A Weekly Splash Of Romance, chapter 20

KaoHaru – Tummy Ache

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"Urgh… I don't feel so good…" mumbled Haruhi, as she pushed her hand against the wall to support herself. Today she had had to leave quickly because she had woken up late, so she had grabbed a bagel from the fridge and eaten it on the way to school. Unfortunately, she had not checked how old it was, and now she had a stomach ache.

Sighing, she stumbled to the nurses office, where the nurse gave her some medicine and sat her down. As she lay on the bed, Kaoru burst into the room, running frantically. "Kaoru?" Haruhi mumbled from the bed. "Haruhi, there you are! Where were you? I couldn't-" Kaoru suddenly stopped his sentence and trailed off, staring at her.

Haruhi stared back, confused as she lay on the bed, clutching her stomach. "H-Haruhi, I didn't know…" Kaoru's face turned bright red. "Know what?" Haruhi drew her eyebrows together, still perplexed. "Y-You're pregnant? Who's the father…?" he yelled.

"W-What? I'm not pregnant!" Haruhi yelled back, disgusted. "But, you're holding your stomach, you had weird cravings during lunch, you don't feel well… Aren't those signs…?" Kaoru argued.

"Listen to me, Kaoru, I'm not pregnant. I'm not having weird cravings. You guys just didn't know that I like pineapples. I don't feel well, and I'm holding my stomach because I ate spoiled food for breakfast." Haruhi explained, annoyed.

"O-Oh… Uh… Sorry." Kaoru mumbled, his face beet red as he understood the situation. Haruhi smiled, "It's alright. I guess it was a situation just waiting to be misunderstood." Kaoru chuckled, "Yeah, really misunderstood…"

There was a long pause before Kaoru decided to talk again.

"Well, if you ever do get pregnant… Tell me first." He said, as he began to walk out of the room, "Of course, I would prefer to be the father…." He whispered under his breath.

"What was that, Kaoru?" Haruhi asked. "Nothing." He replied with a smile. "I love you."

And with that, he closed the door, leaving the shocked Haruhi no time to reply.