looking at the First Years and me.

"Annabelle is too long!" explained Tania while smirking and shrugging at Jones.

"You should call her Fritton then. She's not a St. Trinian yet." answered the calm but glaring Head Girl.

The Sopranos pouted up at her and whined her name so cutely I'm sure nobody could resist those two adorable faces. I was right, and she just left the matter go - even if I knew she disapproved the nickname for me, the New Girl.

"Yup! The Twins have her wrapped around their little fingers just as much as me!"

"So? What is this great prank?" she asked sarcastically and put her hands on her hips - accentuating her curves and taking my breath away was just a side effect.

The Twins launched into explaining the plan to the Head Girl and she seemed disgusted about urinating and using it after - not that I'm not feeling a bit sick about that too - but once she knew the whole plan, she was grinning wickedly at the girls and then turned it on me. Did I tell you she was sexy as hell? Because that was an understatement! At that moment, I really wanted to march up to her and kiss that devious smile from her red lips! And running her tongue sensuously over her front teeth like that just made me flush and my heartbeat accelerate.

"She's SO not making it easy for me! It's not fair!" I whined internally when she winked at me, making heat pool between my thighs.

"Great idea, Fritton." Kelly purred at me. Butterflies irrupted in my stomach and I blushed so red I thought I would combust!

"Bugger! Now I'm sure she knows I'm attracted to her and is playing with that! Bloody Hell! It's not funny, damnit!" I whined and huffed to myself.

"Go ahead with Fritton's plan, girls! The new teacher will never know what hit her!" said the again deviously smiling Head Girl to the Twins, who cheered with the rest of the First Years while I tried to hold back my bloody hormones and calm down.

"I'll pass on the plan to everyone else, but you girls need to sleep." Kelly said while looking sternly at all the First Years, who muttered under their breaths but went on grudgingly.

I got up and went to my bed - passing Kelly with my head down to hide my blush and took a deep breath of her perfume while doing so. From the corner of my eyes, I could see the raven haired girl smirk and I flushed even more knowing she had heard me.

"Damn! This is so embarrassing! Bloody body has a mind on it's own!" I grumbled to myself while taking my book out and sat against my headboard to read before lights out.

I was really into my book and didn't notice someone was with me until my mattress sank next to my legs. I looked up confusedly and fell into deep obsidian eyes that were smiling mischievously at me. I gulped anxiously and waited to see what the Head Girl wanted. But she just kept looking at me with scrutinising eyes which turned amused before my confusion and impatience.

"How did you find that idea for a prank, Fritton?" she smirked, crossed her long legs and layed her chin in her hand.

"Some girls did it a few years ago to one of the students at my old school." I replied while fidgeting and avoiding her piercing gaze.

"Which school was it? And why were you expelled?" she asked inquiringly with narrowing eyes that made me even more nervous.

"I was found out as a hacker. The Headmistress punished me after one of the girls grassed on me!" I answered while looking directly and seriously at her.

"I won't give in! I won't give in!" I repeated like a mantra in my head to not submit to the sexy raven haired girl with the red blood lips.

"Which" she emphasised her question by leaning more towards me with a smirk "school was it?"

"Don't submit, Fritton! Don't!" I thought while gulping and looking at her lips - bad idea!

"Chelteham." I answered breathlessly and feeling heat rushing through my veins.

"Bugger! You bloody idiot, Fritton!" I thought desperately at myself. Kelly, meanwhile, leaned back in her original position and the smirk that was upon her face vanished - she was frowning instead.

"You better not make us loose deliberately Wednesday!" the Head Girl said seriously while crossing her arms and looking really intimidating.

"Why would I make us loose?" I asked confusedly with a frown to which the older girl raised her eyebrows.

"What? You don't know?" she inquired surprisingly.

"Know what?" I questionned with an even deeper frown.

"We're playing against Chelteham!" she smirked amusedly at me while I felt my blood turn to ice in my veins.

"Che-Chelteham?" I stammered to her, which seemed funny to her because she started chuckling.

"Yes, Chelteham. Where were you during practice this afternoon?" she continued to chuckle and leaned upon her hands behind her - incidentally on the other side of my legs - and brushed against me. I couldn't help but shiver at her soft skin touching briefly against mine.

"Damnit! Control yourself, Annabelle! Don't show her you're reacting to her! And don't show her you're terrefied of your old team!" I scolded myself.

"Don't worry, I won't let the team down! I hate that school with a passion!" I smirked confidently at the Head Girl and captain of St. Trinian's hockey team - even if I was feeling the complete opposite.

"Good. Then I have nothing to worry about." she answered with a smirk of her own while giving a gentle tap on my knee. Even with my nightdress in the way, the touch gave me gooseflesh. "Sleep well, Fritton." she winked at me while getting up.

I swear I heard her giggling when she sauntered out of the dorms and left me sitting there gaping after her like a fool!

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