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Chapter 3

The two girls were standing there staring at each other both in another world thinking about their childhoods.

Both teams were totally confused. How did they know each other? Finally Gibbs broke the silence by slapping the back of Ziva's head causing her to come out of her trance.

"Hey what was that for," Ziva questioned momentarily forgetting about her childhood friend. She put down the coffees and CafPow! on her desk.

"I didn't give you permission to take a break," replied Gibbs.

"I got you one," said Ziva, handing him his coffee, knowing that an apology won't be accepted.

"Thanks," Gibbs said taking the coffee from her hands.

Ziva turned back to Emily who was still in a daydreaming state and tried to figure out how to get Emily out of it. She walked up to her and tapped her shoulder, Emily still didn't respond.

"I think she is in shock," said Ziva.

"Yea, why did she react that way to you?" questioned Morgan, in an accusing tone.

"I do not know, I have not seen her since we were ten years old."

"Well what do we do to get her out of this?"

"Hum, we could try . . ." Ziva was about to respond, but before she could finish Gibbs walked up and slapped the back of Emily's head.

"Hey don't do that!" yelled Emily, while her team was shooting daggers with their eyes toward Gibbs for hitting her.

"Well we needed to do something," shrugged Gibbs, "and you two arguing was not going to help at all."

"Sorry," replied Morgan, the NCIS team smirked they knew exactly what was coming. Gibbs walked up to Morgan and slapped the back of his head.

"Rule # 6: Never apologize- it's a sign of weakness," Gibbs whole team chorused.

The BAU team gave them a questioning look. "Gibbs has a long list of rules you have to follow if you don't you get a head slap," Tony explained.

"Ok, now how do you two know each other," Hotch asked.

Emily started the story, "When I was eight years old my mother got stationed in Israel. When I was there I met Ziva and we became best friends. I loved to train for Mossad with her and we would always do that together after school. One day, two years later, I came home and my mother told me we were moving to Paris the next day we said goodbye and we never saw each other again, until now. But now that I have your attention. Do you know who this reminds me of Ziva? Amasai, this unsub kills the exact same way only he hide them better."

"That is what I was thinking but he died in a bombing ten years ago," replied Ziva.

"Are you sure it was him?"

"He was the only one supposed to be in the car."

Both teams were listening intensely to the old friends communicating. They finally had a suspect but the excitement died when they heard he died.

"I want Ziva and Emily to go to the last crime scene and see if they can find any other similarites between the two maybe it is a friend of this guy. Morgan and Tony I want you to go to go to the other crime scenes and go over them quickly, see if we missed anything. McGee, Abby, Garcia and Reid go down to Abby's lab and work on evidence. Hotch, Rossi, and I will go down to Ducky and look at the bodies. Any questions?" Gibbs asked. Everyone shock their head and left.

When Ziva and Emily got to the last crime scene they looked at the dumpster. They pulled on gloves and started looking through the garbage.

"Move the dumpster forward I think I see something," said Emily.

They grabbed the handles and pulled it forward. On the back of the dumpster they found an envelope. Emily opened it and inside it were pictures of her and Ziva with their teams and by themselves.

"Ziva, come look at these," ordered Emily.

Ziva walked over and gasped when she saw the photos. All of a sudden they both felt something hit their heads and they fell to the ground and right before they blacked out they saw Amasai standing over them with a sadistic smile on his face.

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