This is completely AU, the idea came to me in a dream. It was kinda inspired by Bones since I think that is what spawned the dream. Review and let me know what you think.

10/2013- This is a revised version of the original. Sometimes I enjoy revisiting my older works. Will be revising most chapters so enjoy the added details :-)

Finn Hudson stood framed by the expansive picture window, the soft glow of the TV behind him, gazing down at the traffic on the street below his 16th floor loft. The sounds of the city faintly reaching his ears. He lived in a newly renovated building in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of Washington DC, a trendy mix of musical types and young professionals. Finn loved his neighborhood, it felt comfortable, it seemed to fit him like a glove. It was just barely past 6 AM and DC was just beginning to wake up below him. In an hour the morning commute would be in full swing. This was his favorite time of day, when the city was basked in the early morning light of the rising sun. The traffic was moving at a sleepy pace on the normally busy streets below him, a combination of late nighters and early risers.

He reached to the chair beside him and pulled a black tie into his hands. He never took his eyes off the city below him as he tied the tie with precision. Finn sighed as he flattened the tie against his crisp white shirt. He felt a familiar feeling of discontent rise deep inside him. He wasn't shocked by that, he knew it was coming, it was an inevitability in Finn's life. An inevitability he had been recently been fighting.

He turned to his king sized bed behind him and looked at the women entangled in his sheets. Her silky white skin was a stark contrast to the dark brown of his comforter. Long blond hair tangled around the dark pillowcase, long limbs sprawled out across the empty space. She was fucking stunning in every way and yet he was bored with it all. He looked down in the dim light and used his foot to kick the bright yellow sundress she had worn last night into his hand. He ran the soft material between his fingers.

"Hey" he said gently placing the dress on the back of the chair.

She twitched in the bed but didn't rise, she was a hard sleeper he had discovered. He could bang around the apartment every morning and she never did more than stir. Finn sighed. It had been 9 months, which might just be a new record. You would think that sharing your life, your home, your bed with someone for almost a year you would have distinct feelings for them. Finn however, felt nothing substantial.

Okay; obviously there was the physical attraction but emotionally there was a familiar void. Honestly, Finn knew he was kind of a douche when it came to women. He had a certain reputation and it stood. He could admit that. He had been jaded a long time ago; when he was young, innocent and impressionable. Ever since then he found it difficult to take relationships seriously. He didn't trust women and to be honest he rarely felt a spark with any of them that lasted more than a few months. If he did have a strong connection it fizzled out quickly. Usually the result of some type of self sabotage. He knew it was probably because he was dating the wrong kind of women, the kind that were beautiful but shallow.

Shallow worked for Finn though because with depth comes emotional attachment and Finn was happily unattached. Finn Hudson's heart would only be broken once. That he could be sure of! As the old saying goes "first time shame on you, the second time shame on me."

"Quinn" he said louder this time pausing for a moment before continuing even louder "Quinn".

She rolled towards him as her eyes fluttered open, stretching her lithe frame and looking at him with a bit of contempt. As if he should dare interrupt her slumber, it must be nice to sleep in everyday. He tossed the yellow dress at her as she sat up in his large bed yawning. It floated down to rest at her feet.

"Morning sex?" She queried with a sly smile. Her voice still raspy from sleep. He contemplated her offer for a moment as he shifted his weight.

"No. Thank you but no. Actually you need to go" he said evenly as he attached his cellphone and holster to his belt.

"What?" She wiped the sleep from her eyes sitting up taller.

"You need to go" he repeated slowly with little emotion.

"What do you mean go Finney?"

Quinn had her own place, he made sure she had kept her apartment. Finn was pretty sure she had not seen the inside of her place in about 2 months though. She had wanted to get rid of her small 2nd floor walk up near Chinatown after about 6 months of them "dating". Her lease come due for renewal and Finn had insisted she renue. He assured her what a great deal her place was and he even agreed to pay her rent when she started complaining about paying for an apartment she wasn't using.

Rule number one for Finn Hudson, never let a woman move in. He needed his space and they needed their own place to go back to when he got tired of the relationship. Even if that meant shelling out an extra 1100 bucks a month despite the fact she was perfectly capable of paying her own rent.

"You. Need. To. Go" he said slowly, a stern tone to his voice. She was playing games with him. He knew he was being a dick but he didn't care right now, he just wanted his space back.

"I know what you said Finn, where do you want me to go?" she glared.

"Home, Quinn, Go home" he said tossing her panties to her as he crossed the room.

"But..." she began.

"Wait" said crawling across the bed, buck naked, as he crossed the room towards the door.

"FINNEY" she yelled out.

"What?" he said putting his suit jacket on and turning to look at the blond.

He had to admit, she was smoking hot, but that was about all she had going for her. Honestly; she was a bitch, she was manipulative, mean and condescending. The type of woman who had everything handed to her in life because she was pretty. He met her when he was shopping for the loft, everyone recommended her as a great real estate agent, he took her to bed the first night they met. He saw a fine piece of ass and she saw dollar signs. He never expected to spend the next 9 months flirting around a normal relationship with her. She was pretty but boring. They had nothing in common and having a conversation with her was excruciating at times.

"Look, Quinn. You're a great lady but this isn't working" he said looking down at her. "I need some time."

Nothing, he felt nothing despite her fully nude state, that was when he knew it was over, when he stopped being impressed by her. Now she was mad. He could see it in the flair in her nostrils and the anger in her eyes. Finally! He was seeing passion out of her. To little to late!

"Great Lady, GREAT LADY, I don't know who you think your talking to like that Finn Hudson but this isn't over until I say it's over. Have you looked at me?" she stood up on his bed for emphasis.

"There is more to life than a pretty face" he said unimpressed by her rant "And it's over now, because I said it's over."

"Your an asshole Finn. Everyone told warned me about you. But, I told the you were different with me. You're an idiot if you think I'm just going to allow you to walk out of this relationship. I will not be made a fool. 9 months of my life I've wasted grooming you."

"Excuse me?" He stopped dead and looked at her smirking, naked on the bed.

"I'm not nieve Finn Hudson. I knew exactly what I was getting into with you." She had a shit eating grin on her face as if she had won the battle.

"Oh really! Well it's sweet you tired to fix me" his face was steely "but now it's game over. I need you to be gone when I get back"

And with that he left the apartment.

Finn had just arrived at work, late, when his IPhone buzzed on his hip. He pulled it out as he stood in line to get through security. This always took so much longer than it needed to, these people came here practically everyday, how hard was it to have your badge ready and your pockets empty.

"Hudson" he barked into the phone. The confrontation with Quinn had made him a little testy.

"Where the fuck are you dickface?" the familiar voice on the other end barked back.

"Downstairs, calm your ass. Traffic was a bitch, security is backed up as usual and I didn't even have time to get my coffee" he answered back.

"Meeting with the boss in 30, or did you forget?"

"Shit. I'm on my way. Stall if you need to."

Finn had forgotten about this "high priority" meeting with all the chaos of the morning so he had to remember to thank his co-worker and friend Noah Puckerman for the reminder. Puck, as he was called, and Finn were about as close as two straight dudes could get. They had come up through the academy together and had become quick friends. They both were beat cops in the same precinct in the early days and both landed at the agency around the same time. Finn could honestly say that Puck was one person he would take a bullet for without a second thought.

Unfortunately, as they took different paths in their careers they didn't get to work together as much as they had when they were fresh. Puck ended up landing on a pretty serious narcotics task force and that brought him to the bureau while Finn was a decorated homicide detective. That was until they were both asked to be on a joint task force on Organized Crime. Finn hated to be that guy but slipped out of line, strolled to the security officers whom he whispered to softly for a minute before they let him slide through.

Puck was waiting for him when he got off the elevator with a coffee. Finn smiled at him in thanks as they strolled to the large conference room at the end of the hallway. They were deep in conversation as the room filled around them. Finn looked up just in time to see Rachel Berry enter the room. He shifted his gaze and rolled his eyes at Puck. Rachel was relatively new to the bureau and she drove Finn nuts, correction she drove everyone nuts. She was the leader of a special task force on cyber bullying for the Department of Homeland Security but technically she was a Special Agent for the Hate Crime Division of the FBI. Puck always called her a computer cop. She had never walked a beat, gone undercover, worked a homicide but she was smart as shit.

Berry was sneaky hot, Finn could admit that, but she opened her mouth and it ruined it for him. She was bossy, opinionated, bull headed and smarter probably anyone in the room. She was him in a soft feminine body with big words. Finn wasn't a dumb dude by any means but this chick could talk circles around him. From the moment she came blazing into the Bureau she made Finn's life hell. She was all over the place with her memos, organization tips and opinions about everything. To put it simply, they did not see eye to eye on anything. Puck said it was because Finn was intimidated by smart women. Finn has told Puck to go fuck himself on that one, even though his friend might have been spot on with his assessment.

After the briefing was over and the room began to filter out Finn stood adjusting his suit. When he first joined the FBI he had hated having to wear suits to work everyday but now it was almost like a second skin. After wearing a uniform for years, it was a quite the change. Plus ladies seemed to like a man in a good suit and Finn certainly didn't skimp on cost when it came to his attire. He clapped Puck on the shoulder and thanked him again for the coffee. He was just getting ready to walk out the door when he heard his name being called from somewhere behind him.

"HUDSON, PUCKERMAN, BERRY. Hold back a second" the head of the task force, Artie Abrams, barked from behind them.

Puck smirked at Finn and tipped his head. Finn looked over his shoulder to see Rachel approaching the front of the room in a hurry. She was wearing a sleek grey suit with a soft pink top, her brown locks flowing around her shoulders. She looked sharp and soft at the same time and it confused Finn a bit. Her arms were piled high with folders and other assorted paperwork. Sneaky Hot, defiantly, Finn thought to himself but crazy as hell.

The two guys approached the front of the room as well, as the chief waited for the room to empty completely. Finn felt his stomach grumble as he waited and wished he had time for more than coffee this morning. Finn grabbed his tie and moved it slightly side to side, a nervous habit he had picked up in his high school Glee club of all places. He looked from Puck and across Rachel back to Abrams waiting in anticipation for what the man had to say.

"As you guys know the Mancini Crime Family is strong and far reaching. They have their hands in everything you can imagine from drug smuggling, human trafficking and money laundering to terrorist connections. We've had a hand on them for years, we knew where they frequented, where they operated, we knew their front businesses, we knew their faces. We were so close to them we could taste it. Then they one upped us, they are branching out, expanding their ranks beyond the family. Simply put, we got close and they fleeced us."

He began as Finn, Puck and Rachel listened to his words.

"When they began to move their operations out of the big cities it became harder to keep a grasp on them. They have grown their network of loyalists, people you would never guess to be involved, are involved. The Mancini family has quickly become one of the most powerful and dangerous families in organized crime and in the world. We need to shut them down sooner than later."

Finn was bored, he knew all this already hence the reason for the task force. They had been working tirelessly for months across all departments of the agency to infiltrate the crime families and get a hand up on organized crime.

"That's where you three come in, your three of the best agents I have seen come up from the academy in years. And I have seen a lot of young, fresh agents in my time. Your smart, talented and gritty" he said looking at Finn.

"Thank you sir" Rachel said a beaming grin on her face.

Finn was almost tempted to tell her she had a little brown on her nose when the chief continued.

"We need people on the inside, I'm talking deep cover, and we need them there now."

Suddenly it was sinking into Finn, the chief was putting them undercover, Finn was ecstatic. He loved cover missions, getting to be someone else, the bad guy, was almost an aphrodisiac. Finn looked over to Puck who had the same shit eating grin on his face, Finn knew his friend, this was just as exciting for him.

In Homicide, Finn didn't get to go undercover much anymore but when he and Puck were both working Narcotics, in the beginning, they got to do many cover missions together. Down the row Rachel was jotting something down in the small notebook she always had with her. She was always writing, what she wrote however, Finn had no idea. Finn wondered how going undercover would work for her. Rachel looked like a soft flower, fitting in with the Mancini's takes guts and grit. He wasn't sure if little Miss Rachel Berry had what it would take to be a bonafide badass for awhile.

"Since your going into deep cover I thought it would be best to put you under together. There won't be agents on the other end of the wire to swoop in when you need help, this is a full on, fully immersed cover. I'm talking 24/7 here, you must become part of this lifestyle. The three of you will have each other and that is it, I trust that you will be successful in your mission because I trust in you."

Finn nodded in approval, this would be his first time being in deep cover, he had always had agents around for his missions, he always would go home at the end of the day and dive back in later. But Finn was ready, even if it meant spending time with Rachel Berry.

"Agent Puckerman, you will be Nick De Luca, Agent Berry's brother, I have all the information in your packet but you will be running a lot of the physical side, handling a lot of drugs and weapons. I figured your narcotics background will help.

Agents Berry and Hudson, the two of you will be a young married couple, you need to appear unassuming. You're decoys, I want to find out how deep into the community Mancini has his roots."

Finn's stomach dropped, he looked over at Puck who was about to laugh, Rachel had a huge look of shock on her pretty features. Finn hoped he had misheard the chief but he knew he hadn't. He was going deep undercover, as Rachel Berry's fucking husband.