My first fan-fiction ever

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Chapter 1

10 year olds Ziva David and Emily Prentiss have been best friends for two years. They do everything together. Emily trains with Ziva for Mossad and Ziva learns new languages with Emily.

Emily went home today to a completely packed house and she started crying she didn't want to leave her best friend she loved it in Israel.

Her mother walked in and said "we are leaving tomorrow after school, we are moving to Paris. Now stop crying you're a Prentiss we don't cry"

"Yes ma'am" Emily responded and went up to her packed room.

The next day at school she avoided Ziva as much as possible but after school Ziva cornered her and made her explain

"I'm moving to Paris today in like five minutes" Emily said sadly

"No you can not go" Ziva yelled

Just then a limo pulled out and the Ambassador poked her head out of the window and said "come on Emily"

Emily and Ziva hugged, and then Emily walked away.

When the limo couldn't be seen anymore Ziva ran into the woods and cried.

They never made a better best friend but they came close twenty years later. But what they didn't know they were going to see their best friend again very soon and when they do they might be in danger.

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