Alright guys this is it. The final chapter! I'm kind of sad to let it go, it's like my baby. I hope you enjoy the conclusion!

It was mid April by the time Nikko Sardi stood trial; unseasonably cold, gloomy and sleeting the weather outside almost matched the way Rachel was feeling inside. Shortly after the attempted kidnapping she was informed that she would need to give a witness statement and testify at his trial. Despite her tough exterior, the thought of facing him in court made her want to throw up. She stood in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom, looking at her reflection with distaste. She was 8 ½ months pregnant, uncomfortable and huge everywhere. Nothing fit her properly and she was in a constant battle with her clothing. Unfortunately the clothing was winning the battle. She tried to pull the suit jacket around her and it didn't even make it halfway and she grumbled in frustration.

"Rach" Finn yelled from the doorway of their apartment checking his watch.

They were going to be cutting it close even if they left now. They still had to drive downtown and the weather was not on their side. He was dressed in a simple black suit, white shirt with black tie, it was standard FBI dress attire. He didn't like the idea of Rachel having to face Sardi in the courtroom and it was making him on edge. The man had hurt his wife, his family enough and Finn really just wanted kill Sardi himself before putting his beautiful Rachel through this. He, Puck, Mike and Sam had all testified at previous times throughout the trial, it had been easy for them, they had not had the emotional turmoil that Rachel had gone through. Mike had been stellar on the stand, bringing distinct detail of the stuff they found on the computer to his testimony. Sam was able to bring a different form of intel to the case with the cooperation of the CIA. It was nice to see Sam again despite the severity of the occasion. Right after Christmas Sam and Mercedes came to visit them for a week and it was nice to really get to know the couple. They were back in Boston and Mercedes was back to teaching. Sam joked with Finn that getting Rachel pregnant was ruining his life because the minute Mercedes walked in the door she wanted one too.

Finn started pacing as his thoughts began to race in his mind, rubbing his hands together subconsciously.

"Nothing fits" he heard her voice looking up.

She was standing in the bedroom doorway in a black skirt and ruffled pink top, her hair slicked back in a tight ponytail. The jacket she wore was tight around her shoulders and didn't come across her belly, tears were running down her face, making tracks of her mascara. Finn crossed the room in three steps and pulled her into his arms. He knew she was emotional and tired of being pregnant.

"You look beautiful"

"I look like a fat whale….." she shreaked pushing him back.

He crossed back to the kitchen and got a wettened paper towel to wipe away the make up from her cheeks. H handed it to her and she roughly rubbed her cheeks with the towel, black streaks crossing the wet paper.

"Rachel, you are pregnant, your supposed to grow" he said as she removed the jacket and threw it at him.

He caught it before it hit him in the face, stopping him mid-sentence and threw it onto the couch behind him. He was used to these little outbursts, Rachel had a fight with her clothing 3 out of 5 mornings. If it wasn't her clothing it was her hair or her shoes, he knew she was uncomfortable and that her body was so different but to be honest, she scared him a little at times. He remembered fondly the night they had found out they were having a boy and the name argument that followed

"No way in hell are we naming our baby Jagger" Rachel said in exacerbation throwing the paper down on the table.

Hours earlier they had their ultrasound and Finn watched with joy as the doctor pointed out the sex of their baby. At first it had looked like a bunch of blobs on the screen but when the OB pointed out the sex of the baby Finn could see it. Finn Hudson was going to be a father and he was going to have a son. He would have loved having either sex of child but the idea of a boy was so exciting, he had so many plans already. They had decided to take their top 5 favorite names and put them in a bowl and then pull them out. Unfortunately that wasn't working because Rachel kept vetoing his names. They had agreed on 3 veto's each but Rachel was way beyond that. The final four names they would pick one from together to be the name of their son.

"It's a good strong name"

"It's an awful name, almost as awful as" she pulled the piece of paper she had previously read "Drizzle".

"What is wrong with Drizzle?"

"It's not a name, it's a form of precipitation" she gasped throwing the paper at him.

"Oh and PERCY is so much better" he shot back.

"Percy is a fine name"

"Percy is going to get a lifetime of slushie facials and swirlies. My son is going to have a strong name"

"Oh your son…. Your son….. No, your son is going to have a good strong name like Jet or Jagger or" she pulled another paper out "Duke. And be the big strong popular football player and throw kids in a dumpster"

"It's better than Percy and" Finn pulled out his paper "Myron… really Rachel, Myron?"

"It's a good Jewish name" she said defensively pulling the paper from his hand and looking down at it before bursting out laughing.

Finn looked at her like she was nuts. Her emotions changed so fast "What's so funny?""This" she motioned with her hands laughing harder "Myron is an awful name."

"So is Jagger" Finn admitted.

"I'm sorry Finn, we don't have to pick a name tonig…." she stopped mid sentence and looked at him like a light bulb had gone on.


"I got it" she smiled writing it out for him to see.

She slid it across the table and he looked down at it a little scared at first. The a smile crossed his lips as he looked back up at her sparking eyes. He crossed the room and picked her up and she squealed

"What are you doing Finn"

"Taking you to bed, you genius"

Finn realized he had drifted away and brought himself back to the present. She was looking up at him and she had that look again, her eyes sharp and glaring, her mouth set firmly in a line.

"Come on Finn" she hissed walking past him "we don't want to be late."

"The Prosecution would like to call Agent Rachel Berry to the stand" the DA said loudly as Rachel stood from her seat next to Finn.

She approached the bench, raising her right hand as she was sworn in. She had calmed down on the car ride over and had managed to get a firm hold on her emotions. The last thing she needed was to have a breakdown in front of the entire court. She could feel the eyes of the jury on her, more specifically on her huge belly as she approached. She took her seat in the witness box, sitting rigidly on the edge of the seat. She looked out across the courtroom and saw the brown calculating eyes of Nikko Sardi staring back at her, a smirk on his lips and she shifted her eyes away and back to her attorney.

"Please state your name for the record of the court" the DA said.

"Special Agent Rachel Berry" she said evenly.

"Agent Berry can you explain to us what you do for a living?"

"I work in the hate crime division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and am special liaison to the Department of Homeland Security."

"Have you had any previous contact with the defendant prior to the night in question"

"No, but I had heard of him, his name was on a lot of Bureau hot sheets. In March of last year I was put undercover with Agents Noah Puckerman and Finn Hudson as part of special task force on organized crime. While undercover in Lima, Ohio Agents Puckerman and Hudson did have a run in with Mr. Sardi."

"Objection Your Honor" the defense attorney said loudly "Ms. Berry cannot account for any previous altercations that she was not a witness to"

"It's Agent Berry" Rachel said into the mic.

Finn smiled from his seat, he knew that the defense attorney was trying to discredit Rachel and calling her Ms. Berry was defiantly a veiled insult. Finn was proud of his wife in that moment, she was such a strong woman.

"Sustained" the Judge said.

"Agent Berry can you tell us the events of December 18, 2011" the DA asked moving away from any testimony about Lima.

Finn and Puck had already successfully gone over the even that happened in Lima in both of their testimonies, she could not add anything more relevant anyway.

"It was snowing outside and I couldn't sleep it was a little past 11pm. My husband was working late so I decided to make some tea and just wait for him to come home. I was in the kitchen, watching the snow fall when I heard someone come in the door" she began her voice loud and clear echoing across the courtroom.

Finn shifted uncomfortably in his seat as she spoke, the range of emotions crossing her face as she relived that night, as she relived it he did as well. He wanted to run up to the witness stand and take her into his arms. He watched as she wiped a tear from her cheek as she continued to speak. She told the entire story as tears streamed down her face without a single hesitation or waiver in her voice. Her voice and face were like two sharp contrasts, one telling the story the other would not.

"Agent Berry did the defendant know you were pregnant at the time?" the DA asked as Rachel finished recalling the events of the night in question.

"He did" she said evenly looking at Sardi with a death glare.

"How did he know"

"I was visibly pregnant at the time. He kept touching my stomach and making comments about the baby."

"Did he rape you?"

"No" Rachel said evenly "But he did threaten it."

Sardi smiled back at her licking his lips. Rachel wanted to throw up but she just slowly slid her eyes away from him instead.

"Thank you Agent Berry, no further questions."

"The Defense may re-direct" the judge said.

"Ms. Berry was your front door locked the night in question?"

"That bitch" Rachel called out pacing back and forth outside the courtroom.

"Rach, babe, just let it go" Finn said from where he was sitting on a bench, flanked on either side by Puck and Sam.

They were awaiting the results of the trial, the closing of this horrible chapter and the ability to move on. Puck was uncomfortably rubbing his Mohawk, glancing at his watch in 5 minute intervals. It had been 4 hours since the jury had retreated to the chambers and the longest 4 hours of Finn's life.

"No…. she made it seem like I invited Sardi in, that I changed my story when you caught me with him. That I was having an affair with him"

"Nobody believes that Rachel" Puck said "I was watching the jury, they were not buying it."

"She said that my baby wasn't Finn's" Rachel screamed.

Finn got up and grabbed her as she was mid pace pulling her to him. She tried to push him away briefly before collapsing into his welcoming embrace. Rachel was a strong woman and she didn't want anyone to see her cowering in the arms of her husband but she was tired, tired of fighting. She looked up at him and he smiled down at her pulling her to the bench and sitting her on his lap.

"Rachel, she was grasping at straws, trying to make a case to keep a guilty man out of prison. I know that you did not welcome Sardi into our home, that you were not a willing participant of some crazy affair. And I KNOW that baby is mine…"

"Maybe it's mine?" Puck asked not taking his eyes off his newspaper.

"Fuck you Puckerman" Rachel said frantically.

Puck laughed looking over at them, then smiling "I'm kidding Berry, calm down."

Finn reached over and pinched Puck hard on his bicep, Puck yelped loudly and numerous people turned around and looked in their direction. Puck smacked Finn on the arm equally as hard causing him to flinch away with Rachel in his arms.

"Puckerman, Hudson" they heard a loud voice from down the hallway.

They all turned to see a tall, blond women in a maroon pantsuit walking towards them with purpose. Sue Sylvester was one of the hardest agents in the Bureau and usually spent her time terrorizing the new recruits at Quantico but she had taken this case against Sardi on with full force. She slapped Puck and Finn up against the head and glared down at them.

"Stop acting like children, you are grown adults and Federal Agents. Agent Berry, find your own seat."

Rachel moved off Finn's lap like a scolded child and tried to squeeze herself between her husband and Sam on the bench. Sue watched with calculating eyes until she gave up trying to fit and decided to just stand. Finn stood them and offered the seat to Rachel who took it, fitting easily between Puck and Sam.

"Are we done playing musical fucking chairs?" she hissed.

"Yes ma'm" Puck said.

"Good, the verdict is back, let's go" she laughed as they all stood to follow her.

Rachel wanted to trip her, why couldn't she just tell them that to begin with instead of making her move her pregnant body all over the place. They filtered into the back of the courtroom and stood along the back row as the room filled up with other people. Finn tried to get Rachel to sit but she refused, sliding her hand into his as they leaned against the cool wall of the courtroom.

"How does the Jury find the defendant in the charge of kidnapping in the first degree?"

"We find the defendant Not Guilty"

Finn felt Rachel slink down a bit beside him.

"On the charges of assault in the first degree how do you find the defendant?"


"On the charge of endangering the welfare of a child?"

"Not Guilty"

"On the charges of conspiracy to commit murder?"


"On the charge of Attempted Murder in the First Degree?"

This was the big one, Rachel could feel herself holding her breath and let it out slowly as the jury foreman said the single word "Guilty".

The judge went on reading her charges and the jury foreman continued to answer their pleas on the lesser drug and weapons charges.

"Oh my god" Finn heard Rachel say beside her as Finn and Puck hugged in joy.

"I know Baby, we won" Finn said shaking Finn's hand.

"Finn" her voice was tight as he looked over at him.

She was looking down, a pool of fluid on the floor beneath her. She looked up with a frantic look in her eyes "My water just broke".

"AHHHH" Rachel screamed squeezing Finn's hand.

"Breath baby, you can do this" Finn said beside her bed holding her hand tightly.

"You did this to me" she growled in his direction.

He felt like he was in the exorcist or something her head whipping in his direction so fast he was afraid it was going to snap. She glared at him before clenching her eyes together as a contraction took over her small body. Finn watched her breath through it, the gown hanging loose off her body, her hair slick against her face, she looked beautiful.

When she got to the hospital she was already dilated to 5 cm and her labor moved fast, by the time they had her up to labor and delivery she was already approaching 6 centimeters. The doctors said that the trauma of the trial had nothing to do with her premature labor but Finn thought differently. It had been so stressful today even he felt emotionally damaged. At first she had labored easily with contractions rolling through at a steady pace but nothing she couldn't deal with. The further she moved along though the stronger her contractions got and within two hours it was time to push. Finn hated seeing Rachel in so much pain, they had a birth plan, they had a way they wanted this to go but they had no time for that. She had pleaded for an epidural but it was to late by the time the anesthesiologist on call arrived. Finn felt his heart break as she clung to his hand begging him to make them give her the medicine.

"Come on baby" he tried to encourage a little more.

"Shut UP FINN, I'm tired of hearing your stupid voice" she yelled and he glanced at the nurse who gave him a reassuring smiled before turning back to the doctor.

"Alright Rachel, it's time to push" the nurse said gently to Rachel.

She turned to Finn and instructed him to hold the back of her left thigh with his free hand. He gripped her leg tightly as she began to bear down as he counted to ten. She fell back to the bed as she reached 10, gasping for breath and the doctor instructed her to do it again.

"Ahhhhh" her screams made him ache to his soul because he did do this to her.

"Push Rachel, almost there" the nurse said as Rachel bared down again.

"Get it him out of me" Rachel screamed.

"Push, Push" Finn encouraged.

"This is all your fault" she whimpered growing tired quickly.

"I know baby, you can do this though. Your so strong, so strong" he said encouraging her even though he kinda felt like crying.

"One more time Rachel" the nurse said looking at the petite woman.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5" Finn started counting

"Push, Push, Push" the nurse chanted.

Rachel's nails dug into his flesh drawing blood as she pushed down with all her might. And then there he was, screaming and pink! His son.

Tears leapt to Finn's eyes and he was positive he had never felt this much joy and pride in his entire life. His hand trembled as he cut the cord looking down at his perfect son, 10 fingers, 10 toes and rosy pink cheeks. He walked back over to his wife and took her hand, kissing it softly. He looked down at Rachel as tears streamed down her cheeks as they put the little baby on her chest. Finn leaned down and kissed his wife on her head whispering a soft I Love You against her hair.

"Welcome to the world Christian David Hudson, we are so happy to finally meet you" Rachel said with a soft voice looking up at Finn as her son took her finger.

She finally had her family!

A/N: I wanted to let everyone know that I do plan on doing a sequal to this story. It will be a series of one shots of Finn and Rachel's lives. How they juggle family, work and each other. If you have any ideas for a one shot you want to see with Finn and Rachel from this story inbox me!