Holiday chuckled as she watched Rex tromp angrily to his room, displeasure seeping from every pore of his being. This situation should have seemed troubling, and it was at first, until the good doctor heard Rex mumbling something along the lines of, "Stupid rigged Ping-Pong game…" before viciously slamming his door off to do the ten and a half pounds of homework she had assigned him. There was something all too amusing about the situation.

Six simply raised an eyebrow turning his head ever so slightly to the Doctor. "Ping-Pong?"

Holiday chuckled back, "It is Ping-Pong season."

He gave an un-amused grunt at that statement.

Holiday began walking back to her office listening to the sound of the click of her heels until she saw Six walking beside her again and she grinned. "Have you ever played Ping-Pong Agent? It can be quite addictive."

She paitently waited through his calculated silence, "I played once, it was… boring."

She grinned gleefully, "Then you obviously weren't playing against a skilled opponent."

Six chose not to tell her it was One he had played against and Ping-Pong was the only thing One couldn't do with much skill.

Suddenly Holiday stopped in her tracks, "My sister and I used to play all the time." She gave him a pleading look and he knew all too well what she wanted. Sometimes he really hated that she knew just what buttons to push.

He sighed knitting his eyebrows together and stuffing his hands in his pockets, "Would you like to play a game of Ping-Pong Doctor Holiday?" It was the fact that she was being sentimental about her sister, it was in memory of One, it was so she would stop giving him that adorable sad face, it was for any reason beside the one about how he actually wanted to spend some time with the Doctor. He always was bad at lying to himself.

A few minutes, a stolen Ping-Pong table, an angry Captain Callen and a giggling Holiday later, Six had successfully set up a game of Ping-Pong. Holiday seemed genuinely impressed he had managed to find a Ping-Pong table in the serious mess that was Providence, they were all mushrooms*.

Holiday slipped out of her lab coat and picked up a wooden paddle from the table examining the plastic ball as Six picked up his paddle grumpily.

"Ready Six?"

He just gave her a smirk. Six was always ready. "First point wins the game."

Holiday tossed the ball up lightly flicking her wrist as the paddle smacked the ball across the thin net and bounced on the side of the table closest to Six on the very edge. Six quickly backhanded the ball back across the net his adrenaline jumping a little. The good Doctor always did have an eye for aim.

Holiday stepped back letting the ball get closer before striking it down again aggressively watching it fly back to Six bouncing just after the net and going straight up in the air. Six stretched his arm out as far as he could and watched in utter horror as the ball bounced off his paddle and landed on the floor. Point to Holiday.

Holiday cheered with glee, "I just got a point! You said we were only playing to one point and I win."

Six stated suddenly and quickly, "Rematch. Now."

Holiday jumped at the statement then smirked, "Oh no, you said one game. I won."

He was getting frustrated now, "Then tell me how you won."

"Simple physics, it's all in the wrist Agent."

Six frowned deeper wrinkle lines appearing on his forehead as he scowled.

"Fine, one rematch."

He picked up his paddle wordlessly, a new determination in his grip.

Three games, two broken paddles, and a sliced table later, it was decided Holiday was the superior Ping-Pong player. Six already had plans to have an air hockey table shipped in. Surely he could beat the Doctor at that.